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  1. Do you have a preference in the home port? That will narrow your choices down as well.
  2. For us the size of the ship is even more important than the itinerary. Neither my husband nor I like the size of the Oasis class ships. We prefer a smaller ship that may have fewer amenities, but doesn't require advance reservations for shows and activities. We're on vacation and staying flexible is important to us. There's a ton of invaluable information on Cruise Critic, regardless of which cruise line you decide to go with. My suggestion is to write out a list of what things are important to you. You may be limited by the number of days you have available to cruise, which could determine what sort of itinerary you're looking at. Will you want to drive or fly to the port? How much do you want to budget? These types of questions may narrow down your choices for a good starting point.
  3. I love to take photos, but end up with a jumble of them because half are on my phone and the other half from my camera. I try to get them sorted in chronological order but somehow always screw it up between the two devices. Most likely I'll do the review in a few separate chunks starting the day after we get home. My memory is freshest then, before I have to head back to work, and get tortured by the real world again.
  4. The pool at Mr. Sanchos isn't heated, but it's quite comfortable. Our last trip there was February of 2018. There are sunken seats around the pool bar, and tables anchored to the bottom around the perimeter. We just kept going back and forth between the ocean and the pool.
  5. Was at Maya Chan in 2018. Great service, drinks and food. The customer service cannot be better. The only reason we're not returning there next month was because the whole place was rented by a single group so no reservations were available. The water is murky there, but I sat in the floating chairs anchored about fifteen yards off the beach and enjoyed my adult beverages served right out there in the water.
  6. Yes, ma'am! Five weeks from today we fly into Ft. Lauderdale from Pittsburgh and board the next day. I doubt I'll do a live review because I'm just not that good with my phone and am not taking a laptop, but I plan on doing one once I return.
  7. Was on the Epic in 2017 in a balcony cabin. Did not mind the split bathroom at all, but the bed was crazy short, and we're not tall people. We had a large group and some of the men who were approaching six feet tall slept on the couches because their legs were hanging off the beds. The ship has no atrium and feels very enclosed inside. The pool deck was a zoo. Just overcrowded all the time. A couple in our group were smokers and the entire smoking area for 4k people was approximately 12x20. About the only positive I can think of was there was rarely a wait for the MDR, and the food was better than the buffet.
  8. Thanks. I figured that might be the case since I couldn't find any info anywhere.
  9. No idea if RCI has a monthly movie schedule for outdoor movies that gets published ahead of time like Carnival, or if the same movies are shown fleet-wide. Is it possible to find out what will be playing on a particular ship before boarding? Thanks
  10. We were there in February of 19. I walked that whole shoreline and saw less than a dozen shells scattered about. I'd heard it was hit or miss getting one on a ship, and tried, but it was confiscated.
  11. It was posted this summer that a cruiser went to explore that space and found it empty. Only reason I remember was that she was reviewing cabin 1624, and went to check the space out since it was directly above. We're in 1624 next month and it caught my attention.
  12. Was on the Epic several years ago and have done two NCL cruises and one RCI, with another coming up on the AOS next month. Pretty much the only thing we liked about NCL better was the relaxed atmosphere in the MDR and the fact that reservations were not needed. Paying for taxes and grats on the "free drink package" made the NCL cruise fare no bargain. I believe the daily drink package rate when we sailed was in north of $75/day. I tend to like the fruity alcoholic beverages and the selection was much less on NCL. Additionally, bottled water is not included in the bev. packages. We also found the service in general to be less friendly, although it could have just been those two ships. We were on both the Epic and the Dawn. The design of the Epic is just short of horrendous, and I'm guessing that's the reason it's the only ship of that configuration in their fleet. We're really looking forward to our AOS cruise next month and as far as my husband is concerned, RCI is the way to go for us from now on, after having sampled Carnival as well.
  13. Glad you had a great time. We're in a JS 10 for the same itinerary in February. Cannot wait for our trip!
  14. Thanks! I suspect it might be a bit of a letdown from Maya Chan, since I loved the floating chairs there, but the photos still look great.
  15. We usually cruise in late February, and are contemplating a short itinerary that stops on the island twice during a 4 night cruise. The only other time we've been scheduled to stop there was in early February, five years ago, and it was too windy to tender so we missed it. I'm great with low 70s as long as it's sunny. Projected weather forecasts for that month say the temps are close but there's also a decent chance of rain. Wondering what anyone else's experience has been during that time. Thanks
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