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  1. Splendour Feb 3 22. Focus will be on enjoying the ship, and the beautiful Caribbean climate.
  2. Bill, seeing you post again I believe is a good sign. We switched our Mar 21 Rio to Barcelona to Dec. 22 Panama on Splendour, and then when the upgrade your suite promo came out we decided to book Feb 22 Carribean on Splendour as well. We will be watching your cruise in Jan.with much excitement. Hopefully you will give us all a little play by play as you go about enjoying your long awaited cruise. This, of course is dependent on these cruises actually going (fingers, toes, legs, and eyes crossing😝). Probably much more likely for you US citizens, but even if we are not supposed to tr
  3. Ended up booking at Mr C hotel in Coconut grove. Looks like a lovely small boutique hotel. Coconut grove looks like a nice laid back area, with good restaurants within walking distance, and some parks to explore. We really don't need the beach, though we could uber there for an evening if we feel like it. We did that from Coral gables the last time, and enjoyed that, but I somehow think we will just be happy relaxing at our hotel, and exploring Coconut grove. I think we will try to do the little Havana culinary tour, though, with maybe a side trip from there to Wynnwood walls.
  4. Pcardad-that was what I was thinking, maybe what I was looking at on the TA site is meant for addons to land tours. At this point in time, I do not want to make extra work for my TA, if she won't be getting a benefit from it. Thanks for all your input, for this one anyway (Miami hotels), I will book them myself.
  5. I am fine with booking hotels myself online, but just wondered if there is any benefit to doing it through your TA? On their website it shows added perks, mainly free breakfast. Just wondering if that is added into the price so you are paying more than you would online through the hotel?
  6. Thanks all, esp. Princeton123211. Just the kind of info I was looking for.
  7. Sorry, this might be kind of a lengthy inquiry: We have a Regent Splendour cruise booked for Feb 22 (if it happens, it happens, but if it does I want to be prepared), arriving in Miami(hopefully, 3 days prior, with 2 nights post cruise, as well. We live on the west coast so getting to Miami in the middle of winter not the easiest, hence the padding of days pre and post. Because I like to account for all eventualities (as much as that is possible in these times), I would like to book an inexpensive hotel for the first night as there is a good chance we could miss the connection
  8. Ok, everyone, just to clarify, I got in touch with my TA, and she told me she could reinstate the flight credit so we could take Regent air. She also said we could have first class for a fee(don't know if I should state how much it would be here, but it would have been a little less then the flights I had checked out). We seriously thinking about it, but overnight it came to me to try one more strategy, which was to start from Seattle instead of Vancouver, and that worked out pretty well using Alaska loyalty points on AA flights. Then I just booked return flights from Vancouver and back,
  9. As others have posted Regent does not always take full responsibility.. My insurance policy is the 3 days pre, and 2 days post in Miami- we don't mind extending the trip with extra days in the sun🙂
  10. Grandmaane7, I don't know if it is an issue with my TA. When I booked it just automatically gave me the air credit. I did enquire via email, but never received an answer to that. So many posters have said that its just not worth taking Regent,s air if not flying internationally, so I just left it. Obviously I should have pursued it more at the time. Even so, I think we would have not been happy with what we would have been offered- flying from the west coast always seems to be very complicated, and I hate, hate, hate things like not having a comfortable connection time. Therefore, I am ha
  11. mrlevin, thanks for responding. We did receive the credit for the flights, we just didn't seem to have the option to use Regent air, actually the same situation exists for our Panama cruise, as well. It would be interesting to hear from other Canadians if this is the case with them? I used ITA- matrix to search flights, and prices started at 2000+ round trip for first class(which as we know is hardly what one would consider first class domestically) pp. And from Seattle to Miami didn't show up at that price level. I was just kind of wondering if others are even booking flights that f
  12. Booked on Splendour Feb. 3 22. We will be flying from Vancouver (hopefully), to Miami. I wasn't sure whether to take the air or the credit, but it seems we did not have the option, undoubtedly due to Covid, and coming from Canada. Checked airfares, and as I suspected, really high. We have aeroplan, and Alaska mileage plan. Aeroplan shows most flights available being overnight or requiring 5+ hours overnight in airports, but not enough time to get a hotel. Alaska shows a fairly good itinerary-YVR-DFW and DFW- Miami getting us there by 8:15 pm. However, only the first flight is in busi
  13. Interesting replies. Glad to hear people feeling positive about cruising. Also, picking up a few good tips from you all.
  14. Just wondering how people who were on one of the affected cruises early on would feel about cruising going forward?
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