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  1. Perhaps they amend the cruise contract to cover new CDC guidelines. Cruise at your own risk.
  2. I called Carnival this afternoon and talked with a very nice woman who informed me that my refund request submitted via the online form on March 30th finally started processing on May 19th. She said it could take up to 60 days from that date to receive all refund amounts. We went over all the refund amounts and everything lines up. So, we wait some more.
  3. I don't see that happening. And, neither you nor I know what the cost of said test would be anyway. I've seen some specialty labs charge a couple hundred dollars for an Covid antigen test. And anything done medically onboard (and let's assume pre-boarding screening as well) is often times considerably higher. So, a family of 4 should be willing to fork out > $800 just to get onboard a cruise they already paid for? And, sure, we can play hypotheticals all we want, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  4. No refund yet for May cruise cancelled by Carnival on March 30th. Filled form out same day. Others in our group have already received a full refund from this cancelled sailing though. Writing Carnival only results in a boiler-plate response like this: "Well over one million Carnival guests have been impacted by this extended pause in cruising, which dwarfs any disruption we’ve experienced in even the worst hurricane season. We can confirm that refunds are being issued to those guests that requested one. We thank you for your continued patience. Although I cannot confirm a time frame, I can confirm guests have started to receive their refunds and we are continuing to process the remaining requests as soon as possible."
  5. Who is paying for these tests? It's a lot cheaper for the CDC to extend the ban on cruising. Question: Do you think the cruise lines would be willing to shell out money to test every passenger prior to boarding?
  6. Thanks. I'm following a few tags on IG to see if more photos show up. I'm in another group that is sailing in Miracle in a few months and is anxious to see work being done.
  7. Booked the Feb 2022 15-day to Hawaii on the Miracle. As far as the Funship Meetup, yeah might be a bit gimmicky, but it's the day before we return to port so what's the harm? It will be nice to know what that will entail.
  8. Is there a site to see work in progress?
  9. Magnets will work. Something light you'll have no issues with. We used a small command hook to hang up a door banner.
  10. Someone else in this thread posted that the current cruise director, Adam Cornes, indicated that they will get all the cabling in place for the dive-in movies but that there isn't enough time in dry dock to actually install the screen, etc. This will have to be done during future cruises.
  11. Well, if it's for a family, I don't see an issue and I wouldn't think you'd need to purchase again. FTTF is dealt out according to some wacky algorithm regarding booked cabins and how many diamond and platinum guests are on a particular sailing.
  12. She'll be our home next May and she was our first cruise ever back in 2005!
  13. If the second cabin is all adult (i.e. not children), then they will not be allowed to board with you using FTTF. P.S. FTTF is one of those subjective upcharges. We had it once...it was o.k. Not sure it was worth the money for us. Even without it, we still get on the ship quickly. We're not huge "rush to the buffet after boarding" people, so trying to be first to grab lunch is no big deal. We'd rather check out the ship. And we try to only have a small backpack as our carry-on to the ship, as we know we might have to lug it around for a bit. No problem there. Where we did find "value" in FTTF was guest services. It was nice to have a dedicated number and use the D/P line if we had to go down there. It still didn't prevent those D/P folks from giving me a snooty look when they saw my lowly "gold" card status though. Ahhh, got to love elitist attitudes on a cruise. I digress. My advice...can FTTF and walk on together. Take that money and spend it on a nice steakhouse dinner instead!
  14. Love Uber. We used it a couple of time in Honolulu to get back and forth to PH and the ship. Very reasonable prices and great conversation with the driver.
  15. I believe you can do that at check in. They want your money, lol.
  16. We spent more time in the piano bar on our last cruise than any prior. Patrick Duffy was the piano bar entertainer and can only recall only one other Carnival employee who made us feel so welcome and a part of the group right off the bat. The piano bar was one of the highlights and most memorable part of our cruise.
  17. Not necessarily. Some ships have dedicated 2 tops.
  18. Sounds like something the government would make up.
  19. I didn't say I believed it, only that I heard it, but here's a link that talks about buying on Tuesday. So, I wouldn't just blanketdly state that this an urban myth. https://www.farecompare.com/travel-advice/tips-from-air-travel-insiders/
  20. Some sites have fare checkers or daily email notification for a flight you're interested in. And I heard once that the best time to book was Tuesday afternoon, believe it or not.
  21. Well, let's try this again. Seems my previous post was removed for what reason I don't know. On another social media site, we have a group for our upcoming cruise and we are scheduling a meet/greet. Someone mentioned the CC roll call and we had members ask what that was as they never heard of CC. And, likewise, some folks have said they spend most of their time here and not on the other site. We suggested having a combined event (why not) to maximize turnout. But, we did ask that if folks were unsure about attending to not sign up, as Carnival does go out of their way to provide a venue and refreshments. High number of sign-ups and subsequent low turnout could eventually lead to them doing away with this altogether.
  22. Maybe this has already been suggested, but I use the Ship Mate app and there are TONS of pics on there with short descriptions as you indicate you'd like to see.
  23. Sailing on the Miracle to Alaska next year. We booked this past May and we're very excited to cruise to Alaska.
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