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  1. We’ve decided to move our late Sept cruise to a different one in summer 2021. But we’ve a few weeks still to go to our balance due date - and gather that an announcement may be made this week about Aug onwards cruises. So we’re holding off transferring just for the mo in case we can get FCC.
  2. From the various threads, there seems to be a thought that the first allowed cruises would be balcony only cabins (imagine you’d get an automatic upgrade Son of Anarchy?) so access to fresh air - and possibly only alternative cabins used so you’re less likely to share air con bugs quite so much or be in such close proximity on balconies and corridors. Also that some cabins/areas will be kept as a medical wing in case of any Covid cases emerging on board. How true all that is remains to be seen...! I’ve no idea how cost effective that is for P&O but if they don’t reveal soon how it’s all going to work, offer some good incentives and say which will be the first likely cruises to run (even if they can’t be precise yet on the ports allowed), then they risk losing many more of the hanging-on-for-now bookings for Aug onwards. At the moment, by saying nothing, people aren’t prepared to take the risk and are still ‘jumping ship’.
  3. Our end of Sept cruise hasn’t been cancelled yet and I doubt we’ll continue with it due to lack of Covid insurance cover now. The balance is due in 3 weeks so hope we hear news before then so can go down the refund route. But I’ve a feeling P&O will be wanting autumn cruises to go ahead. Also has anyone heard mention of any likely price reduction as a sweetener to encourage any remaining passengers to keep their booking, considering the likely restrictions on board and perhaps itinerary limitations? We’re paying full whack currently for a deluxe balcony and it won’t be the holiday experience we’d originally booked, but may consider still going with a healthy token discount. Need a crystal ball to see what plans P&O are making for the new normal life on board (and new Covid victim care) so we can make an informed decision later this month. Anyone else in a similar situation with Sept/Oct cruises and the do we/don’t we feeling?
  4. We have a cruise booked for the end of this Sept and currently have no intention of now going - travel insurance we took out over a year ago no longer covers for Covid and unless P&O add clause cover for this, it’s a no-no for us to take the risk. We’ve also got a deluxe cabin booked so without a hefty discount on the £4K+, we have no wish to inevitably be restricted about where to go, what to do, mask wearing, reduced ports etc - as not the relaxing cruise experience we booked. Not interested in just a generous extra OBC either as we’ve already got a good OBC deal. Not a word from P&O yet about further cancellations in 2020 (or a policy on price reduction on any remaining bookings) so we’re having to bide our time until mid June balance due. We don’t want to take FCC as we’ve no intention of cruising again for a couple of years, if at all - but if we can’t get a refund, then we’re over a barrel. All uncharted waters for cruising of course....
  5. For us, it’s insurance. Perhaps as months go by, the knee jerk reaction of insurers will settle down and pandemic cover will be considered. We’d booked for Sept for the Med this year and have had Covid cover taken off our insurance, like for many, and so will cancel because of that as we’re not prepared to take the risk. So P&O full insurance cover would make us change our mind - and I’m sure it’s the same for many others who are looking at booking or rebooking for the next 2 years. No pandemic cover, no cruise...
  6. Out of interest, do those of you who use a laptop to access your personaliser have more luck than those of us using a tablet or mobile? Just wondering if the CP works better on a PC and isn’t properly set up for other media yet. Crazy in this world of technology...
  7. So totally fed up with the new system. Luckily we don’t sail until Sept so am hoping it’ll be fixed well before then so can book excursions etc. At the moment it won’t even accept our login details - yet have managed to get on it before a couple of times to fill in the basics. I despair...!
  8. Hi folks. We’re booked on Britannia for 26 Sept 2020 from Southampton and now realise Iona is departing on the same day for her 14 day Canaries trip. So slight concerns over how the port will handle all those thousands of passengers simultaneously! Would they use both Ocean and Mayflower or stagger arrivals for both ships somehow? We use a hotel cruise package so don’t need to worry about port parking but I imagine it’ll be rather busy for those parking at the port. Any thoughts please as we might consider changing cruises if it’s going to be a bit of a nightmare embarking. I’m hoping P&O have a plan...
  9. We usually do a cruise hotel parking package with taxi to the port, but next year want to try cruise port parking. Just wondering which of the advertised companies for Southampton you find the most reliable - and flexible on disembark times and if a change of terminal please? How far is it on foot from the drop off car park into the terminal? And last question (honest!), is there a decent company that simply takes your car from you at the port and has it there waiting for you outside on return? Thanks very much for sharing your experiences - good and bad welcome....😊
  10. I despair of their website nowadays and used TA in end as just couldn’t move round the site easily to find out all the specific details we wanted - knew the cruise and ship but such a clunky site now. One minute you’re scrolling down, then you’ve got to scroll across for something. Descriptions and images of cabin types unhelpful when looking at the comparisons. As for CP, hit and miss if you can get in...
  11. I have the same problem cruising and put it down to the change in lifestyle too, spending more time with feet down - sitting at mealtimes, lounge, bar, theatre, coach trips, waiting times, standing queuing and so on. Much more stationery feet-down time than I’d normally do at work and home. So I just try and walk a lot, get my feet up as much as possible during the day, raised end of bed at night and hide my puffy ankles under trousers. Once home, feet are back to normal in a few days. Hubby totally unaffected by the problem, so it’d be interesting to know if more women are affected than men - whether it’s a physiological thing?
  12. Thank you for all the advice and explanations. I hope this is read then by the many people who, in innocence, book a balcony cabin to get some fresh air day and night. We’re not all seasoned cruisers like most of the respondents are judging by your tone, so the comments are useful and the warnings make sense. Thank you for that. The reason I’d asked for some clarification is that I don’t sleep well, whereas hubby does so to be able to sit outside for a few hours would be lovely - not wanting to wake hubby or neighbours by opening and sliding the door. Having it ajar would help but evidently that’s a no-no now. I’m assuming during the day you can have the door open as much as you like, even on sea days?
  13. Hello all. Do you know if it is actually ok to have your balcony door ajar or open at night? It’s obviously something that’s done by others too, from other threads, and a reason for booking a balcony. But I’ve heard mixed views after asking our steward before - and was told balcony doors shouldn’t be left open at night as it creates a whistling noise in the corridor and with your adjoining cabins. I must admit, I have heard a noise when passing one or two cabins late evening - does it maybe happen if your aircon is still on fairly high. Not sure... So just wondering if there’s a ship rule about being kept closed at night? Any experiences you can share would be welcome - I’d love to have ours partly open in Sept at night for some fresh air.
  14. Many thanks for all your suggestions and comments. We’ve booked the Ageas Hilton after lots of googling - never realised there’s so much choice for out-of-Southampton hotels doing cruise packages. Terrific forum - thanks everyone.
  15. We did a Strictly cruise a few years ago, just because it was the destinations we wanted. I love Strictly, hubby couldn’t give a monkeys and wasn’t in the least interested. But he really enjoyed the dancers’ interviews which were hilarious and the actual dance shows. Funny world, eh? The majority of the cruise entertainment is as normal, so Strictly isn’t pushed down your throat at all - plenty of other entertainment happens.
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