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  1. Silver Sweethearts: I'd not thought of what you suggest. I will look into such possibilities. Gerry: At our age (I believe I mentioned that my husband, who is not real, real healthy, would turn 90 on that trip), there are so many things that we're obliged to "deal with," I feel more and more that I want as much as possible to be easy as possible. But I get what you mean in a general sense.
  2. Thanks a bunch for all the posts, JC. You clearly have a positive attitude, you go with the flow, enjoy mentioning positives, don't hesitate to (politely) name negatives. These kinds of posts are enjoyable to read, and also helpful. Alas, you haven't increased my desire to do a Canal cruise. I've been on the fence for a while, i.e. my husband and I would love to see the workings of the Canal, but just can't get enthusiastic about the other ports, especially with the pretty good chance of cancellations of various ports. Even if ports aren't literally cancelled, I don't think I'd much enjoy seeing lots of armed guards around. Our itinerary would be 18 days, btw, and like you, I'm not sure I'd be interested in being on board for that long. Not with so many sea days, which aren't our thing. I hope you're well and will be happy to be home. And that you might try another Regent cruise. We do love the cruise line. (Have never even tried others.) Thanks once more!
  3. Hi JC: We signed up for that excursions as well (for the trip we may take in May on Mariner). Sorry that you're missing a number of things — but, wow, you two sure are glass half full types— glass 3/4 (and more !) full it sounds like!
  4. I assume that heat, humidity, rain (and bugs?) will probably be worse in May? Do you very much enjoy the various ports on the full transit (from where to where?) or is it essentially the transit itself that keeps you going back? Thanks.
  5. Nice photo-- and thanks for posting.
  6. Sad and off-putting, but thank you for such details. May your cruise continue to be pleasant, engaging, and yummy.
  7. I'm appreciating the reports. Glad that you're enjoying yourselves!
  8. Yes, excursions for entire cruise.
  9. I called Regent a while ago and asked them to please email me the PDF for excursions. It came promptly.
  10. Have a terrific cruise, Mjflowers. And thanks for posting. I'll be reading, as we may do a Canal cruise (San Fran-Miami) May 2020. (Would be a 90th birthday cruise for my dh — VERY "d")
  11. I can't answer the question of whether it's best to have TA make excursion reservations, but I do want to jump right in and say something that I hope relieves your major concern. (Btw, I guess I'd be surprised if TA's are permitted to make reservations before passengers can, though could be wrong I guess.) Booking the free excursions has never — Never — been a heart-breaking experience for us, and I suspect not for others either. Not even close. Now and then a bit of a disappointment I suppose, but if you're really there at "zero hour," I'd imagine you'd readily get all you're after. Very occasionally there's a glitch, so that everything shows already full, but that's just a glitch. On the Baltic tours (esp. in St Pete), there've always been so many dandy tours offered by Regent that I've never felt the need to book a private tour. Others certainly do, and will respond to that aspect of your query. Mainly, rest assured: No Heartbreak! (not even "something of") Btw, Baltic was our first Regent (Radisson) cruise, about a dozen or so years ago. Loved it, did it again — and love Regent. May you as well.
  12. On our Canal itinerary, Mazatlan is one of the ports. It's also "level 4." I don't exactly understand why Regent schedules such ports, but no doubt they have their reasons. I do, of course, understand that a particular port may need to be cancelled for the reasons spelled out (or others), but I don't understand why they're scheduled to begin with. Whatever....
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