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  1. No, it's the dive shop. The "play area" the family has referred to is in the middle of the deck and it's the splash pad area. Nowhere near any windows.
  2. Oh, I know. We've been cruising for 15 years and have seen the changes as they've happened. We've also been on Freedom and when this story first came out, I knew the family was making up so much of their story.
  3. I've see those, but the fact you have to tell people, like not to take a hair dryer in the bathtub (or a toaster) just amazes me as much as those signs. The fact anyone has to be told to watch their own children is just ridiculous. SMH
  4. It doesn't. As anyone who is colorblind will tell you they can't differentiate some colors (or most if severe), but they can tell the difference in dark vs light, tint, etc. Colorblind is not an excuse. My boss is colorblind and can't tell if his tie was blue or black, but he can tell you if a window is open. He asked me yesterday if the tie he had matched his jacket and slacks (all blue) because he couldn't tell, but that's the extent of it. Anello is 51 and he's the step grandfather. I don't think he helped raise the mother so in reality, he's the grandmother's husband. They keep pushing the grandfather angle because of course a grandfather wouldn't do anything like that. But, as we all know, plenty of kids have been hurt or killed by family members. Anyone who automatically thinks he's suffering enough has no clue because no one but he knows how he's feeling or what his reasoning or intentions were. He doesn't automatically get a pass because he's the grandfather. There are too many lies and distractions being used by the family now. The court of public opinion isn't on their side anymore.
  5. Give them a break. They can't possibly know everything about every ship, itinerary, cabin, etc. This says more about good old RCI IT than anything else.
  6. And, there's no evidence that he didn't. There are people who do horrible things to members of their own family and there are people who make horrible, stupid decisions. I'm more concerned with the child than I am with the family. The evidence leans very much towards the fact that negligence occurred at the very least. The family opened themselves up to this scrutiny by filing a lawsuit and continuing to push it even though it's very evident that the cruise line is not at fault.
  7. Yes. We've brought 2 bottles of wine on several cruises. No water, but others have done it. And, it's not really cabin consumption only. You can pour a glass and take it anywhere onboard. Just ask for glasses at the bar or from your cabin steward.
  8. I booked directly with Olie's Trolleys and we did the park and Cadillac Mountain. We only had a couple of stops and Cadillac was one of them. We went up on the trolley to the parking lot there and were given something like 20-30 minutes to walk around. Be aware, it can be very foggy at times but, the views can be great also. We were there in Oct 2018.
  9. We originally were going to do the hop on hop off, but it was sold out. So, I booked the graveyards and ghosts tour through RCI thinking, okay, it's transportation to and from downtown, but we really enjoyed it. We made several stops at cemeteries and at Boston Common. Our tour guide was the "ghost" of a writer (I think epitaths) and he was very good. We saw gravemarkers of famous people, heard stories about others and were able to walk around several locations. Our last stop was Faneuil Hall marketplace where we had lunch and walked around. The last stop, you could either stay onboard and go back to the ship immediately or stay and take another bus back which was just for people who had paid for the excursions. The tour was really good and then on our bus ride back to the ship, our driver told us more info about Boston. Both our excursion drivers in Boston and Portland were transplants but they knew a lot about their adopted hometowns.
  10. Yes, we've done it twice. It's the regular lunch menu. As for the Key, they do it in the MDR on Grandeur, with the Chops menu served.
  11. Yeah, I'm a logical woman (yes we do exist, just ask my DH). I do not go to emotion which other women don't get. Personally, I wouldn't be defending family blindly. I would definitely be questioning my step father in law and looking at the facts. RCI has a very strong case and the lawyer knows it which is why he wants the video removed.
  12. You left out the part where the step grandfather leaned out the window before picking up the child.
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