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  1. Yes, NCL insurance will reimburse you for the days missed, as well as port fees and taxes for those days and any prepaid gratuities. Again, everything must funnel through Medicare as your primary, if applicable, then any secondary insurance, then NCL Travel Protection. They can only reimburse after everyone else has done their part. I found NCL to be very considerate and helpful when being evacuated from the ship. Their insurance did everything I would have expected them to do. Reimbursement for missed days and other NCL related expenses will be paid promptly because they have all those records. I didn't have to furnish any other paperwork for that part. Be sure to keep receipts for everything you can even though it is such a difficult time. Glad he is doing fine and home.
  2. We can relate to this situation. My husband was diagnosed with pneumonia when we were on the Dawn last March. We were forced to leave the ship in Roatan and then airlifted to San Pedro Sula in Honduras. After five days in ICU there, we were sent to Florida by air ambulance. We had NCL insurance. I contacted them and they made all arrangements and paid for the transfer to Florida where he was admitted to the hospital in Broward County. They charged $22,000 and the insurance coverage was $25,000, so not much to spare. We did not have to put any money upfront. The hospital was a different story. Had to pay a $4000 deposit, then submitted bills to NCL, Medicare and Blue Cross Medicare supplemental policies. Had to wait for Medicare denial, then Blue Cross paid some to the hospital, NCL reimbursed us for the $4000 deposit and the $5500 cruise ship infirmary bill. I found AON insurance, which handles NCL claims, to be very reasonable to deal with and knew exactly what they needed. Medicare was the hang up because they took so long to deny the claim. Unfortunately the NCL insurance is only for $10,000 medical, but the air ambulance coverage was such a relief. We will continue to buy NCL insurance, but we also add a policy with $100,000 medical and $500,00 evacuation. Hope your parents return home soon and safely. Good luck!
  3. Medical emergencies onboard are a nightmare! We experienced one in March aboard the Dawn. My husband contracted pneumonia onboard and on Thursday we had to call 911 on the ship. An attendant with a wheelchair was at our cabin within minutes and we went to the onboard medical facility. He has COPD and his lungs filled with water due to the pneumonia. I truly believe the medical staff saved his life. No, it wasn't cheap, over $5500, but life saving. After they stabilized him, I was informed we would have to disembark. We were in port at Roatan. I was told to go pack up and meet him back at the medical facility. As I went up the elevator I was obviously in distress. A woman on the elevator I did not know got off with me and offered to help. As I entered our hallway I noticed a ship officer and I asked him to contact our room steward for assistance. He asked who I was and told me he was there to help me. What a relief! I had a million questions and he answered all of them. He escorted me to guest services and told me to use their phone to contact anyone I needed to back in the states. To tell you the truth, I hadn't even thought of that at the time. I found the NCL personnel very accommodating. When we disembarked the ambulance was waiting and so was the NCL Roatan port agent who stayed with me all the way to the hospital, including escorting me through local customs. We were transferred by air ambulance to Honduras to a larger hospital a few hours later. NCL was in constant contact with me to check on my husband. When we arrived at the larger hospital my husband was admitted to ICU for 5 days. No, neither of us speak Spanish. I found the people at the hospital to be exceptionally helpful. They gave me a two room suite to stay in and provided me with three meals a day. Yes, the area was scary. Armed guard patrolled all hallways in the hospital. I never had to leave the facility. NCL called me at least once a day to check in and were extremely compassionate and helpful. My iPhone translator was a huge help. My daughter arranged for my cell phone to have an international pkg added to my plan for a month for $60 which was really helpful. Yes, we had NCL insurance. After five days we were sent by air ambulance to Fort Lauderdale at a cost of $22000. I never saw a bill. NCL covered it completely. Other bills are still pending. The big hold up appears to be Medicare at this time. They move at a snail's pace. NCL continued to contact me at least once every day, even after we arrived home after a three day stay in hospital in Florida. I find it odd that the OP felt her family was getting no assistance. I would encourage them to go to guest services and ask about using their phone to call. Also be sure someone has an international plan on their cell phone. I wish them all the best and hope for a speedy recovery. My husband is still recuperating, but getting stronger every day. He did say, however, that he may never cruise again. Not because of how we were treated, but because he doesn't know if he could survive another illness like that so far from home due to the stress.
  4. We have done two back to backs comped by CAS. No certificates, just called and asked. We were only comped insides but upgraded to balconies. We did b2b on the Dawn out of New Orleans and b2b on the Escape out of Miami. The Dawn included Thanksgiving week in 2016. I find most reps easy to talk to and they tell you what you qualify for right up front. We are not high level gamblers- Penny slots and I play a lot of Blackjack - $10 to 25 a hand.
  5. Still waiting to hear about our bid from CAS comped inside to balcony.
  6. Is anyone on NCL this week and know about the OBC for Hot level and above instead of food and beverage credit?
  7. I booked the Pearl from NOLA for November this year and was able to apply two certificates. Yesterday I booked the Escape for March 2018 and could only apply one but he said I might be able to apply another one when we are closer to sail date. You never know when it will work. It never hurts to ask.
  8. We went through several electronic toll places and received a bill in the mail several weeks later. It was very reasonable.
  9. I booked a Caribbean cruise last week for November 2017 from NOLA and used two CruiseNext certificates with no problem.
  10. We did b2b on the Escape in May in Miami and are doing b2b on the Dawn starting 11/11 for 16 days. It was a very easy experience. You get totally complete information. All b2b had to meet at a designated space and time and were escorted off the ship together to go through customs and reboard. Very short time. Our steward moved our bags (we also did not leave clothes on hangers). We were greeted with a bottle of wine and treats in our new stateroom as a thank you for booking a b2b. I assume we will have to disembark in New Orleans for this b2b also.
  11. We are doing b2b on NCL November 11-20 and November 20-27.I booked through parksleephotels.com at Days Inn in Gretna which is quite near the port. Price included room for one night, breakfast, transfer to and from the port and parking for 17 nights. Total including taxes and $30 extra for three nights parking more than the 14 nights included was $228. Not real upscale but reviews were mostly decent. Beats paying $100 plus for a room and $20 a day parking at the port plus taxes which would be close to $350. Hope it works out for us. We used park and cruise in Miami in May and it was terrific.
  12. Actually that was our check in time at the pier. We didn't board until around 11. We were boarding group 3.
  13. We did b2b on the Escape in May of this year. We were concerned with the size of the ship but found it very accommodating. Lots of the specialty dining venues were sold out online since we booked fairly late. They have a good system on boarding day to get reservations. I believe it was on deck 6 where they had people set up to help arrange dining options. We boarded fairly early which helped us get the dinners we wanted. They also have touchscreens everywhere where you can reserve options for dining and shows by yourself. Just swipe your sign and sail card. We loved the ship. We are leaving for 16 days on the Dawn on November 11th. We are anxious to see the refurbishment. Have a great time. We are avid NCL cruisers. We love freestyle dining.
  14. We were on b2b cruises on the Escape in May 2016. Biggest ship we were ever on and we were concerned about wait times in the main dining rooms also. You can make reservations for a particular time if you want, but we never experienced a problem. We were very pleasantly surprised at how efficient the restaurants were. The two main dining rooms are directly across from each other so it was easy to assess lines at each. I must say we never waited more than five minutes any place to dine. Very enjoyable. We leave in three weeks for a b2b 16 days on the Dawn. Hope those lines are comparable. One week includes Thanksgiving so it may be more crowded. We LOVE freestyle dining. Have fun.
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