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  1. CL had it last October when we cruised on Anthem. We got off the ship and through customs in a matter of minutes. It's not new.
  2. We had to talk to the LA on our b2b on Oasis a couple of years ago to get our block on the second leg because she had to confirm with Miami that we had the points. We were going to get our next one on Harmony in Nov, but we had to cancel. I dislocated my knee and ankle and fractured my ankle almost 3 weeks ago and had surgery 9 days ago to put a plate and screws in. So, our next block will be on our b2b on Adventure next May. We currently have Allure, Anthem and Oasis. I want Grandeur because we've been on her 7 times but timing has never worked out.
  3. They moved it permanently. Not just to cover the drydock.
  4. They don't move ships to cover for other ships when they are in drydock/refurb. To do that they'd have to impact another port. There's just a gap in service.
  5. So, if you only pack cutoffs and dirty t-shirts, you're good to go?
  6. I'm remembering that it was on a swingers cruise. Those photos have circulated for several years and one of the original threads said something about it being on a charter cruise.
  7. Interesting definition of a word. In other words, whatever you want it to mean, not what it really does. Okay, then.
  8. To me "wear your best" still means dress up. It' does say "best" not comfy, casual, etc. Let's look up the meaning of the word "best".
  9. No idea because we've never eaten there, but vaguely remember reading something about it in the last couple of months. I could be remembering incorrectly.
  10. Not in regular dining venues. I know one of the specialty used to have different salts with one course, but I think I read they don't anymore. If you want them for regular meals, then, yeah, bring your own.
  11. We missed St John's last Oct due to weather, but it was related to how narrow the inlet is to get to the bay. Bar Harbor was much easier and is a very short tender ride. But, like any tender port, wind and waves make all the difference.
  12. We did the 2.5 hour tour last Oct. We were on Anthem of the Seas. I had pre purchased the tour (~ 930-can't remember exactly). We tendered from Anthem and to Oli's Trolley with plenty of time to spare. It's a 5 minute or so walk. It was freezing out, so we found some sun to wait in. When we returned from Acadia, we walked to a local recommended by the trolley driver restaurant. No seafood for us-allergy so we asked for something that offered more. I cant' remember the name, but it was a few blocks from the port. We had the best blueberry pie, yum. We're going back in May and can't decide whether to do Acadia again. After seeing it in fall, not sure if we want to go in the spring. Anyway, we had a great tour.
  13. Someone posted on FB that they won't sail til tomorrow, prob afternoon. They also said the CG has to inspect the bouys and make sure they are where they are supposed to be before they open the bay up.
  14. Yeah, but they are inside the unit, not free propellers like most people think of. Not exactly something that can just "fall off". My point really is people make up stuff and others start believing it because someone posted it. Next thing you know it'll be all over the internet that the reason GR was cancelled was because the propeller is laying at the bottom of the Patapsco River. 😂
  15. Well, since Grandeur doesn't have "propeller's". It has two diesel electric propulsion units. Makes for a good joke, but nope.
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