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  1. Hi Ladies! I'm sorry for being so late, I literally just realized it was Thursday! I didn't even weigh myself this morning but I'll wager that I am have not lost anything. I have been back to walking, treadmilling and even my Jillian DVD's but I've had a few "fat" days... eating all the things, including Rice Krispie Treats and a Little Debbie Christmas Tree cake. 😔 PACruiser, staying the same is better than a gain! Congrats JennyB on your loss! Wishing all the US members a happy Thanksgiving next week!
  2. Hope you all enjoy the soup. I usually do add the corn... and I rarely measure so there is a lot. I do love nice, hearty soups... DH and the kids are not really fans of soup for dinner. They feel it's more of a lunch dish. I might have to try just making myself soup for dinner and feed them something else.
  3. Happy Thursday! I've definitely not been saying No..... I'm back up 2.2 this week. 😞 Not unexpected though.. too many treats, glasses of wine and carbs. I'm going to have to start saying No and get back to salads... just not into them though when it's cold and drizzly outside.
  4. Has anyone booked the Roatan Island Tour and Beach stop with Royal Caribbean? I'm really interested in this excursion but wonder if the Beach stop is actually at Parrot Tree Plantation resort as is shown in the video or Las Palmas Beach resort as it states in the write up? I want to check and see if we can rent kayaks during the beach stop. Additionally, there is a condo for sale at Parrot Tree that I'd be interested in viewing during my stop.
  5. Good morning from chilly British Columbia! I am down 1.2 this week. Only another 2 to go to be back at pre-cruise weight. Congrats and enjoy your cruise Jan! Happy Birthday Jenny! Have fun at the Quiz competition PACruise JenGi - you are in the right place to lose weight! This group is great - very encouraging and help keep you accountable. You are taking my dream cruise! DH and I are planning to do a British Isles cruise in 2021 or 2022.. Have a great weekend everyone! It's a long weekend here, so I'll be heading to the lake. But first, party time tomorrow - my "baby" will be legal - she's turning 19!
  6. Glad to hear she's going to get some work done... she sadly needs it. We sailed on her September 30th and noticed a lot of duct tape on carpets, and as I had posted earlier on another thread, very strong sewer smells that followed us around and issues with toilets flushing. Hope she's shiny and new for y'all!
  7. Wow, congrats to all who had great losses last week! That was awesome, there were so many. I was very bad all weekend but am on track today. Walked the dog and did a treadmill routine. Meal planning has been done for the week and a shopping list written - now to stick to it! Friday is my daughter's 19th birthday so we will be heading out for dinner. Not sure where she wants to go yet... Bon Voyage to all those getting ready to set sail!!
  8. Good morning! Thanks for the inspiring poem Belle! Going to definitely try to eat healthy, eat less and less processed foods for November and see if I meet my next mini-goal! Meanwhile, I'm back up 2.2... totally expected with the bad week I've had. Congrats on your loss Jan!
  9. I wish I was packing for a cruise... but I'm working instead. 😞 No cruise for me until April 2020. I'm really dreading weigh-in tomorrow... I have also had a very lazy week and I've been indulging in way too many treats. I also got into a bag of potato chips. 😞 And wine gums... and I made a cranberry apple crisp that I've had to sample a few times... and fresh homemade buns to go with a nice beef stew... Not at all diet food. Oh well, November is a new month, I'll get back on the wagon then!
  10. Hi Everyone! I have lost 1.2 of my re-gained weight. I was surprised actually since I've had once of those weeks where you just want to eat absolutely everything! Usually by this time each year, a 100 piece box of candy has usually been accidentally consumed. 🤷‍♀️ This year, I have not bought anything! We don't get many kids but I still usually buy and then we have to eat the leftovers... This year I'm only buying a couple large size candy bars for the neighbor kids, and nothing more. I'm going to give them to them all pre-Halloween night and keep the lights off to keep the pupper calm. She's a Jack Russell so calm does not really ever describe her but you can imagine how crazy she gets with the doorbell. Belle - Love the poem!! JennyB- Congrats on a loss and pants fitting -such a great feeling isn't it? Heather - Congrats - amazing loss!!! Rose - Sorry you gained. Sometimes maintenance can be tricky. Diana - Congrats on a loss. Always nice to be under that number. Jan - no loss is still better than a gain. Have a great week everyone!
  11. Thanks for your reply. I got it sorted... my account had an old email address which is why I never received anything. 🙂
  12. Hi Belle, I would love to see a recipe thread for people to share their favorites. That would be nice. Otherwise, I think we all stop in when we have time. I have missed Jasonmom - I don't think she has posted since her cruise which was the same week as mine.
  13. Off topic question but how long after you cruised did you get the email survey? I said Sept 29th and have not received any email communications from Carnival at all. I have checked my junk folder. Just wondering... I'd love to give some feedback on some amazing crew we encountered!
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