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  1. Hi @trosebery sorry to hijack OP thread....we will be here in May on the NCL Escape and are interested in Nuuksio National Park, hopefully on our own. Any tips or advice on how to do that?
  2. We had a balcony last May and used it quite a bit as well. We saw a lot of wildlife and whales from the balcony so I would recommend it in a heartbeat. I understand folks are saying you can use upper decks but it's hard to get there quickly if there is in fact something outside in the water or on shore.
  3. Hi! If your kids eat off the kids menu, there is no charge...its a standard menu the same at every restaurant...I know your kids are older but they may eat off of it still, I know my 11 year old would. If they are going to eat off the specialty restaurant menu, I would just look at the menus to see if they would eat an appetizer, salad, entrée or dessert and if not you might be better to go a la carte and pay as you go. If they will actually eat their fill I would buy the package. Your thinking on what is included is correct. I would absolutely pre-book...you don't pay anything to do so and you are guaranteed a spot. If you change your mind about going just cancel the reservation. Lora
  4. We love the larger boats since there are so many more options of things to do at night...on the smaller ships I feel like there is potentially one thing we would do at night but on the larger ships 2 or 3.
  5. I would call or maybe look at your eDocs. This spring we were on a ship that was docked overnight and people had plans to get off the ship at like 3-4AM to catch a flight and the ship actually was closed during a set number of hours that night for some calibration they had to do. You might get one answer of CC that might not apply.
  6. Cirque Dreams is totally kid appropriate and your kids will love it! It is circus type acts, knife throwing, unicycle, etc. I don’t pay till we get on board. Burn the floor is also great.
  7. we took our 8 year old to all the shows in the theater that were at the 7, 7:30 time frame. I think they have some later ones that they say are not appropriate but other than that all good.
  8. I would call. What you typically will get is on board credit although not always for the full price difference. Or, potentially an upgrade depending on the price difference. You still get the latitude points so that is incorrect. You might get nothing but it is worth a try. Make sure you do a mock booking first. My cruise is showing less per room than what I paid but when I do a mock booking it is slightly more.
  9. Hi! We've cruised in both. The only difference really is the bathroom...double sink and bigger shower. We have four in the family so the bigger bathroom is nice but I wouldn't actually pay for it...I'm also super cheap so I will leave it to you to decide if $80 is worth it for a bigger bathroom 🙂
  10. My mother in law has a heart condition and found this walk challenging this last spring. She was able to do it but we did take frequent stops and breaks.
  11. We used Saga tours on both stops and they were amazing! We did the Golden Circle in Reykjavik and I think the Lake Myvtan tour in Akureyri. We also did a whale watching tour when we were there which I would not recommend....very cold and limited whales. We only saw minky whales and dolphins.
  12. My kids are 11 & 9 and sailed on the Jewel in 2018 and like you we like the larger ships and have sailed on some that you mention. If we had to pick we would always pick the larger ships with way more to do (even for the adults) but our kids were not bored. The big difference I would say from Jewel to a larger ship is the multiple entertainment options and some sort of larger activity perk like roller skating, bumper cars, something like that. I find that while those larger activity perks are great, we only use them once or twice so not a deal breaker if they are not there. I do miss things like howl at the moon, extra shows, etc, but again not a deal breaker. Jewel still has the traditional amenities that JennyB mentions. Are there amenities that are not there that your kids would go crazy if they weren't available? I also find, especially with kids your age, that they probably meet a lot of kids on board and hang out with them. You'd still find that on the Jewel. And, Alaska is unbelievable...absolutely worth it.
  13. I use Hopper to track the flights but then book direct with the airline.
  14. I think this will work for you. When you give them key cards to "pay" at a restaurant, you really only need one of the cards. So, when my husband and I go, we just use one card, but they charge us for two Specialty Dining. At the end of my last cruise my daughter and I went to the restaurant and the server counted how many we had used and how many were left...they were not actually assigned to my card or my husbands.
  15. I've been collecting sand & soil from all the places we have visited since I was a kid...I have over 40 bottles (sand from the Colosseum in Italy, black sand beaches, etc). Like most people here I take baggies with me from home, I make sure I label them because even though you think you will remember once you get home it is hard. I have them in a golf ball display holder with tiny spice shakers. I label the front with the country and the bottom with the year. We did get it confiscated once coming through security on the boat. Now my husband puts the bag in his pocket as we go through and it obviously does not come up on the metal detector. It is a pretty small amount...I would say two tablespoons or so? I travel for work some times and even my clients know that if we are going somewhere I have never been they have to help find a place for me to collect!!
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