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  1. I consider myself obsessed with this situation but really don’t want another thread …
  2. Sorry to hear. Worse is that it’s still showing for sale on the website.
  3. As I said fingers crossed. And I should have said 10 day not 12.
  4. Fingers crossed for Silhouette in November out of FLL. I'll be pretty upset if its cancelled and the Edge remains in tact. We were originally booked on the Edge for a 12 day, that was cancelled, we were offered/able to rebook on the Silhouette for the replacement same 12 day itinerary.
  5. I’d be grateful if you could report back as my husband believes a PCR test is required despite evidence to the contrary! CDC, State Dept and Air Canada verbiage notwithstanding. Haha.
  6. Thanks for the update. Very sorry this happened to you. I am hopeful things will change by our time in November.
  7. Agree re SDM. The website indicates that supplies may be limited or spotty, so I hope ours has them on hand. I guess I will plan to call first.
  8. Hopefully this option will be expanded soon to have testing at the "newly approved" international airports (eg. Ottawa)
  9. Note that this is her constituency office. I got an automatic reply to tell me to send my e-mail to her Health Canada e-mail: hcminister.ministresc@canada.ca
  10. The difference being that we did not receive a non-authorized Covid vaccine. AZ, Pfizer and Moderna are all authorized. I'd be happy to take a third but if the FDA considers that "against advice" I'm no further ahead.
  11. I believe the FDA ABD/or WHO is currently not recommending a third dose.
  12. We hope to cruise in November. I am double pfizered. My brother is AZ and Moderna. His receipt after second dose says two doses given and only lists Moderna. Wonder how they would determine mixed doses. I don’t think Celebrity agents are going to be asking every passenger. I hope this gets sorted out soon.
  13. Hi Pixie - I will be following your travel and testing process with interest. We aren't going until November and I know things can change, but I have to admit I find the testing requirements confusing! I hope the test Celebrity administers on board is adequate for the return flight/entry into Canada as we are scheduled to fly home the day we disembark. We are flying in four days early, and I'm still not sure if we'll need another test before we board the ship since it will be more than 72 hours.... And I assume the test we need to fly is of the $200 variety - I hope these requirements ease
  14. Just saw on Facebook that there is a group of very late people who have not returned to the ship. She’s still in St Martin and almost two hours late 🙀
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