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  1. On this cruise right now. Ship looks really good. Food was great the first day, and it is our first time with the new beds. Best night's sleep I have ever had on a Princess ship. We are in a Caribe balcony. No barrel chair, and I do not want one, but they said they could get one if I wanted.
  2. Ship water is fine. Just squat on the floor of your cabin and enjoy!
  3. It actually is. We used to go to BOGO almost every day. Seldom go to the bars anymore. Less alcohol, less calories and saving money. Princess is taking good care of me.
  4. I think they meant, "Something better for them, not us."
  5. People on our roll call were getting offers. The ship was quite empty, and even though the TA said they would contact us, based on their performance to the time, I knew they would not. Phoned Princess with the number given to me by the roll call member, and talked to the Princess Rep, who confirmed that we had been sent 3 emails. Got the upsell. TA was never part of this.
  6. If it was a good deal, and you if you wait, you may already be too late. Actually our experience has been a little different. Our TA did not forward the upsell, but if you can get the phone number of the Princess department doing the upsells, the Princess rep (in charge of the upsell) would deal directly with us. I am not talking about the Princess reps that are at the regular Princess number. They will always tell you that you have to deal through your TA.
  7. Thank you for the responses. The Princess reps have sent me an email indicating that we have the $50, but they cannot get it to show on the Personalizer. As it gets closer to the departure date, if it still does not show, I may talk to them again.
  8. Love the Grand. We are on the 20th March sailing to Mexico. Looks like the ship will be in great shape.
  9. We are sailing on a 10 day Mexican cruise out of San Francisco on March 20. We have read in a couple places on these boards that the wine package has not been available on some cruises. I have two questions: 1) Has anyone had problems with the availability of the wine package on recent cruises? 2) Any recommendations as far as the new Princess wine list? Thank You
  10. Entirely agree. We were on the Star a couple times in a short period. The head chef changed, and the food changed completely.
  11. I have never been allowed to mix sales like you want to, but what the heck, give it a try, Princess may well let you. Please post if they let you.
  12. Glad to hear it is waterproof. Every cruise, at least a couple of times I forget my cruise card in the pocket of my shorts and go swimming. I was sure I was not the only forgetful swimmer.
  13. If you listened to the complainers, you would stop cruising completely. Go to any of the cruise lines here on CC, and it is the same massive amount of complaining. There are people leaving their current line to go to some other line. If it is not the food, it is something else. You will find the food fine most of the time unless you are looking to complain. If you do not like one thing, you are almost sure to find something else to your taste. Our experience has been that cruising is good value, and if you are not looking for problems, you probably will find very little to complain about. There is certainly things that Princess could improve, but we have always greatly enjoyed our cruises with them.
  14. Even in the five years we have been cruising, I have seen the standards of dress decline in the MDR. I have seen people eating that were in no way dressed up. It does not bother me at all. We are flying for our next cruise, and packing a bunch of dress clothes is just a pain. I am not bringing a suit this cruise. I look at it this way, dress like you would if you were going out to a middle level restaurant at home. Formal nights are much more dressed up, but as others have said that is not the case in the specialty restaurants. Enjoy your cruise.
  15. Edited because I was being grumpy
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