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  1. Thank you — and off to Barcelona later today!
  2. Thanks once more, and I will for sure post on CC when I learn more details. Off to Miami in an hour or so for flight to Barcelona.
  3. I appreciate the continued input. And pingpong, what you say was what I remember. It will be interesting and important to check this out. Btw, I hadn't realized that a third person's fee was less than the others.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Ye gads, I thought it was considerably less expensive. I wonder where I got that notion, but it's obviously incorrect since you both say so. If I have time, I'll check it out, but I'm sure you're both correct.
  5. With my husband being 90 at the time of our next cruise (if we can mange to take a next cruise) and me being 75, insurance has become almost prohibitively expensive. Every time I look at what insurance will cost for a particular trip, I say to myself, no way, simply too costly. Insurance through Regent does not take age into consideration, so presumably costs would be less. But I remember reading on several occasions that buying insurance through the Regent is not a good idea. (Well, I guess it's not Regent, it's the company that Regent uses.) I'm hoping that some of you may be able to suggest why that's the case. We're about to take off for Barcelona tomorrow, boarding Explorer on May 20. I might want to book a next cruise on board (the Panama Canal itinerary that I've spoken of in another post), but I may not if I can't find a way to get insurance costs down. Rallydave had some helpful information on another thread, but this time I'm specifically asking about insurance through Regent. Many thanks.
  6. What tours do people like to do from Colon? (Since we don't especially enjoy just being on the ship, and there are so many, many sea days anyway, I'm trying to get a sense of how many ports will be of interest to us. Colon shows a handful of excursions, but I don't understand exactly what they are.) Always, thanks.
  7. Thank you very much, rallydave and Wendy. This is something I'd not thought of (and sort of surprised that Steve didn't mention it, though maybe he did and I simply forgot — happening a lot lately!)
  8. Absolutely terrible idea, for reasons mentioned and more.
  9. So appreciative of the responses from you oldies and goodies. And haha, lox in the locks! Good one, Ken. Btw, I've been haunting the thread on the March 2020 Splendor cruise. 'Twill be a dandy rendezvous, for sure. The cruise I'm half-considering is on Mariner (a ship I prefer to Explorer) in May 2020. My husband will be turning 90 during that itinerary and it disembarks in San Fran, where we could spend time with his kids ("kids" nearing 70!) and do other things in a state that we love. There are any number of other itineraries that we would both prefer, but the flying game has become a bit too tough for us. We live on the west coast of FL, so at least we'd have only one flight. (I'm not eager to embark at the port of Miami, of course, but it beats flying.) (or does it?) Wendy, as I think you know, I'm also waitlisted on the first leg of your World Cruise. (Oh, are you going on a World Cruise?) That would be a lovely 50th anniversary gift to ourselves, and if the cards fall right, we may even shoot for the 2nd leg as well. (looong flight home) I remember that you and David have a friend in Lima, or near Lima, and that was surely one of the reasons you have great memories of that cruise. Can you tell me, please, whether other than the nice personal connection you very much liked the ports in Ecuador and Peru (if they were indeed the same)?
  10. I believe that often the notice of which exact cabin you're assigned can come very close to sailing. I'm looking at a possible cruise on Mariner, for instance, and our preferred "G" suites are already listed only as "guarantee." On Mariner that would not work for us as we definitely need a suite with shower only, and some of the G suites have combo. I imagine there are plenty of other circumstances where guarantee works just fine for people.
  11. I get the sense that other than the canal transit itself, most of the ports aren't all that memorable? I.e. I sometimes see that people are looking forward to that cruise mainly for the ship itself? And for being with other CC friends. (As the one on Splendor) Is one direction"better" than the other? Is one side of the ship "better" for each of those directions? For those of you who've done the transit, I'd love to hear some of the ports/excursions that you really enjoyed. And for those of you who are doing it again (and again), why? I.e. what's the great appeal of this itinerary? Many thanks.
  12. Because I don't like to book travel insurance straight-away (because it costs a lot), I always end up booking CSA (through Trip Insurance Store) because I believe that's the only insurance that one can get prior conditions covered late in the game. I wonder if that's a mistake, i.e. whether it might be better to bite the bullet and pay for insurance soon after booking. Need to study that option. I once looked into cancel for any reason, and as rallydave said, it's incredibly expensive.
  13. Just piping in to say that after retirement, at least as people become oldsters (as we are), non-refundable doesn't work for other reasons, viz. health concerns.
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