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  1. We were on the same one day cruise. Everything was a little harried, but we found the cruise to be fine. I was actually quite impressed with the food and service. We probably wouldn't go on a one day again, but not because Princess did anything wrong. I just found getting to the cruise in Vancouver and then getting home from Seattle was more trouble than one day on the ship was worth.
  2. I agree. Ever tried to stack anything with Celebrity? Nothing stacks. Shareholders, FCC, special deals. Pick one. As for the free cruise at Zenith level. We would never cruise enough to qualify. With the shorter cruises that Princess counts, we will be Elite this year, and qualify for the extra OBC sometime in the next 4 years or so. Princess is very generous with the OBC. A free cruise would be nice, but frankly you would pay for it in the cost of each of your cruises. Oceania offers free cruises. Check out their price - twice what you pay for Princess. Nothing is ever really free.
  3. I believe that some people use the shower in the gym area. I think it is accessible even if you do not use the spa.
  4. Are you sure it is May 15? I believe the Coral arrives into Vancouver from LA on May 8th and the Island heads up to Alaska on that day. On May 15th, the Island will be in Whittier, and Coral will be returning from a RT to Alaska into Vancouver. The Island will not be back in Vancouver until the 22nd. If it is the 8th, the Volendam is also in Vancouver. The port can be a bit of a pain with 3 ships, and it is always slower early in the season while the new employees are still learning the job. Still, as has been mentioned, the Port is very centralized and walking between ships is pretty easy.
  5. Only been with Princess for 4 years, but I have never seen it discounted (either pre-cruise, nor on the cruise itself). Been on Celebrity twice where they offered 30% of the regular price on embarkment day. Bought it once. Even then I probably did not break even.
  6. Cruised the Grand on a ten day out of San Francisco to Mexico in March. It was a very nice cruise. The ship was in good shape (as it just came out of drydock). The crew was excellent. Baring significant changes between now and then, I would (and probably will) go to Mexico again on the Grand in 2020.
  7. I agree with you ColoCruiser. I have already made my opinion known. This argument just goes in circles anyways. Plus, all my best replies just get removed.
  8. Yes, but only here on the boards. I posted before that I have never heard anyone proudly tell their waiter or steward that they would not be tipped. Some people are proudly defiant here; not so much in person on the ship. Make them a mandatory charge. Absolutely agree. The cruise lines are partly to blame here.
  9. Agreed. Just make them a hotel charge. Do not know what percentage actually pull their tips, but just make it a mandatory charge. Tired of subsidizing the people who sneak down and pull their tips on the last day.
  10. I still would love to go on this cruise. Hoping that maybe insides or OVs go down in price. Probably not going to happen. Does anyone know when the EZ air prices will be out for this? Thanks.
  11. We have never had anything but great service on Princess.
  12. Having cruised both, I would say Celebrity has a bit better nightlife. I can't say I agree about the food being better on Celebrity. I actually have the food marginally better on Princess, but it varies so much from cruise to cruise. Either way the food is fine on either line. You will hear this throughout these boards, the similarities between the two lines are quite striking. The differences are really in the end rather minimal. If children are a concern (never been a problem for us on either line) the Aqua class suggestion is a good one. You really won't go wrong with either line. Pick the best itinerary at the best price you can find.
  13. We were in Alaska last September and the weather was fantastic. I have also been up there when it rained everyday for a week. It is the end of summer and the weather is completely unpredictable.
  14. I live in hope that I will open one of these coupon books, and it will have a coupon for a coupon book that actually has some good coupons.
  15. I may well have been misinformed. I read on these boards that it worked this way, but I thought it could be wrong. I think I will phone Princess and find out why I am not getting these emails whenever I have a cruise booked.
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