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  1. Going on Scandi Cruise late August-September. Wanting feedback on weather please.
  2. Help please. On Cruises on Sun & Star many years ago, there was a smoking area pool side undercover near the bar. On recent cruise on Majestic areas were only on deck 7 and 17. Deck 7 was closed due to weather, and deck 17 was open to the elements. And the areas were not as social as by the pool. Is this now the areas on all Princess ships? We are looking at Sky Princess Baltic Cruise.
  3. Sorry to confuse you. That is taking into consideration other beverages, ie coffee, water, soft drink, and other alcoholic drinks after dinner.
  4. I did that calculation as well. Based on us taking 26 bottles (extremely unlikely, as the max we could probably carry would be 18), at $10 a bottle with the $15 corkage, it would cost the 3 of us each $1,123, opposed to the $1,131.
  5. I did as you said. Pay as you go was $1,270 Pay as you go with a bottle per hour, divided by 3 people at dinner was $1,357 Pay as you go, with coffee card $1,254 and drinks package $1,131. So I think for us, package is still way to go.
  6. I’d like to give a HUGE shout out to OzKiwiJJ for being so helpful and despite currently relaxing on a cruise, was kind enough to provide such useful information. We have cruised before, so know our creature habits when on board. We are middle-late aged, and don’t consider ourselves as excessive. That being said, I have done the sums (you’ll have to excuse my analytical mind), and we will be better off with the drinks package on Majestic Princess. The package would be a total of AUD$1,131 for us (each). I calculated a conservative estimation of our purchases (as shown in picture). To summarise, the conservative estimate includes: 1x special coffee per morning 1x bottle of water at night 1x bottle of water to take to shore 2x water + 2x soft drink / juice sea days pre dinner cocktail each night 2x glasses of wine at dinner 3x cocktails /other after dinner drinks 1x night cap These estimates are the minimum based on what we purchased on our last cruise. For us the drinks package will be the way to go.
  7. And is there a price difference to say have it with Tonic?
  8. I’m sorry to ask, as you have been so helpful already, but my fellow guests have asked the following: 1. If you have drinks package, can you order glass in main dining room as part of package? 2. Are you able to ask please, price for Aperol Spritz? 3. Do they still serve Dazante Pinot Grigio in main dining room and what is price. 4. Finally what is the cost of a glass of Prosecco at on deck bar?
  9. Last time I sailed with Princess was 2014, and 2013 before that. Im sure there was service fee added to each drink. And I read this on Princess site? I’ll be happy if I’m wrong.
  10. Last time I was on board Princess ex Australia there were still service charge added to individual drinks purchased, and it says as much in t&c’s
  11. That is a huge difference. My cruise planner says AUD$86, but that’s inclusive of (18%) service fee, so $73 without
  12. Ozziepost, thanks for answering. I’m estimating the following (all excluding service fee): $5.00 (Good) Coffee in morning $12.00 Pre-Dinner Cocktail $16.00 2x Glasses of Wine during dinner $12.00 Cocktail during show (up to) $24.00 Post show cocktails This is already $69, and doesn’t include any water, juice or soft drinks during the day. The drinks package is $73 (excluding service fee) I just want to ensure my estimates are correct.
  13. Going on NZ cruise shortly on Majestic Princess cruise ex Sydney. Looking for a price list / menu / costs of on board drinks at bars so I can compare if drinks package is viable. thanks
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