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  1. Princess, Holland America and Celebrity are roughly equivalent. More and more the emphasis is being placed on the mass market rather than the premium. Fine by me. The cost of sailing on these three lines has held basically steady for a long time, and is affordable to us average folks. You want premium - Viking, Seaborne, Crystal. I have been on Oceania a couple of times. I would place it in the middle. I like it, but prefer the value of Princess/Celebrity. You get what you pay for. Something many people on these boards seem to forget.
  2. Hope it goes better for you. This has been my experience with Princess. Ask politely or point something out, and the crew goes all out to help you.
  3. If a lot of people purchase the drink package, Princess ships will probably become more lively at night. I think that would be great. Just maybe not to the Carnival level of lively, I hope.
  4. Sounds like the OP had a tough day. I feel for them. But the worst back to back ever? When we were first married in 1991 we bicycled around the Pacific for a year. In New Zealand, we stayed with a guy who had served in the Merchant Marine during WW 2. The first ship he was on was torpedoed and sunk in the North Atlantic, and then the ship that picked him up was also torpedoed and sunk. I would personally say that was a worse back to back cruise.
  5. We had a non-refundable deposit, and we have had no trouble with changing to a new promotion. Not only that, after we changed over, the non-refundable tag seems to have dropped off. Not sure this happens all the time, but for us there was no problem in changing the fare.
  6. I also am a proponent of paying your gratuities, but on recent cruises, I have talked to so many people that I have pulled their auto gratuities that I felt like the only one still paying. I can see how you feel like you do, but remember that the money is (hopefully) getting to the crew. I will continue to pay mine, but I do understand your frustration. I wish Princess would just make the gratuities into a hotel charge or something like that. As a Canadian, I qualify for most US pricing, but I do understand cruisers from the UK and Australia feeling like the system is unfair.
  7. 13 more cruises and you will be getting this. You will probably get it before we do.
  8. Ludicrous analogy. You must be trolling, because there is no way you actually think that this is the same thing. Miss P - No way was this an above board transaction. Princess does not do cash sales anywhere on their ships, to avoid this very situation. It would not matter if he was a manager or not. I was head of security for a large entertainment group. We caught waiters, bartenders and managers doing something like this every so often. They were always fired, and in extreme cases the matter was referred to the police.
  9. At $30 a day, I might even get my money's worth. At least on a short cruise. We will see on the 11th, but for once this Princess sale actually looks like it might be an actual sale!
  10. We don't miss the chair. We found it was in the way, and I did not find it comfortable, but on the cruises we have gone on since they were removed, I asked about the chair, and was told that if we wanted a chair, they could get us one. I am not saying that you can always get a chair, but it feels like this problem may be solvable.
  11. We were on the Golden for 14 days to Alaska. Second time on the ship. I agree about the leaks and smells, but overall we really enjoyed the ship. Doubt that much will change. I believe Golden is leaving Princess soon, and I think P and O will be dealing with any overhaul or upgrading.
  12. I think for a 25 day cruise there is no way that we could make it worthwhile to purchase a drink package, but on our little 3 and 4 day cruises come up, this may well be a great deal. Keeping our fingers crossed for the 11th. Who knows, we may book a couple of other cruises we have been thinking about too.
  13. Just tried search. Really not much help. Hope other posters can answer more for you. Particularly, how often is it not available? Both our misses were during the wine list change over. Hopefully it is available again now.
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