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  1. Sounds great! I would love some SD time but, as you say, the straight to ship mandate can make it near impossible for some. That makes it critical for all connections, baggage transfers, etc. to happen as scheduled. Even pre covid that was always a risk that many of us avoided by traveling the day before. One thing SD might consider would be to spend the first night onboard in Barbados and not leave till the following afternoon. That would take a lot of airline pressure off and there are lots of things to do on Barbados. What's one less island? After all Barbados is an island too. I used to say I would love to get on SD in Miami and just steam in circles for a week. 🍸🍸😎
  2. OTJ, if you like, Andy and I can custom design a pub crawl for your next Alaska cruise. Guaranteed to be educational....🍺😎
  3. If you do visit Sitka the Mean Queen has the best pizza in town. And yes, it's a bar.....🍺😎 But just past the famous Russian Orthodox Church for your culture first...
  4. be sure to visit when you get to Ketchikan...🍺
  5. Andy and I both worked ships up these ways so naturally we know all the places to get off the ship for.
  6. We were booked on Maasdam for March 2021 and of course were cancelled when she was sold. First told refund would take 30 days. Then they said 60 days. After 60 days we called and were told it would be 90 days. At that point I called my credit card and filed a dispute. Full refund amount was deposited next day. All the lines are burning cash like trash I get it but 90 days is ridiculous. Especially since the original changes were posted to our card before I got off the phone for the reservation.
  7. Barbados has always been difficult to impossible to get to day of departure from PHX. Currently flights are just not available without multiple stops and late arrival. Are US citizens allowed to get to SJU or STT the day before and then take a flight to Barbados? Don't know but it still makes it just too much hassle. I hope all goes well for SD and many cities have direct flights, just not us...
  8. I think Ho-Hum has become a lurker..... That or he is suddenly shy...😱
  9. I remember helo training and it was very comprehensive. One thing they really pounded into our thick skulls was never touch the cable/basket until it was grounded to the ship. We had a hook like handle with cable clamped to the steel of the ship to initially grab the cable. Helicopters can build up quite a large static charge. Possibly newer ones handle it better than the oldies.
  10. Early for you is Noonish, right. You Left Coasters have it made..... As long as you don't live in the forests.😱
  11. OTJ, this has been a fun way to hang out on CC and not dwell on the crazy stuff in the world. We can at least listen to our favorite "sea songs". If we were to use song titles to describe the state of cruising I think I would start with: "I can't get no (Satisfaction)". 😱🍸
  12. One of the best. And Rod liked (likes) sea travel. In the late '70s on a transatlantic on QE2 I met Rod. In the gym on QE2 of all places. He was there with two bodyguards (today they would be called personal assistants). Rod chatted with all us passengers while his bodyguards worked out. Very friendly and approachable unlike current celebs.
  13. Thanks Chris. As much as we would love to sail SeaDream in the Caribbean, I do not anticipate going to considerable expense to enter such rigid protocols. Cruising will not be back really until we can cruise as we all love to do. "Doing our own thing" on the islands is a must and we are fortunate to have great cruising memories. This will pass, I just hope for sooner rather than later. I wish SD well and know a great number of UK and EU fans will be looking forward to some Caribbean time.
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