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  1. Thanks to everyone! I will go to the website now and look for the cancellation notice link.
  2. After many princess and RC cruises, we decided to try Celebrity. We booked last January and I accidentally booked a non-refundable cruise. Completely my fault for not inspecting the website better. We paid the $500 deposit last year. That cruise in April was just cancelled by Celebrity. I know if I had cancelled I would have to take the FCC. But because they cancelled will I get a refund instead?
  3. I was on the 1/11 sailing. We didn’t start debarkation until almost 8:30. The first walk off deck was called at that time. The second walk off deck wasn’t called until almost 9:15, despite repeated announcements that only the specified deck would be allowed off at that time. We had the last set of tags of the early tag group (9-10) and we weren’t walking out of the terminal until 11:15
  4. Can’t wait to read more. We will be on her on the 11th. Enjoy your time immensely!
  5. Is there a cigar bar on this ship? Looking for something more cigar based or a place to shop for cigars, not just smoking in the casino. Thanks so much for doing this for us!
  6. Earlier this week I called Carnival Customer service twice to ask this same question. Both agents said the same thing - the times listed on itineraries are always based on local time at the port stop. It’s up to the captain to change ship time to match or not but the times listed are when locals would say you arrive in port.
  7. Carnival lists the arrival to Puerto Vallarta as 8am. Did you arrive at 8am LOCAL time? Or 8am ship time? Two websites showing Puerta Vallarta cruise terminal activities both show 8am. So I assume arrival is at 8am LOCAL time, but I'd love some confirmation from someone who's actually done it since the time change.
  8. This is a great info to have in case we don't get the same time. Thanks for the help!
  9. We are traveling with family and we are carpooling to the port to them and would like to get the same arrival time. We have paid in full but they have not. Our online check in says it opens before the actual paid in full date. Must they be paid in full before they can begin online check in? We are new to carnival. I hope this makes sense!
  10. I've also been unable to get through to the dining reservation area. Sometimes I wonder if John Heald does a big face palm on days like this when he's advertised something and the website isn't set up properly to actually do it.
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