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  1. We went on this excursion in November 2018. We're 28 & 26 and really really enjoyed it 😄 Slides were so much fun. We felt we had just the right amount of time in the park too.
  2. He's got a very good point. The only place this should be posted is in the roll call.
  3. I wouldn't try P&O for the same reason you've said. I do want to try Princess though.
  4. Unrelated by Symhpony has a "Sport24" channel which has basically every "non-3pm" game providing theres only 1 on at the time, and also had a 3pm game on too.... Wonder if any other ships had that too. Weirdly enough, they also had Sky Sports News on when we were out in the Caribbean which was very unexpected!
  5. At the same time, why should you assume that the deposit was refundable ? How do they know you wanted non-refundable unless you told them ?
  6. Only one answer really, turf a Gold member off the tour so that a Diamond Plus Member can take the spot 🤷‍♂️
  7. 😂 Good Luck You know when the price fluctuates a few $$$ and goes up from the price yesterday? How come you haven't suggested people call up and demand the yesterday price today because that's what you want.
  8. RCI will likely have sent and updated copy of the reservation to your TA when the room changed. Your TA has not sent it on to you. As others have said, you need to get the 2 of them on a 3 way call with you to find out why it changed. RCI are the only ones who can provide a reason why the room has changed on their system.
  9. Glad you all have a resolution 🙂 Unreal that someone actually went to a TV News Station about a Cruise Line Drinks Package 😂
  10. My C&A number has disappeared from my account too. Such a shambles of a website.
  11. I've been off at Barcelona around 6.30am before
  12. Proper embarassing this sort of stuff happens. Whole department needs firing and starting from scratch.
  13. Another week on a cruise ship? Yes please! 🙂 You can go to different places the second week definately
  14. Nope. No tips to the porters at Southampton.
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