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  1. We cruised aboard QotM during her maiden season and were very impressed, albeit it is a far more modern style than the classic vessels of the Delta Queen ilk. The public rooms are beautifully decorated and the staterooms are all extremely generous in size (quite a difference!), but there is none of the overt period style of the old timers. Food was very good and the modern kitchen probably has a lot to do with it. The paddle-wheel is largely for show but does add a nice period touch, as does the calliope, and the onboard entertainment continues in the same vein as the Delta Queen boats, although without the larger-scale saloon style. The Riverlorian tradition is maintained by ACL and they also had a few of the staff from the Delta Queen company.
  2. We haven't sailed that far with ACL but, from what we've seen, their onboard product is pretty consistent and they are pretty unique for what they do (hence the high price point). What reservations do you have, lawbob? Perhaps we should start our own American Cruise Lines thread here!
  3. We're just back from our second trip with American Cruise Lines, sailing their 'Deep South' itinerary from Jacksonville to Charleston (first was on the Mississippi), and I'm surprised not to see an ACL section among all the other cruise lines (I would have thought it warranted a section ahead of other niche lines like Bahamas Paradise and Imperial Majesty). Is there anyone else who's cruised with ACL, or might be interested in them? I've gone back through several pages (dating back to Nov 2013) and am not seeing any reference to them at all. Am I just looking in the wrong place or do people think ACL might be too 'old hat'?
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