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  1. Thank you so much for this post. This is very reassuring and we can't wait until we cruise in a couple of weeks time. 🙂
  2. Hi, we're from the UK and boarding the Aidanova in November for a Canaries cruise. Did you enjoy it and was language a problem? Like you, we found a great price and jumped at the chance to see this new ship.
  3. On board the Equinox now and have just been advised by the Captain that due to inclement weather expected at Key West in the next 24-48 hours, the Equinox is rerouting to Labadee. It's a real shame for those of us whom have never visited Key West, but understandable if another storm is coming in. Is another hurricane expected?
  4. I've just noticed that after it's transatlantic repositioning to Southamption in April 2020, there's nearly a 3 week gap the Anthem's calendar before starting it's Spain & Portugal cruise on 15th May. Is it getting a refresh or new additions?
  5. Thank you both. I emailed them and they were happy to change our titles and also make an address correction free of charge. 👍 Though I will say that I've never used Google Translate so much in my life! 😂 Thankfully MyAida does have some English translation available, but otherwise Google has become my best friend. But it's a German cruise line aimed at primarily the German market, so I'm not surprised. The Nova looks like a great ship and we're very much looking forward to our Canaries cruise in November. We're aware that most staff speak English, but we have our translation Apps ready to go once onboard and we're making the effort to learn some German too. 😉
  6. I know that table wine, beer and soft drinks are included with your buffet meal, but is Tea and Coffee?
  7. Hi everyone. I have a question regarding our recent online booking with Aida. My partner attempted an online booking, which was all in German. Upon receipt of the booking reference number, we've noticed that my title is wrong, as I should be listed as Mr and not Mrs. Once we've received our booking paperwork and I contact them about the change, will we incur a charge? We didn't book Premium.
  8. I wish Celebrity had the same promotions on both sides of the Atlantic. In the UK their current promotion is a free Classic drinks package and free onboard gratuities. So I guess that's 2 perks, though they don't call them perks on the UK website. Though when I received my invoice for my September cruise, there was also a £200 'Summer Saving' discount for each of us. This wasn't part of the promotion when I booked, so must've been automatically deducted from the price we were shown at the time of booking. Last November we got the classic drinks package and the ultimate wifi free with our booking. To be honest, I'd rather free wifi and pay the gratuities instead. Are any of the perks interchangeable if you have a UK booking?
  9. Agreed. I admire Celebrity for their non smoking inside the ship policy. However, Smokers have to go somewhere and this means they're sent straight to the Sunset and Mast Bars. This made these two bars no go zones for us on the Reflection last November. Such a shame as the Sunset Bar is lovely. But even if Celebrity made their ships completely smoke free, you will still have people breaking the policy all over the ship. Smoking is an addiction and you will never truly be able to remove the problem of smoking from cruise ships.
  10. If you're expecting Celebrity to match RCCL in terms of entertainment, you can think again. 🙁 We've also cruised on the Allure and in terms of entertainment there is simply no comparison. You can forget Aqua Theaters, Broadway Shows, Bumper Cars, Comedy Clubs, Jazz Clubs, Bowling Alley's and all the rest that comes with a ship of that size. In contrast, when we cruised with Celebrity for the first time on the Reflection, we were shocked how little there was to do onboard. The age range on board was a lot higher and everything was geared towards this age range. Everything was conservative and civilised and one bar felt very much like the next. Having cruised with four other lines I would say that Celebrity is the company you cruise with for some R&R and few children on board. The only reason we're returning to the Equinox in September is because the perks offered by Celebrity are unmatched right now, which makes them the best value for money. But oh how I wish they would diversify their onboard offerings 😩
  11. This is beyond useful, so thank you so much. Although my Liver is likely to be pickled by the time my cruise ends on 23rd September.
  12. Sorry my mistake. We booked a 1C balcony room on Deck 8. I called the UK Celebrity number and it automatically connected me to US customer services. We were upgraded into a C2 Concierge Cabin. Sent from my SM-G965F using Forums mobile app
  13. We're on a 10 night Ultimate Caribbean in November on the Reflection. I discovered today that the C1 Balcony Cabin we booked had dropped in price by £500. I called Celebrity and they initially said there was nothing they could do as full payment had been taken. However, she then spoke to her supervisor and I was soon offered either $300 on board credit or a free upgrade to Concierge Class. We took the upgrade. I suspect they're change of heart was due to us having another future cruise booking. Either way my advice is, if you don't ask, you don't get. Good luck
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