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  1. Following! We are doing this itinerary 5/9/2020 ... sooo far away.
  2. Thanks for the response, since it says they move your luggage for you to your new room on Carnival's website when do they actually do that? I'm just confused how we could be out of the first room in time and where they will be taking my luggage if the second room isn't ready yet. I guess the room being ready really isn't a big deal as long as they are handling my luggage and I'm not having to carry it around the ship.
  3. We are looking at possibly booking a back to back in may 2020. We are booking only one of the two cruises now but are hoping we will end up being able to book the other one. Since we're not booking them at the same time, I assume we will end up with different rooms. My question is, will our room on the second cruise be ready early? I've read that they move the luggage for you to your new room, but just curious how that works if rooms aren't typically ready until 1pm or so. Would there be any benefit in getting FTTF in that situation or will the room be ready early anyways since we're doing a B2B?
  4. Folllowing. I am on the Conquest on May 5th. I'm glad I found this thread because I also have FTTF and I picked a 4:00-4:30 boarding time but it would be amazing to be able to board earlier. I guess I will call too and see what they tell me for Conquest.
  5. Has anyone been on the Bob Marley Bus Adventure? I would love to hear anyone's opinions on the tour. My biggest question is how bad is the ride. I have read a few reviews that talk about how it made them have motion sickness and that's what I'm most concerned about. Thanks!
  6. I’m just going to have to risk it with the towels since I don’t have any good ones haha. My vacation the last four years has been Carnival cruises and they do provide towels to take off the ship so I don’t even really have my own anymore. Hoping we’ll be good since we’re most likely going to Grand Lucayan. Ended up packing my Bonine and Dramamine based on what you’ve said haha. I was about to not bring it since I’ve never had to use it before. We’ve experienced some rocking in the the past but not sure it has been as bad as your talking about. I can’t say I know much about the Gulf Stream or if we’ve passed through it before .. we typically cruise in May but have been to Nassau from Jacksonville once in November. Either way better safe than sorry! I thought I didn’t get seasick until our last cruise when one of our excursions was on a catamaran in some pretty rough water. I didn’t actually get sick but sure felt like it. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks for the info! Darn I can't believe the ship doesn't have towels to take off I thought all cruise lines did that but I'm glad I asked. We're thinking of going to the Grand Lucuyan and just doing it through the ship but haven't decided for sure. What beach is it that you've been to? Curious why you say you hope the seas won't be too rough - is there something going on that would make it more rough than normal haha?
  8. I'm cruising on Wednesday and as I pack realize I have a few questions: Are towels to take to the beach provided? Is there a hair dryer? How many outlets are there should I bring my extension cord? I may end up with more as I continue packing. Getting stressed trying to pack for two trips as I have to work out of town tomorrow night then come home Tuesday evening just to drive to where we're staying near the airport to head to Florida early Wednesday morning. I was supposed to have an extra day in between but then the cruise line changed the schedule haha.
  9. Has anyone done the Grand Lucayan excursion through the ship that can tell me a bit about it? I know it's not all inclusive and would have to pay for food and drinks but does it include use of the kayaks? How long are you at the resort? I'm trying to decide if it would be a better deal than paying for our own taxi and day pass to the resort, I'm thinking it would be but it's hard to tell when it doesn't even specify some basic info like how long the excursion is haha.
  10. Anyone have the reward take longer than a day to post after they paid? I made a payment on my upcoming cruise 3-4 days ago, immediately received the e-mail that I had used the AMEX offer, but still no credit. I'm getting worried now since others said it credited the next day.
  11. Just saw this on instagram, I was booked on one of the cancelled cruises on 11/15. I was super bummed at first thinking I wouldn't be able to go at as I'm flying down from NC for a wedding and this cruise just fit perfectly in my plans. But I managed to find a flight down that I can cover with points so I'm hoping to switch to 11/14 so I can still go! Now I just have to figure out how to keep my return flight with Delta without having to pay more for cancelling a portion of it. I'm hoping in addition to the $100 on board credit they are offering that they will give OBC for the difference in cruise fair (the one I'd switch to is $60 less than what I paid originally). Does anyone know how they will let you use OBC? Like can I use to to buy the concierge package or a the 10 drink tickets or would those now count towards it since you purchase them before you board?
  12. Question based on what you said here, so all of the people who buy the concierge package are in one area? What floor/area is that usually on? I am considering buying the concierge package but definitely wanted to call and see if I could get my room changed so just wondering if my room will change anyways when I get the package?
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