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  1. thats good, but every ship is run differently. i welcome going to as few lifeboat drills as possible. i think in the immrdiate future, lifeboat drill will be in your cabin lol
  2. interesting, as 3rd world to 1st world immigration increases, IQ averages significantly decline... it is well documented in countries with higher intelligence averages, less reproduction. in countries with very low intelligence averages, as many children as possible being born. smart people usually only have children that they can afford whilst dumb people have as many as the government will pay them for.
  3. my experience on HAL is that only 1 lifeboat drill is required when it is booked as a grand voyage. if 2 seperate tickets, than 2 lifeboat drills.
  4. Nothing special about it I retired when I was 37 and I enjoy my 200 cruise days a year.
  5. I think the fairest is to count cruise days , if you’re in a certain level suite or above then you get double points, same as if you are a solo paying 200%
  6. and how many people was this. out of more than 700 pinnacle members?
  7. its a morality issue. my underage child was never around anyone drinking or under the influence of any other substance.
  8. msc is just ok. i like celebrity better but it is pretty shallow to like a cruise line because of their pizza imo. i do not eat pizza usually but i tried some on msc and it was certainly better than what i had on royal. royals specialty reataurants are pretty good, i try to eat every meal there. thankfully the pinnacles get a good assortment of bonus restaurants. i travel with royal because i feel they are the best middle of the road. carnival , ncl, costa dont hold a finger
  9. what is it with people on here, they ask for an opinion, than act snyde. i do not think there is worse pizza anywhere on the high seas than at sorrento's..
  10. this was established long before the end of may cruise announcements. this is so people would travel around their own country. no foreigners.
  11. and hopefully the same result with all the unvaxxed people. dont want the shot, thats fine, just dont expect to go to higher risk activities.
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