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  1. Thanks so much for responding to my query, Turtles06, and especially for your very fine, comprehensive report. I can't imagine that we'll love these ports the way we so love virtually every European (northern and southern) port we've been to, but should be interesting nonetheless. Wishing that the 18-day itinerary (on wonderful Regent Mariner) weren't in May, but that's the way things worked out for us. Will take us from Miami into San Francisco, so that my husband can celebrate his 90th birthday with family out there. Wishing you many more dandy voyages.
  2. Turtles: Since you're doing a full transit again, I'm assuming that you like this itinerary not only for the Canal aspect of it, but for the Central America and Mexico port stops as well? Would you be good enough to post some of the excursions you enjoyed at those other places — or is it really just about the Canal itself and being on the ship? Thank you.
  3. Hi Sheila — Mea culpa! I looked farther down on CC just now, didn't see anything, and then realized that I was conflating what I said with my experience getting information about insurance purchase, for which there is, of course, a separate section. Truly, I think you'll be fine with either Luggage Forward or Luggage Free. I had a very slight preference for Luggage Forward, but at this point I don't even remember why. Clearly, your responders think well of both. Again, my apologies for leading you astray.
  4. There's a whole separate section on luggage among the topics on the other sections of CC. There's probably a lot of detail there, if you're curious to learn whether Free or Forward seems to be preferred, and whether there are any specific negatives about either one.
  5. Actually at the end of the cruise, you retrieve your own bag and hand it to the rep, who will be standing in that area with a sign. (One time we had to wait quite a while, but all other times worked well.) They can delay shipment to your home, though I'm not sure how long. We've been fine with both Luggage Free and Luggage Forward.
  6. What was the "amazingly negative post"? I didn't especially feel that any of the recent posts were negative, let alone "amazingly negative." Just curious.
  7. I'm getting pretty worried about this "can't keep up" thing. Like others, I always check carefully the difficulty rating (thanks for the reminder to check again when on board), but I've found that those ratings are often "off" (in both directions). I know how angry some people get when someone can't keep up — there's sure been plenty of talk (venom, almost) about that on the Regent board — and I worry a lot about inadvertently becoming one of the "monsters." Indeed, I've found cruising a bit less fun since we're no longer able to participate in the kinds of activities we used to most prefer. Still feel very lucky to be able to take a cruise, but since we're not the stay-on-ship kind of people, it's definitely not the same. But then what is?
  8. A lobster tank on board Regent would be the cat's pajamas!
  9. I can't do all the "higher math" that's often on CC. We booked the cruise around the time it was listed, and all I know is that we got a notice from our TA that the price had dropped. I thought it might be of interest to someone. That's all.
  10. This is last leg of World Cruise — 18-day, Miami-San Francisco. Mariner. There's been a pretty good price cut (which means, presumably, it's not a great-selling segment).
  11. RJ2002: Last time we spent time in Maine (too long ago), we promised ourselves that we'd have lobster at least once, preferably twice a day. One day we out-did ourselves, and had lobster eggs Benedict for breakfast — so in fact had the grand beast THREE times that day. Oh, for very joy!
  12. Just to say that twice when I ordered lobster, it came very over-cooked. (The lobster on board has also been frozen, as I'm sure you know, and as is to be expected. Not at all the same beastie as one would be eating if it had been pulled out of the water moments before.) Since I do love whole lobster, even lobster that's been frozen faute de mieux, I decided to try once more. I asked the server please to bring me an undercooked lobster. Et voila! So if you're a major lobster lover, and want to be sure it's not overcooked, maybe just ask to have it slightly on the undercooked side? Something I can't remember: the size of those lobsters. I suspect that they were around two pounders, since I don't enjoy picking at the chicken lobsters or even the pound and a halfers. So there, too, if size matters to you, maybe tell your server you don't want anything under two lbs. Bon Appetit!
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