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  1. We were in 10327 which was next to that cabin ( across on the other side and one down) in Sept. ( so pre slides). We watched the shows and movies. Great view! I’m not sure how the slides will change the dynamics. We also had a great view of the ocean.
  2. Wow! Prime rib and lobster tails used to be on the mdr menu at least once. It seems that NCL has gone up on the price of the cruise but are having major cutbacks IMO.
  3. Will be going on the Breakaway February 29. Do you remember if they had the lobster tails?
  4. I am red and I booked a girl cruise under my number, I saw a price drop and called to adjust the price, the person I was talking to suggested checking My moms number for deals ( she’s gold). It gave us a bigger price drop. I don’t remember how much was the price drop vs her gold status deal but in all we received a price adjustment of $150. You do get a deal but I don’t think it is a huge amount, not enough to wait for. Besides if you book now couldn’t you call later to check for a price drop after you turn gold?
  5. Thank you for the quick response. We are leaving out of Port Canaveral but I imagine it’s the same.
  6. I’ve only Sailed once before on Norwegian Cruise line a while ago So I apologize in advance for this question. Do you have to print your E docs or can you show it on your phone at port?
  7. Does anyone know if they offer discounts once on board for the steakhouse?
  8. You are correct, I am not the arbiter of how people should deal with their emotions. I guess I was going by my experience as were you.
  9. I’m so sorry but I have to disagree with this. This has nothing to do with the OP’s question but it is not normal for a child to have a “tantrum” as you call it at that age. I have three sons 23, 21, and 13 and my boys have never thrown anything in anger. They know better. Maybe when they were one, but at 10 or 13, no ma’am. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but it’s not normal.
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