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  1. The vaccine is expected to lessen the symptoms to those of a cold at most. In which case, why wouldn't that solve the issue? All it takes is requiring crew and passengers to have the vaccine until we hit herd immunity. Currently, most of the vaccines are showing really good results. Testing can then go away.
  2. Like "restaurant steward"? A job title that doesn't exist on RCI? What other title was being interpreted?
  3. That is more than Covid related. People do that all the time at parades, sporting events, etc. It's called entitlement. It's the "I show up when I want and I can sit where I want, even if it's blocking you" because they are more important and don't care that you took the time to be early for a good seat as they "deserve" it too. Sound familiar? "I paid for my cruise so I should get special treatment" mentality that we see. So glad that so far, every place we've been people have kept their distance. Except for the jerk at the beach hotel we were at in July (the guy had his kids with him) who came up to my husband and wanted to fist bump him. Idiot, and then when my DH didn't/wouldn't, he called him an a hole-great example to his children. It's that mentality that's the problem and it bleeds into all aspects of life.
  4. Well, at RCI, that position doesn't exist as a "steward" or at all as far as I know. It's part of the waitstaff's job. That's why no one here had heard of it.
  5. There's a few schools of thought on the death rate. One is that a lot of people are asymptomatic but being tested anyway, and some repeatedly. Another is that as the virus mutates, it becomes more contagious, but less deadly. The third is that they are learning how to treat it (steroids in particular) and ventilators are being avoided as much as possible (high death rate if you go on ventilator). DH and I are getting ready to go to a local cidery. We plan to be there at noon when they open and sit outside. And, this afternoon my oldest DS and DDIL will be coming by after they visit my MIL at her senior apartment (they wear masks there). We keep our distance. DDIL is an RN and is working this am in the office. She showers when she gets home from work. We've gotten together with both our DS and DDIL's several times in the last 6 months. We avoid hugging and keep out of each other's faces. You have to live some semblance of a normal life while still staying safe. But, crowded cruise ports in highly infected areas are a high risk so who knows what will happen in the next few weeks.
  6. It's not about being the greatest nation, it's about anyone being able to come up with a quick enough test that proves to be accurate. It's not a simple thing. No test is 100% accurate. Pregnancy tests for example can show false when they're really not. They can show positive even if not due to other medical conditions and medications.
  7. What is your definition of a restaurant "steward"? It's not a term that any of us know.
  8. My DIL is a nurse (RN) in a GP office and has tested negative the last time she had some symptoms and we see them every few weeks. My DH was tested over a week ago and was negative after exposure to someone at work who has since returned. We wear masks, keep distance etc, but we go to church, eat out (outside mostly) and I'm retired so I'm mostly home, but do visit my MIL at a independent living senior apartment where she has 24/7 aides and see our two sons and DIL's at our home every few weeks. We all do what we can, but the expectation is that as mutations happen, while it becomes more contagious, it also becomes less deadly. We just visited my parents in their home last weekend and wore masks except for when we late lunch at the same table. We have to live our lives. ETA, I fixed "inside" to outside for dining.
  9. Well, that may not matter as much as it did before. https://thehill.com/changing-america/well-being/longevity/518336-coronavirus-mutation-emerges-that-may-outmaneuver-mask It's not more deadly, but more contagious which is what happens with mutations. The virus wants to survive. It's why the common cold is the way it is.
  10. We don't even know where this came from or if it's legit. But, the fact it's for both cruise lines (supposedly) is interesting. One post of one supposed text doesn't really mean anything, not to mention, the grammar is interesting..
  11. The FCC is yours and attached to your account/name. It should be yours to use period. I received mine in an email and so did my TA. We're holding off on using ours until late next year, even though we have a b2b scheduled in May.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's okay as it wasn't a CC member who wrote it, (supposedly.). I'm still not sure about the entire post.
  13. My daughter in law is an RN in a family practice. I'm going to ask her about what they do since they see all ages. My internist just brings in the portable EKG machine and it takes literally longer to put all the contacts on than to do the actual reading so no extra room is needed. It's just part of the exam.
  14. I know there are other viruses that can cause cardiac issues in children too. All children should have a cardiac exam to participate in competitive sports as there are many hidden issues that only come up when a child drops on the field/court.
  15. We cancelled that and the Nov 1 before final payment. Not likely to go as planned, if at all.
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