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  1. I love the Escape. It's my favorite ship so far, especially the District Brew House.
  2. When I try to book an excursion online, it only gives me an option to pay by credit card, although I have a promo $50 credit per stop. How do I use the excursion credit online? Or does NCL want me to ::gulp:: call and talk to a real person to use this credit in advance? Any insight is appreciated!
  3. The Howlers on my Escape cruise in April were cheesy and lackluster. I have always enjoyed HATM, but was very disappointed this time around.
  4. I went on the Escape in April and a can of Pepsi was almost $4.00 lol. But I really wanted it, soooo
  5. My Citi Diamond Preferred credit card offers a bit of travel insurance: Up until now, I never cared much about it, but as I'm cruising more and more, I'm thinking more about it.
  6. I just booked a cruise for September and called to talk to an NCL rep and she said there was no time limit to use 2x CN deposits as long as it's a balcony +. I didn't believe her, but it's worth a call if you're curious once you book.
  7. I never experienced it leaving from Miami, but apparently NCL New Yorkers believe they should be allowed to smoke on their balconies. Everyone was smoking around us. It was gross.
  8. I booked a cruise w/free air through them. Originally they had my flight landing just 2.5 hours before the ship was set to take off. I called and begged and they finally changed my arrival flight to a few hours before we embarked. Other than that snafu, I got a direct flight to NY from Detroit and direct from NY back to Detroit.
  9. Back when Pitbull songs rang freely through the hallways of the Escape. I miss the good old days.
  10. I would love to see pre-paid gratuities included as a perk.
  11. Yup. Flights to Miami for us are well over $600 with luggage. And we roughly added up the cost of the drinks we had on our last cruise and it was definitely over $1500 lol
  12. Balcony and higher get all promos now through Friday.
  13. I decorated my door for the Escape sailing on April 7th and my steward said it was okay. They stayed up all 7 days.
  14. That's unfortunate. Sounds like it's time for a refurb of the seats.
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