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  1. Not trying to minimize the danger of covid but this lab will only help if bureaucrats require it in other countries. As I have said before, testing does not show how you are, merely how you were. There is a thread over on the SeaDream board that illustrates this perfectly. SeaDream is a small ship (60 passengers and 60 crew at this event) and most venues are open air. A negative test was required within 72 hours of boarding. Boarding was in Barbados and they required a test on arrival. Barbados also required going straight to the ship in government approved vehicles. SeaDream tested al
  2. The deck plans are made by the same folks who make the brochures. You know, where every picture shows beautiful people and warm sunny skies.😎
  3. A bit confused at what you want but rest assured they will tell you all about emergencies at drill. If I understand right you want to know about floor to floor (deck to deck) access? Yes, stairways forward and aft. You are not allowed to use the elevators during either drills or emergencies. There are also crew stairwells which might be used in an emergency.
  4. Haha, Bloody Mary is an all purpose drink. Goes really well with powdered sugar donuts......😳
  5. Milos, can I have one of your special Bloody Marys to go with my bagel? Thanks. Glad Explorers is open since we can't stop at any ports yet. Great food, drinks, service, and naps. That will get me through till we can go exploring ashore.😎
  6. Back to the Future. When I was a lad I had my yellow Vax card. It was seemingly more important for travel abroad than the passport. All your shots had to be current to travel internationally. Bet it will be the same to board a cruise ship.
  7. Last year on the Sun was very nice. In the restaurant or in the World Cafe traditional turkey and all the trimmings available. And all the other goodies if you were not so inclined. I really miss my Chef and staff.🍸
  8. Ragnar, I forgot to tell you, our house has 24 cats. I guess we are hoarders. Promise not to bring them to your new pool.....😱
  9. not meaning anything personal about your CC name but one breath in a house full of cats can provoke a very serious reaction to someone with allergies to cat hair. One breath is all it takes for exposure if in a toxic area.
  10. 🍸He got to the end of the post and couldn't remember the punch line..... Travel has become so serious and cruising in general and SD in particular are supposed to be fun. We can all hope for the day when this junk passes (they always do) and we can get back to SD as it is meant to be. Until then I will have to get by on lots of good memories. Like this morning, I suddenly had this huge urge to have SeaDream's Eggs Benedict. And maybe the mussels later on. Wouldn't it be great if we could order SD food and have it delivered similar to Omaha Steaks? Any profits could go to the Crew Fund.
  11. Nice nap in the corner. That Irish Coffee sounds perfect. Then down to lunch. Or maybe a BLT at the Pool Deck Grill. But I haven't had a burger lately..... And they are showing lobster for dinner.... This is hard work.....😎
  12. It is not possible to be off topic on "Idle Jottings". Wikipedia defines "Idle Jottings" as "The mad, pointless ramblings at one post on Cruise Critic. Idle Jottings are thought to be the disjointed creation of a somewhat mad, reclusive English Lord." 🍸😎
  13. Just seeing where Princess has cancelled all cruises through March, 2021. Glad we can still come here for a drink.....🍸
  14. Not sure what a spin bike is but on the Sun they have two recumbent and one upright stationary bikes. Overall a nicely equipped gym for a ship.
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