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  1. We are traveling in about 3 weeks with a large group on the Liberty. It says on the Carnival website that the hub app is not available. We are ready to purchase a plan, if needed. Many of us have iphones, so we may be able to use the imessage feature, I have just read that that is not always consistent. Any recent experiences with Facebook Messenger or What's App? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for all the help! Yesterday, I did email directly to the lesteakhouse email address. I'm hoping to hear something soon. Our cruise is in 11 days and we're celebrating an anniversary. I was worried if I emailed too far out, it might get lost. I guess that was a wrong assumption. Hoping we can get in at least one evening!
  3. I've used the link in the "Manage My Cruise" section. I've sent at least 3 different date/time options, but haven't heard anything. I figured with our departure time getting close, the reservations would be getting worked on. I guess I'll keep trying!
  4. We sail on the Legend in less than 2 weeks. I have tried to make Steakhouse reservations for a few of our nights, in hopes of getting at least one of them. I emailed on Monday morning and have heard nothing back. When I made the small boat excursion reservations, I heard back within 24 hours. I wasn't sure if we would be informed at embarkation of the reservation or are people usually informed before their sail date? Or does this mean there's no availability for the dates and times chosen? Thanks for any insight!
  5. TxMom

    Onboard Legend to Alaska June 2016

    Really enjoying your live report! We're on the Legend in August. Is the hammock an ENO? My daughter has one of those, I may have her pack it!!
  6. I just booked a Whale Watch and Glacier combo tour with Juneau Whale Watch. They have reduced pricing for kids and are even running a 10% discount special on tours. They were less expensive than some groups I looked at and have good reviews on tripadvisor and here. Their boats hold up to 12 people and they provide transportation both ways. They were very quick to reply back to my questions, too. Not sure if this will work for your group, but thought I'd pass along the info. :)
  7. TxMom

    Skagway train and kayak tour?

    We are visiting Skagway in August for the day and are interested in both kayaking and taking the White Rail pass. Our cruise ship offers this as a package, but we usually book our own tours, as we prefer the smaller groups. We're not serious kayakers, but it's my daughter's number 1 request to do while in Alaska. Can anyone recommend a tour operator/group? Many seem to offer one or the other, but not both. Thanks!
  8. TxMom

    Review- Carnival Legend August 11, 2015

    Enjoyed your review! Just booked this cruise for August with similarly aged kids.
  9. TxMom

    Safety concerns in Cozumel??

    My sister and her teen (he's 6 feet, 175 pounds) and tween are sailing this month to Cozumel and planning a day at Chankanaab to snorkel, etc. Should she have any concerns about taking a taxi from the port to Chankanaab, and of course the return ride back? The park seems like it would be a safe place to spend the day. Thanks for any advice!
  10. TxMom

    Rhapodsy of the Sea Info

    Can you comment on recent water damage? or rather, is there any damage? thanks:)
  11. TxMom

    Rhapodsy of the Sea Info

    On last week's cruise a hot water pipe on Deck 4 burst while they were in port, I believe. I heard the steam from the pipe also set off the sprinklers but I'm not sure if I have that right. Several cabins were soaked. They put about 80 people up in hotels in Cozumel and then flew them to Houston, no charge. They were also given a free cruise to compensate them. I read about it on the roll call from last week. I hope I have the facts right! Be interesting to hear from those returning tomorrow if they noticed any remodeling or anything.
  12. TxMom

    Rhapodsy of the Sea Info

    We sail at the end of May on Deck 4. Wondered how they handled the soaked rooms. What are odds they stripped the carpet? I hope as I can't imagine the moldy smell otherwise! Does anyone have any knowledge as to were the affected cabins were located? Thanks!:)
  13. [quote name='GoinCruisin']Sorry to say, it's not going to hurt them much. Since less than 1% of people that cruise actually visit message boards, and most people that cruise will never hear of this incident, it's not going to hurt them a bit. It's a great value and people will continue to cruise... it's a growing industry and will continue to be that way I believe.[/QUOTE] Well, it's getting a lot of negative PR on the Houston TV and newspapers now. Almost everyone on board seemed to be from Texas and the majority of those were from the Houston area. It is a great value and people will most certainly continue to cruise...but now there are more options out of Galveston and people can choose accordingly...
  14. The letters handed out on Monday were optimistic in tone. And, yes, they were handed out, 1 letter per group, after 10:30 p.m. My father even thought to write down the time it was received. By this time we'd been there for hours, we were tired and hungry. We had taken vacation time from work and the kids were on spring break. My parents and sister had flown in to join us and my other sister and our families. We figured if it turned into a trip to nowhere at least we'd be together. The hard part was accepting Progresso as an even trade for Cozumel and Calica. That didn't fly with anyone. I think everyone was upset because by them saying we were going to go to Progresso they wouldn't have to give the 50% refund. I must say they came up with excursion choices in Progresso pretty quickly though. Wonder how they knew to have all that printing done up?? I was at the "peaceful protest" and never saw anyhting being thrown. Neither did anyone else in my family. There were alot of kids on board, though. I spoke to someone who had a group of 80 kids on board from a school group from out of town. They had held several fundraisers to pay for their trip. They couldn't just walk off the boat on Monday night. I think Carnival knew on Monday when we left that we weren't going to go anywhere and just chose not to share this in a straightforward manner. Heck, they were still selling excursions to Calica and Cozumel on Tuesday before they closed the excursion desk! I just feel they put customer satisfaction very low in their priorities. They just wanted to sail. This latest PR for them isn't going to help them much....
  15. TxMom

    Ecstasy Review: Cruise To Nowhere!!

    First, let me say, that we were able to still have a good time. My son keeps telling people he went "Nowhere" for Spring Break! I think what was so difficult is that we never felt like Carnival was up front with us. It took a long time for them to let the passengers know what was going on. As Karen stated we were given letters at the port on Monday after 10:30 p.m. By this time, they'd had our luggage for hours and we were still hopeful when a modified itinerary was presented. (At NO time was Progresso ever mentioned at this point) The tone of the letter was optimistic and gave new times for days in Cozumel and Calica. It did state that a cruise to nowhere was possible and if that were the case, we'd get 50% off our fare. We boarded at 12:45 A.M.,we had group # 27 unfortunately, even though we'd gotten there at 8:00. On Tuesday everyone was fine on board, although quite tired I think. I went to the excursion desk where they were still selling excursions to Calica and Coz. My father pointed out a sign in the lobby that said we were going to Progresso. (There was No announcement or letter until that night.) It spread by word of mouth. The letter that did come said we're going to Progresso and we'd only get 25% back. There was a big protest on Wed, which I attended, where people basically wanted answers. They felt Carnival was trying to offer Progresso as a substitue for Calica and Coz and weren't going to refund the 50%. The captain did show up and spoke to a few people who instigated it. He then asked everyone to move into the Sapphire loung for a Q & A discussion about the whole thing. Everyone moved but the captain then kept the group waiting over 2 hours. It made everyone more tense. He offered Progresso and 25% back. To quote him "Progresso...it's not such a bad place" I think everyone just felt manipulated. The next morning he announced early in the morning that we wouldn't make Progresso and everyone would get 50% back. I don't feel Carnival ever thought we were going to go anywhere but let us passengers think otherwise. I think they knew it on Monday when we pulled away. I think that's what we were angry and dissappointed about. They just wanted our money and didn't care about customer satisfaction. The casinos, shops, and arcade got a lot of our $$, too. The tattoo guy told us that on a regular 5 day cruise he sells about $2100 worth. On our cruise, he'd already made over $4500 on Friday afternoon! I know I bought 3! As I said, we still had fun.The ports were very important to us, though. We wanted to snorkle and have beach time. My parents flew in to join my sisters and our families. Anyway, sorry to hijack this! Karen, I wish we'd met up! BTW, The servers and stewards were awesome! Carole