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  1. Glad I found this review in the early stages. I will be sailing o the Splendor again on 06/29/2019. This Review will help Keep me excited about my upcoming trip. Thank you for taking the time to make these reviews. Also I was on Carnival Pride relocation cruise in 2017 from Tampa to Baltimore. That was a fantastic trip. My Uncle and myself were on the Carnival purchased excursions that held up the departure from Limon Costa Rico during that trip. The company running the Excursion did not understand the difference between Local time and Ship Time
  2. I personally would not check someone else's luggage in. the luggage tags are printed with the individuals names. In the off chance that Carnival realizes that an individuals luggage is on board, yet they have not been Dinged onto the ship. Could sail away be held up to investigate? This would be a good way to make new friends. Or in my mind using a luggage tag with your name on it, and the person you are checking the luggage in for doesn't show up. I can see myself sitting in a small room, claiming no that's not my bag, as the police respond with then why is your name on the tag? i
  3. Nope, the great part of the longer cruises is that it is still the same 1500 points.
  4. I could be wrong, but I don't believe that this would be allowed due to the Passenger Safety Act. Foreign flagged vessels are not allowed to transport passengers between American ports with out first stopping at a distant foreign port being involved. If the B2B trip starts and ends in the same port it would not be a problem. However getting from Fort Lauderdale to Miami to start the 2nd cruise will most likely be a violation of the PSVA. For this reason most of the repositioning cruises require a stop over in either Aruba, Curacao, or Bonaire. Cartagena Columbia also appears to count for Panama Canal cruises. Every cruise that I have taken so far that started and stopped in different ports have stopped at one of these ports. Due to the reasons above I think you will have to transport yourself between the ports.
  5. Just wondering if any of the parking issues have calmed down lately? I have sailed many times out of Long Beach usually arriving between 9:30 to 10:00. But I have not sailed from there since 4th of July week 2018, on the Splendor. I will also be leaving out of Long Beach on this upcoming June 29 2019 departure on the Splendor and I am getting worried about the Parking situation after reading this.
  6. At the current rate that NCL is going, how long will it be before Nationwide refuses to insure NCL trips?
  7. Im not sure but I thought if one adult in the cabin gets the beverage package then all adults in the cabin have to get the beverage package. Meaning that if there are four in the cabin, two would have to buy them. That would be a lot of money.
  8. On the 10 day western Caribbean on the breakaway out of New Orleans on the January 17 2019 sailing, a woman sitting next to me on a Different Machine hit for $10,125.00 give or take a few dollars. Sorry it was late that night. The amazing thing was she was on a so called penny machine, bet minimum 0f $.50 to $5.00. She was Playing $1.00 and hit the grand jackpot. Then When NCL showed up, after multiple people myself included went to the cashier counter to let them know they were needed, they proceeded to inform the women and her husband that they would only give them half in cash, and the rest would have to be a check. The arguments over this lasted the last 5 days of a ten day cruise between NCL, the couple who won, and those of us there to witness. We all told them that they had more then enough money to pay cash, just start opening up the machines taking all the money, (aka) slot machines. The machines only took in cash, not checks. alas the machine next to hers did pay me out $1,125.00 in a jack pot at $3.00 per bet.
  9. I'm sorry but I can't help myself. DID You fall and hit your head? I have many people asking me to check into River cruises. My response is when I find one with a Casino I will think about it.
  10. The one that showed as processing was for a standard balcony from an ocean view for $110.00 per person. then it reset to pending. Another person on the same cruise went from a ocean view to a balcony for $75.00 per person yesterday. It must really just be a roll of the dice I guess.
  11. I used the email link to check in, and that's when I show the processing for 1 of the bids. I Did check my credit Card and there was no sign of activity. There is still time left, maybe I will get lucky. Either way I get to spend 2 nights in New Orleans and then the 10 day cruise. Life Is Good. By the way does anyone know if upgrades are ever processed on the weekends?
  12. I'm on the 1/17 Breakaway sailing. Yesterday when I checked I showed 3 expired bids and 1 Processing. When I checked later in the evening they were all set back to pending. Not sure what that is about. But I was really bummed out.
  13. I can also warn you to be careful with it. Just wait until your in there, with shampoo and on and soap on your face, when you knock the stupid thing off. It will shatter very nicely on the floor, now you can't even move your feet. lucky for me at least it didn't land on my toes.
  14. Bundle the cash very carefully. If done in $100.00 bills the size of the bundle will be easily manageable and hidden. Try to find out in advanced if your hotel room has a safe. I stayed at the Drury Inn in New Orleans last year, and they had no safe. Not a couple of fun days. Also make sure to be aware of the $10k limit to walk around with. This can cause trouble at airports and customs on return to port.
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