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  1. Not far at all walking thru the stores. You will get off the ship and walk towards the shopping center. It's not very far. Once at the shopping center you go thru one store and then you are outside again walking towards where the buses pick you up for transport to the city of Progresso.
  2. We visited Progresso in January sailing on the Dream. I wasn't sure what to expect as it's been 5 years since we had been there and most people are just so negative about the port telling people to stay on the ship. Well we had a wonderful time. In the area the port bus dropped us off, we found a massage storefront. Got our $15 massage in air conditioning. Then walked to the beach shopping along the way. Once at the beach we stopped and let our grandchild play in the water and sand. Then we walked down the beach and found a place to eat lunch. We ate at Flamingo's. Food was wonderful. Most people eating there were Canadians who stay in the area for the winter.While eating we had 2 vendors approach trying to sell stuff. They were not pushy at all. What a great relaxing day at the beach.
  3. Thanks for all your hard work on this review. Even though this cruise was over 5 yrs ago I gleaned many tips from your review. Your pictures were just superb.
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