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  1. I never said it did. I said some use it.
  2. Oh, I give up. My entire point is just because someone cusses doesn't make them talented. And, those of us who think talent goes beyond cussing aren't "holy rollers".
  3. Kind of judgy. I think what most of us object to is the fact that some comedians use language to cover up lack of talent, not that they cuss (yes I said it lol. I'm from TX originally and that's what my family always said). You're painting everyone with a pretty broad brush. I've sat through many adult comedy shows and just because someone uses adult language doesn't make them funny or talented.
  4. I'm a purist. No steak sauce, ever. So, I've never noticed that they have it. And, anyone who puts it on a filet, yikes, I'm traumatized.
  5. With people in it? They could have just been testing it otherwise.
  6. Our one experience with late boarding due to a delayed arrival (also medical emergency) was on Carnival 11 years ago, but they handled it the same way. Open seating in the dining room. What time is muster tonight?
  7. Yep, Summit is leaving now. Oh and I saw a post on another site that said the crew got to see a showing of Spectra's Cabaret today. For those concerned about the crew getting down time, they obviously did.
  8. Summit and Anthem are there on different days. Check cruisett.
  9. You are speculating. We've been out of CL 7 times including 4 times before the new terminal was built. I'm very aware of how it is set up. It takes more than the port authority approval to move the ship in and do what you are guessing at.
  10. Hasn't someone already said what they're going to do? Debark Anthem passengers, have Anthem pull out and then bring in Summit to debark and board new passengers and then bring Anthem back to load. They can't handle cargo for both ships without a lot of logisitical changes and personnel. They can't just say hey we're going to do xyz because that's what we want. Way too many people, equipment, space, etc impacted. If there are even enough of any of those to do it anyway. I think there's a lot of speculation that just isn't going to happen. Anthem isn't sailing until around 11 pm which means they will be loading people and cargo like they normally would, only delayed.
  11. Length shouldn't but the longer bags are usually deeper and wider.
  12. 23x16 is airline carryon size. Our regular luggage is 28" or 30" which I consider standard sized. It clearly says 23x16" is the maximum.
  13. You can only carry on what will fit through the scanners as you go through security, so basically an airline sized carryon. Not full sized luggage.
  14. Cuss is how some people were taught to say it. It doesn't mean anything. Just like other words are regional. Talk about absurd.
  15. That's quite a reach. Sounds like you think comedy has to be anything but funny. You also obviously love to stir the pot, or try to anyway.
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