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  1. This is so true. Some just won't give up no matter how many tell them otherwise. And as far as "earning" lol. Every status is bought and paid for.
  2. No limit on the drink package. Lounge you can drink as much as you can get delivered to you and I've seen some order two at a time in the DL/CL. But, once again, a posted has an "idea" and people act like it's going to happen. None of us know.
  3. C&A members or stock holders? Pretty much all of us are C&A members.
  4. I agree. I've seen a few in the lounges on every cruise who slam back as many as possible just because either they want to "get their money's worth" or they're alcoholics. I usually have two glasses of wine in the lounge or using our coupons which when drank in a normal manner last at least an hour. The lounge is supposed to be about socializing, not binge drinking lol. I personally think that what might change is no sitting at bars. They will take orders from tables/groups spread out in the bar areas. That would eliminate crowding at the bar itself and protect the crew.
  5. I was going to edit it to add, that yes as Norfolk has a large Naval presence, although smaller than it used to be, the idea of tunnels was made as a strategic move. The rt 13 bridge/tunnel is something I never had to use, but know plenty who did/have. The I-64 bridge tunnel has always been a PITA also. I can't tell you how many Friday evenings after work I spent sitting in stopped traffic trying to cross to head to I-95 to head to visit my family in Maryland. Traffic is the one thing I don't miss about that area. I can only imagine if there weren't tunnels.
  6. We lived in VA Beach also. I know many who use it regularly and you're right it's never closed except for road work or accidents. DH is a retired US Navy Captain and went over that tunnel countless times on ships. Height requirements for a bridge to avoid having to raise them made a tunnel the preferred method. I don't think some people realize just how much traffic goes over it every hour.
  7. No, there's absolutely no reason to. As I said, the tunnel was built so traffic didn't have to be stopped for bridge lifts. It could have been due to road work
  8. That was a coincidence. They do not close it for ship traffic. It's the reason it was built so no bridge lifts are required at the main channel entrance. There is almost constant ship traffic crossing the tunnel.
  9. They don't stop traffic for ships going over the tunnel. They'd be stopping traffic constantly. Where did you get that idea? I've been over it 10 times (7 on GR, 2 on EN and once on Carnival Pride). Traffic keeps moving into and through the tunnel the entire time.
  10. Don't tell a chef that. They'll tell you only cook with wine you'll actually drink. Two buck chuck isn't as bad as some wines, but it's not two bucks anymore. TJ raised the prices a while ago. Barefoot has to be probably the worst wine I've had in the last 10 years. Of course, there's always Boone's Farm. You know, what we drank in HS when we had no money.
  11. The white zin (Beringer) they have onboard is about $4 a bottle ashore and unless you really like sweet wine, yuck lol. I drink pinot grigio and what they have for D/DP in the lounges is passable, but that's about it. I prefer Cavit which is Italian. We currently have 343 points so I need to call and select our second gift which I'll do as a bottle of something. We currently have a bottle delivered to our MDR table. I usually have to ask about it. They rarely remember it, if at all before halfway through the cruise. So, I always ask the first night and lo and behold, it appears.
  12. From the upcharge they do on wine, I'd say probably $25 lol.
  13. And yet, yesterday I saw a disease expert saying what I posted above. There is room for droplets to get up under the face mask as it sits far off the lower part of the face, mouth and nose. As I said, ever see a Dr or nurse, or dentist ever wearing just a shield? No, they wear both a shield and a mask.
  14. Face shields protect the wearer's eyes. Otherwise, they aren't good for anything else. If you notice, hospital workers wear both a shield and mask as the mask works to prevent spread and shields do not as the shield doesn't sit close enough to the face. So, in reality, an ineffective idea. Shields are not intended to be worn alone.
  15. I think by "insane" they mean it's not really feasible. Not that the idea/concept itself is insane.
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