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  1. Thanks for the nice message, David - I just perused your South America cruise review from the holiday period of 2016-2017....it looked like a wonderful time and got me very excited for our cruise Feb 2 on the Eclipse (some of the same ports, but some different). I will plan to touch base when we return - we leave tomorrow morning @ 7am -- going to Argentina on our own for a week first, hoping to do some incredible hiking in the Patagonia region. All the best to you again, keep in touch! 🙂 sharon baranick (no spaces) at yahoo dot com
  2. Hi David - just 'found' your review after perusing the boards for some other info. Not sure if you remember me, but just wanted to say HI and so glad that you had a wonderful NZ holiday cruise this year with your family. The Sounds looked beautiful - we hope to do that cruise someday (have only done a week on land of North Island, including the White Island tour in March 2018....which now we are SO grateful to have had a safe experience of that!). We used your early 2018 GB Reef Solstice cruise review A LOT, as we planned our Solstice Australia cruise (which was March 30, 2018). Do you remember our youngest daughter Theresa was studying abroad there and we flew over to take her on the cruise? Anyway, she met a nice young man, Chris, who was on the cruise with 18 other family/friends - and their 'cruise fling' is still going strong after 21 months of 9000+ mile long distance dating! He lives in Melbourne, and she is now in Austin, TX - pursuing her grad degree at UT. John and I just went on a Liberty of the Seas cruise out of Galveston with Theresa and Chris, while she is on her grad school January break. I love to read your tales of traveling with your young adult kids, because we enjoy that so much too! We are looking forward to our next cruise (and returning to Celebrity, Royal was nice - but waaaay too many little kids for us!) - we will be on the South America/Antarctica Feb 2, 2020 Eclipse sailing. Have you done South America? I thought maybe you had....if you have a review for that, would you mind linking me up to that? We mostly have all of our planning done....but could maybe glean some more. Anyway - all the best to you and your family in 2020. Thanks for sharing such good info on Cruise Critic; it is appreciated! I'll attach a quick photo of our daughter and her boyfriend with us on the Liberty - they are such a cute couple, I think. Probably if they get married, it may have to happen on a cruise ship!?! SHARON (from MN)
  3. UPDATE: As of this afternoon (Sunday), I DID receive the e-mail link. It came-in and said that I had only twenty days left to unlock and download my photos (as opposed to the 30 days I should've gotten)....but that was fine. I quickly unlocked and downloaded the ones I wanted, and now everything is fine. I still never heard back from a real person at the Our Cruises Photo organization, but at least this 'reminder' link accomplished the delivery of our photos. Thanks for your support, Everyone ❤️
  4. My husband and I purchased an 8-digital image package aboard the Constellation (sailing Oct 20-30, Rome to Barcelona). I have NOT received the link in my e-mail (regular INBOX nor Spam) since we disembarked. I have purchased digital photo packages probably 3-4 times before on other sailings, and the link has been successfully in my Inbox within 24-48 hours after disembarkation, so this is a new problem for me. I am inquiring through the Our Cruise Photos support channels (per the handout that the Photography manager gave us at time of purchase), but since it is post-cruise, the response has been slow and I am worried about the $100+ we spent....with no pictures (yet). Has anyone else had experience with this problem? The Our Cruise Photos folks responded initially (and instructed me to wait 7 days after disembarkation), but now I haven't heard from them since Nov 5. I plan to 'bother' them daily with e-mails, but if anyone has other advice - I would appreciate it 😊
  5. Thanks for all the great info and pics, scubacruiserx2! You have my husband and I dreaming and scheming....if you have a moment, would you mind emailing me some of the base details of your trip, like did you fly from BA to FTE and back? How many days did you stay in FTE, where did you stay, what was the driving like, not sure if I can figure out if you drove up to El Chalten for just one night and why, did you book the Glaciares tour direct with them and would you recommend, etc. Thanks much, if you have time to answer....I just love Cruise Critic folks- most seem to be passionate about travel and having the best experiences possible (& don't mind sharing advice). My email is sharonbaranick at yahoo dot com. 😊
  6. I would highly recommend booking the Norway fjords cruise, it is probably my favorite of the 14-15 cruises I have taken. My husband and I did the five-port itinerary (in and out of Southampton) in early May 2017. The scenery was breathtaking, both on land and while cruising on the ship (Eclipse). We had some adventures: Bergen (took funicular up to enjoy the view and there are about 10-12 hikes to choose from...we hiked for about 3-4 hours and enjoyed stunning views), Flåm (2-hour hike to a waterfall on our own and then a 3-hour ferry ride through the fjords), Geiranger (booked incredible snow-shoeing excursion on our own, one of the best days of my life with great views), Ålesund (walked around and hiked to viewpoint- a purposeful ‘down day’), and Stavanger (Celebrity excursion of hiking Preikestolen- Pulpit Rock=incredible). Norway is a stunning country!
  7. Hi David, remember me from last year's Great Barrier Reef cruise discussions? You gave us so much information for our 3-30-18 GBR cruise on the Solstice (w our daughter who was studying abroad in Australia) on which we had a WONDERFUL cruise. I was just thinking of you the other day and wondering if you were on your New Zealand cruise....that must be next year. Your itinerary for this cruise looks GREAT; I wish my husband and I had joined this cruise- we are really 'feeling' another cruise this time of year. We did the 14nt on the Eclipse Jan 7-21, 2018 and the itinerary was almost identical to yours. We LOVED the ABC islands especially. Hope you have an excellent and tropical time on the Reflection. Our next one is on the Edge in early April, but we are always looking for something else- and may add on something to make the $600 airfare from MSP to FLL seem more worthwhile. Anyway, Bon Voyage and I wish you and your family well.
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