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  1. Our May AD NE/Canada cruise is also affected (changed to Bermuda) and our TA got the email. We're cancelling and taking the refund. Also, going to cancel the follow on cruise since this was a b2b once we can get an actual refund. We're currently booked on Harmony for Nov 1 and 8 and Celebrity Summit for next summer. We're taking it one cruise/cancellation/change at a time. I don't expect May cruises to actually happen so just waiting for the extension.
  2. Our TA forwarded the email about our 15 May AD cruise being changed to Bermuda (yeah, right like that's going to happen) and we're cancelling for a full refund.
  3. They can change itineraries all they want, but if the ports are closed, it really doesn't matter. I want them to cancel so we can get a refund and we can then make a decision about Nov when it comes.
  4. Bermuda has already cancelled the Newport Bermuda race (sailing) that was scheduled for June. To me, that is very telling and prob predicts what will happen with their ports/airports.
  5. Video (audio actually) recording of the Captain talking about the situation.
  6. Well, a lot more people have been infected than have gotten sick or been tested. Mild symptoms are more common than not. I think as soon as they can start testing for antibodies that will help. We have cruises booked in May, Nov 2020 and July 2021. We're sure the May trips won't happen but are waiting for RCI to cancel. November, we'll play by ear. Normally by now we'd have more booked for 2021 and into 2022. But, as I've said on other threads, my feeling is cruising will be the last thing to open up as it's been the most impacted in terms of public relations and apparent concentration of cases. The last thing they want is to start up cruises again only to have ships of people getting sick again.
  7. Our 6 night 15 May NE/Canada cruise out of NJ hasn't been cancelled yet either, but it should be. Every ship affected can't go to Bermuda, but that's what people are guessing, that or Bahamas. Neither of which is currently open. I still stand by the opinion that all cruises will be cancelled through the summer, regardless of what the cruise lines want. No ports are open and won't magically open in May.
  8. That is not how their original statement was worded. I'm pretty sure it'll become a moot point. I see cruising as the last thing to open back up and May 11 is a pipe dream. Their "originating or ending in Canada" statement makes zero sense when this cruise and a few others can't legally stop in Canada. We're holding on til they cancel. We know we're not going, but want them to cancel. We prefer a refund. We have a b2b booked on Harmony in Nov and would rather not end up with 4 fcc's if those end up cancelled too since AD is also a b2b.
  9. They haven't actually cancelled NE/Canada cruises out of NJ/MD, etc. We're booked on 15 May Adventure out of NJ to Canada/NE and it still hasn't been cancelled. It appears to most that they're trying to do a new itinerary, but that's doubtful. The only choices for a 6 day cruise are Bermuda or Bahamas and Bermuda hasn't announced that they're actually going to allow ships in yet and I bet the Bahamas can't guarantee anything either.
  10. Not only that, there are seven hundred Bahamian islands. Most people don't realize that. The rules apply to all of them and is enforced. People own islands in the US, and they still fall under US laws (state and Fed). A lot of the Bahamian islands aren't actually inhabited or only have one home or one resort, but they still have to follow the laws of the Bahamas. They also are dependent on the more inhabited islands for supplies so that must get interesting.
  11. I haven't seen any reports or indications that any of the ships anchored miles away from CC actually used the port. Even if they did, it would more than likely be one ship at a time anyway, no different than onboard. We probably will never know exactly what was done about those that were sick/tested positive as the crew has probably been told not to talk to anyone about it.
  12. He made it sound like he was heading home. He said he wouldn't be posting new videos, just old ones he'd already recorded. He did say he didn't think he could say how many were headed home and he never said anyone was sick.
  13. Test results take several days to come back. If Oasis returned on March 15, then that's been 13 days and they had to have been tested several days to a week ago to have the results back already which makes sense. That also tells me Oasis knew they had possibly positive crew members onboard when they disembarked crew to go home.
  14. They were tested while onboard, not after. The ones that got off in Miami went to the airport and left. They didn't return to the ship and as far as I know no one else was allowed off the ship. They were just in Miami less than 3-4 days ago. Not enough time to have been tested since.
  15. No idea, but they just docked a couple of days ago in Miami and sent a lot of crew home. You have to wonder how many of them were exposed and have now gone through Miami airport to other international ones.
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