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  1. I find that some of the views in this thread regarding what people should wear in going out seems very old school and not really what truly is reality these days. I am not one to wear shorts to dinner in the YC but I do not feel it is my place to tell others what I want them to wear. If the YC manager allows them to come in then that is the dress code. On our last trip, I found some of the fancy dresses to be way more obscene than some of the nice shorts and t-shirts that were allowed.
  2. This is correct, MSC does not report winnings. Just like in the USA for money won under the $1,200, you are supposed to claim that all on your tax return.
  3. This is not true. MSC does not report gambling winnings since they are won outside the US.
  4. These holds occurred on my June sailing as well. They were on my CC for over a week. I think the pending charges length is set by your CC company. But I agree they need to get this addressed.
  5. A lot of these rules are put in place by their banking partners. In some of this they do not have a say.
  6. We were on in Dec in the YC and the Temp was great and we like it cold at night. In June in the YC the AC was pretty good but there were times that the AC temp was changed while we were out and the room was hot. We would put it down again. However, people 2 doors down we were traveling with said their room was always a bit warm at night. I always travel with a small fan. We were on a NCL cruise 15 years back and it was very warm in the room so we call friends that had not boarded yet and told them to bring an fan and on for us. Since then I always travel with a fan.
  7. We have requested items via the email and both times nothing was in the room. In fact, both times once boarded with told our butler the pillows we want and both times we were told they were out of pillows.
  8. I am happy because you don't need to get your test prior to sailing because it was very inconvenient. However, I know there are some very selfish people that will travel knowing they have covid or have symptoms.
  9. I understand everyone is excited for no pre-cruise testing if vaccinated. My concern is there will be selfish people that know they have symptoms even if mild and decide they are still going to go. You know that will happen.
  10. We did put a credit card down and the hold was $250
  11. good luck with that. I am surprised they gave you anything to be honest. The soot issue on the Seashore was bad.
  12. On MSC there is no fee to download money and charge to the room. This is the same at the tables, charge the money to your room and no fee. Please note, if you use a credit card with a foreign transaction fee you may be charged the fee since they use an international bank. Also, if you do several withdrawals in the casino, it is preauthorized as each transaction is made and then they charge your entire balance at the end of the cruise. This will double the amount preauthorized and depending on your credit card company it could take day for the original charges to fall off.
  13. To me this looks like this guest was moved out of the Yacht Club
  14. The Escape has a thermal area where as the Joy does not
  15. I found the experience to be more limiting in regard to what was available to you.
  16. That's what I assumed because it is a third party and the more I thought about it MyVegas slots are not for real money. So it does not let the casino know how you actually bet in a casino.
  17. I have not idea how a MyVegas reward works but I know when sailing on a casino certificate for a free cruise, you definitely can upgrade to the Yacht Club from the room given and it is no where near $4,000 total
  18. I had the same issue with MSC getting points, it took 5 months but after sending my onboard invoice they finally gave me my points.
  19. I would not be so quiet in regard to the non YC guests. It really is not fair to the other YC guests.
  20. I had this same issue for an October sailing and since I was using a casino offer it had to be booked as one sailing. They were able to get me one YC room but in a not so desirable location for me. I just checked everyday online and one day a bunch of rooms came available and I was able to move my room. I am not sure that this will help you since I believe that you said it is not showing any rooms but it does show that rooms do show up sometimes later.
  21. I would expect that the in the Haven they should be able to get you in somewhere. Well at least that is what I have experienced in the past.
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