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  1. $37.01 for an uber for us last Friday
  2. You enter your C&A number when entering guest details and then it tacks on any relevant discount at the end I dislike how you can no longer see the sailing dates directly on the Itinerary pages. You now have to click into an itinerary to see what dates it departs.
  3. As sad as the situation is, if you'd had travel insurance then you wouldn't be in this scenario. All cruise lines operate with these restrictions. If they make an exception for you then they have to make exceptions for everyone and it's pointless them having cancellation policies in the first place. Hope your wife makes a full recovery
  4. Does Cruise Pricing tend to lower around 'black friday' or is it more 'fake sales' ?
  5. Wow! really.. I barely go near London so definitely not used to that. Tend to see on menus "Parties of 8 or more will have 10% added to the bill" but not much else really. This thread is about giving someone $20 to get them onto the ship about 15 minutes earlier than they're supposed to be getting on which just seems crackers to me.
  6. I'm so glad we don't do this whole 'tipping' thing in the UK .. this is getting ridiculous 😂
  7. This literally just needs to go in the roll call for the sailing
  8. Their guarantee is to get you to the ship and that's exactly what they did, at their cost. The delay to the aircraft isn't you fault but it also isn't RCI's fault. The only additional thing I'd expect there is the cost of the transfer in Stockholm. The Airline is a Point 2 Point carrier and this part was delayed. The cruise left on time. Neither are linked. There is nothing in the T&Cs about refunds for missed days which weren't the fault of the cruise line. Your travel insurance should cover this. If you don't have travel insurance which covers cruise specific areas then you might want to look into a more specific cruise related policy next time.
  9. Would love the know how many times a year (if that!) the jackpot is paid out on the spin to win machine.
  10. Happened to me recently too. I ticked the box online and even asked the check in assistant to make sure I was billed in $$$. She said it was. One night when it was quiet we went to GS and asked them to confirm but they said the account was set up in £££ and they'd need to print us new seapass cards AND re-swipe the card to get to be billed in $$$. Very annoying. They need a better way to do this.
  11. We had flights with Easyjet booked by RCI recently. Had the same thing you're seeing. Hidden someone on the UK website there is a small tag line that says "Easyjet flight references will only be issued 10 days before departure". Sure enough, 10 days before departure we got a separate email with the refs in and could check in. Nothing you can do to speed up the process unfortunately. Think it's because RCI has got such a cheap price on a group booking you are the last to be able to check in.
  12. We went on this excursion in November 2018. We're 28 & 26 and really really enjoyed it 😄 Slides were so much fun. We felt we had just the right amount of time in the park too.
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