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  1. I may try that on our next cruise in September but you know what they say it’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks 🤣😊
  2. They may not be removing the tips. I use a cash account when I cruise. On the last Sea day I usually have to stand in line to Close my account and to pick up the balance that is left on the account. I never remove gratuities but you will see me in that line.
  3. If we drive to the cruise port we may decide to dress up but if we are flying more than likely we won’t. I would just wear a skirt and top and my husband khakis and a polo on formal night. Dress in the way that you will feel comfortable. This is your vacation.
  4. Can’t wait to read your experience on Allure. Will be on her in September.
  5. I am on the Allure for the Sept 29th cruise. I guess it won’t matter to me seeing as I am definitely not pinnacle nor am I in a suite (though I would love to be). Just glad to be on a cruise. But I am curious as to which cruise. Thank you Sue your review, it is very entertaining.
  6. Thank you for the clarification. I only wanted to try chops and 150 central (can’t remember the rest). I was thinking about the package because it was like buy two get one free. Maybe I will just look at buying the individual restaurants on board.
  7. This is a bit confusing since I got three totally different answers. I am not naturally a gambler but I think I may roll the dice and see what they’re offering on the ship. Thank you for all of your help. 😀
  8. Does anybody know if you can get a better price on the ship than the $99 for three?
  9. I bought this for a November 2020 cruise. We have never bought the deluxe beverage package because we don’t drink that much. Normally we may spend between $50-$80 on alcohol between my husband and myself But at this price I couldn’t pass it up especially considering everything that’s included like the Juice and bottled water
  10. I’m just curious. If something is offered and you purchase it then they come back and said no wait wait wait that’s the wrong price and want to take it back is that even legal? Especially after you’ve completed the transaction. I’m sure we have some lawyers here.
  11. Does anybody know how much the 10 drink card is? And do they sell them on the Allure?
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