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  1. My husband and I were on the Norwegian Pearl that was doing figure eights in the gulf. Norwegian extended the Unlimited Beverage package until I think about 4:00 on Sunday. They were doing what they could to keep everyone happy but... OMG, the disembarkation was CHAOS. Three thousand people crammed for two hours on deck seven, in all the stairways, elevators were stopped on deck seven because there was nowhere for the people in them to go. There was absolutely no crew trying to instill any order. We had to change our flight out of Tampa twice by turning on International Roaming on my phone (not sure how much that cost). All of that in addition to the cluster eff with the tender boats in Roatan. Never Norwegian again. Ever.
  2. Our phones will be powered off position buried in a drawer for the duration of our cruise. Kinda why we go on vacation is to 'tune out'.
  3. We were on a Christmas Carnival cruise with our three young boys, it must have been 1999, leaving from Tampa to the western Carribbean. On Christmas morning my husband and I are up early, as usual, and we go to the front of the boat where we see the sun rising. We're both like, "*****?, why are we going east?". About a minute later, a huge helicopter is hovering over the ship and within minutes the entire population of the ship is watching a passenger who had had heart attack being air lifted off the ship. It was pretty cool to watch but we weren't able to stop at Georgetown Grand Caymen because of the delay.
  4. Six weeks to go until our Christmas cruise on the Pearl. I booked the thermal spa pass for both my husband and myself but just now after having perused the deck plans I see that there is a female side and a male side. Ugg. I guess that makes sense maybe if there were going to be some nudity going on. So we can't hang out in the thermal spa together at all??? Also, can you bring a beverage into the thermal spa?
  5. Well, that's weird. Are you all paid up? I believe the policy is that you can print your edocs if it is within 60 days and you are completely paid up. You're with the 60 days obviously.
  6. So here is my experience with NCL on bidding for an upgrade. We are already booked in a deck 11 aft facing mini suite. The email came inviting me to bid on an upgrade to a Haven suite or a penthouse suite. So stupid me, I bid on the penthouse suite at $800 per person for a total of $1600, which was on the high side of "poor". After thinking about this for a few days, I thought, well why don't I just book the room instead of waiting to see if I'll be changing rooms after I printed out our luggage tags. So I called NCL, and was told that there was one penthouse suite available and it would cost me another (I think it was $287, it was less than $300 anyway) extra. That's all!!!! However, when she came back on the phone after five minutes of "checking with her supervisor" she informed me the suite had been booked while I was on hold. What a scam. I was so stupid that I would have paid them $1,600 and they would have been pleased as punch to relieve me of my $1,600 for a room that would have only been another few hundred dollars. I immediately cancelled my bid and I have learned a valuable lesson. Never bid on an upgrade. Just call to see what it would cost to get it.
  7. I can't get into the Pearl board so here I am... Anyway, sailing on the Pearl on December 23, which has had two itinerary changes. What happened to all the Shore Excursions???!!! I've been wanting book my shore excursions and there are only five listed for that cruise. What the heck??
  8. Not happy with it! The fonts are very light and small. Also, nothing seems to be working. I can't get into NCL Pearl or Rollcall.
  9. Hi, We are booked on the Pearl for the Christmas week cruise. I'm a little confused about the $140 'on board credit' we were given. Can I use that to book, say the Thermal Suite Pass before the cruise starts or is the on board credit only for tips and stuff and that we sign for while on board? Thanks
  10. Does that include if you have an Aft Mini Suite? I wasn't aware of this. We were in a mini suite on our NCL Alaska cruise and I don't remember being told this.
  11. Well, not to fear as they have already changed the itinerary again. Cozemel is now out, as is Belize City. Harvest Caye is back in and now George Town, Grand Caymen is the last stop. I am really excited about this! The change from Harvest Caye really ticked me off as Belize City looks absolutely horrible and we have never been to George Town. We were supposed to stop at George Town on a cruise with our kids several years ago but the seas were too choppy to tender people into the port. I think this is even better than the original itinerary!!:D(y)
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