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  1. This might be an interesting article for anyone that wants to know more: https://www.outsideonline.com/2411711/whakaari-white-island-new-zealand-volcano-eruption-2019
  2. I can only share that on OotS for a Sept 2020 cruise there were no actual price reductions that haven't been in place for several weeks. I'm guessing it highly depends on the time of the sailing, the ship as well as who has purchased what for that sailing. Gonna keep an eye open through Monday to see if there's any change, otherwise I'll check each being sales period.
  3. I've purchased this for the wife and I while we're there in September, looking forward to hearing if it's worth it. I like a little exclusivity as long as it's not major crowded. 😉
  4. I've read that folks would be sent back to their room if not in pants and closed toe shoes.
  5. I used to fly a lot for work, domestic and international... I always fly in the day before. I understand some can't do this for good reasons but man, it's a risk even if it's a low one. I've had flights canceled due to rain and had to fly out the next day, flights that missed connections due to congested air traffic and had to fly out the next day, etc, wouldn't be cool with a cruise. Yes, it's extra cost for hotel, meals, etc. but I've enjoyed treating it like a date night. And honestly, it's always been a good time with the anticipation of the cruise that starts the next day, like a vacation Christmas Eve! 😉
  6. I recently had Chicago style deep dish pizza, oh man, that crispy crust was amazing. This doesn't add much to the conversation and I know that Sorrento's isn't this style but it raised my memory. 😉 I've been on Liberty and Independence as recent as 2017 and the pizza was only a slight step above Chef Boyardee. I was not a fan but it was fine late at night as a snack I suppose after pounding some drinks. I hope it's much improved when I go on Oasis next September.
  7. Can't they do that at JR's now? 😉
  8. I thought I saw recently that milkshakes were included the deluxe package, as well adult milkshakes, you just had to consume them in JR's and not take them out. Maybe I mis-remember... or this is a classic Royal inconsistency...
  9. I treat it like a date night, button down collar shirt and a nice pair of jeans.
  10. As soon as work is over the day before we fly out!
  11. Drink package + deck 8 on Oasis = no need to get this package but I've still thought about it for the convenience. 😉
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