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  1. And, that's one of the main reasons I never give my real name on here and I never post on FB roll calls. It's not unheard of for people to break into homes when they know the occupants are away on vacation. We always have our mail held and we have a security system with cameras. Homes are rarely broken into here, but I'm not going to test it by linking my name with a specific vacation.
  2. Some people won't produce the antibodies others do or at a lower rate. For example, my sister is RH- and her DH is RH+. She' had Rhogam shots with both her pregnancies but didn't respond to them. Her second child, her daughter was delivered at 37 weeks and required intensive UV light therapy because of it. She just doesn't produce the response necessary. As a result, she was told to not have any more children as the next one probably wouldn't survive or would be very premature. Not everyone responds the same way to meds/vaccines. Now, Rhogam isn't a vaccine but it's supposed to block th
  3. You still inferred something. Show me exactly where I said what you state instead of just saying you "think" what I said. BTW, I've spent years in admin EDITING other's writing, including english majors. This is what I said. Two Separate sentences and subjects. Show me where I related one to the other. "Not going to wear a mask unless it's required. Cleveland Clinic is reporting that 99.7% of hospitalized patients were unvaccinated. That means the vaccine is working"
  4. Well, you are wrong. Reading comprehension is an important skill.
  5. I never said that, but I do believe if you are vaccinated, there is no reason to. You didn't say that and you decided to infer something that wasn't there.
  6. Google this: cleveland clinic vaccine news And are you going to admit I said exactly what was in the article?
  7. The goal of the vaccine was to prevent hospitalizations and death which is does very, very well. No vaccine is 100% but this is damn close.
  8. Where did I ever say the vaccines didn't work? I'm completely lost at what you think I said and what the article says.
  9. What are you talking about? This is the quote from the article: 99.7% of hospitalized coronavirus patients are unvaccinated, the Cleveland Clinic said this week — more real-world evidence that the vaccines prevent the type of serious infections that were killing over 3,000 Americans per day just a few months ago.
  10. Here you go. https://www.axios.com/coronavirus-cases-deaths-good-news-pandemic-dd3297c7-4b54-460b-93ca-45389f5d6389.html Or, I googled it and got this. I don't get why people can google and expect others to do it, but whatever. https://www.cleveland.com/coronavirus/2021/05/cleveland-clinic-finds-997-of-caregivers-whove-recently-tested-positive-for-covid-19-werent-fully-vaccinated.html
  11. Obviously the vaccines are working if people were catching it while wearing masks before.
  12. BTW, everyone I know who caught Covid wore masks. The few who didn't had it before we even knew what it was.
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