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  1. None of our buses had toilets either. Some of the "rest" stops in India were rather unique..
  2. Bon Voyage to Ho-Hum and Blondie, Lady V and the Colonel and all the other SD II crossers leaving Barbados tomorrow. Best wishes for fair seas.🍸
  3. We have seen a duo and a trio playing in Explorers. At happy hour then again later in the evening. When Torshaven opens I seem to remember the other venues lack musicians. Not much of a dancer so others might provide more accurate info.
  4. If you are used to, for example Cunard's Queens, you will not find such on Viking Oceans. Dancing seen onboard would be more like bistro dancing, not ballroom formality and big bands.
  5. For my money I would rather keep Icy Strait and visit Hubbard glacier. But then everyone wants to see Glacier Bay. Lots of steaming for the ice you see, imho.
  6. I would normally avoid a thread like this and full disclosure, I have not taken a Cuba cruise. Imho, even before this, too much governmental involvement (theirs and ours) to be very enjoyable. This is not new. For a half century Cuba has been a political football. It is a shame as the country is/can be beautiful. I have worked with Cubans at sea and even had a Cuban Doctor as my PCP in Florida. To a person every Cuban I have met has been great. But this is just the latest reason to find other places to go. For similar architecture to Havana, including a very similar fortress, Old San Juan comes to mind. Added bonus is go where you want, when you want, spend what you want. I suspect some cruises will be available from other islands, just will be ever more red tape for Americans. No particular point other than I hope this thread does not degenerate into the right/left, Repub/Democrat sniping so prevalent on other boards. Cruises are supposed to be fun, not a political statement. 🍸
  7. The Chinese Visa provided by GenVisa for Viking Oceans Inaugural World Cruise is for multiple entries of up to 60 days at a time and the visa is valid for 10 years. We had two stops in China plus Hong Kong with no entry/exit issues at all. Hope it works as well for y'all.
  8. Piaa, as usual Trapper's advice is spot on and I second them. As this is your first visit, and possibly your only as you say, then I have to suggest a cliched, but signature activity for Venice. I fess up we took a gondola ride on our first visit. Paid too much but loved it. The "driver" was very good and added lots of narrative to where we were. There. I said it... Another memory maker is taking one of the beautiful water taxis to or from the airport. Our first visit we took the Vaporetto (water bus) from the airport. Took about 1.5 hours on the one we chose. Vaporettos are very handy and, as mentioned the only bargain in Venice, but are no fun with your luggage. After checkin at your hotel they are great for getting to the "out islands". Venice is beautiful just about anywhere you walk with something picture worthy around every corner but is very expensive. One of my English Cousins goes there at least twice a year and has told me there are two prices for everything. Locals prices and tourist prices. Still, there is no place on earth quite like Venice. I am sure you will have a great time.🍸
  9. Great catch Pushka. After paying my Viking tab I have no debt to consolidate. That would imply money left.....🍸
  10. "Free Food" Hahaha, I just looked at my invoice again, Free Food, right.....🍸
  11. Not in our experience. Most ports have an ATM that dispenses local currency or a money exchange.
  12. Jim Avery

    WATER ?

    This is a job for ChengKP75..😎
  13. Yes, you cannot put them in the hold. I can carry them in the cabin. Have never been told they are banned by any of the airlines (including British Airways) we normally use. I was referring to using the batteries on excursions overseas giving us a number of charges without using local power sources.
  14. In our modern device riddled world, "plug anxiety" can be a real deal. Peregrina noted the difference between adapter and converter. Yep, we plugged a hair dryer into an overseas hotel with just an adapter.. Melted the critter. I still stress the first time the iPhone needs plugging in to an overseas outlet. One thing we use, especially on excursions, is the removable battery from our Away carry ons. This battery (about the size of the iPhone) can charge an iPhone or iPad 4/5 times and can charge two devices at once. Saves "experimenting" with strange outlets.
  15. Jim Avery

    WATER ?

    On the Sun last year we had, from time to time, San Pellegrino and Perrier. I believe it depends on availability for the locations the ship sails. On board fizzy was not bad. Desalinated sea water is some of the purest you can drink. (assuming the engineers do their jobs).🍸
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