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  1. Yes, we were hoping to lift and shift our April 2021 B2B Great Barrier Reef and Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Hawaii cruises to 2022 but couldn’ because of this schedule. We canceled and are crossing our fingers for 2023.
  2. I enjoyed reading about the new ports! I give this Power Up two thumbs up. 👍👍
  3. We are in a domino situation but it is a bit different. We had a Boston/Canada cruise scheduled for October 2020. We lifted and shifted it to 2021 before it was canceled. However, we have a 30th Anniversary Greek islands cruise booked on the Apex for October 2021. We’d love to lift and shift that one to 2022 before September 30th but that schedule isn’t out yet. I hope you are able to get something worked out.
  4. Yes! Give your TA or Celebrity (if you booked directly) a call. Last week we went from two to three perks at the same price.
  5. Thank you! I appreciate your input @uktog, @Host Jazzbeau, @ellbon. It may just be a pipe dream that we’ll actually get to go in 2021, but even if we have to wait until 22 or 23, information is helpful. I’m going to continue to gather information.
  6. We are booked on the Azamara Journey for the Grand Prix Weekend Voyage in May 2021. It's a short cruise, so we are looking at adding on some time in Spain before the cruise. We did spend some time in Barcelona prior to a Celebrity cruise in 2018 and planned our own tours with others on our Roll Call. It looks like the Azamara Land Program is fairly new. I'm hoping that someone has experienced it and can give some input (types of hotels, pace and size of tour group, knowledge of tour leaders). We're looking at the Andalucia: Seville, Cordoba, & Granada Land Program. Thanks for your help.
  7. We were on the Reflection in February and drove down to Key West after our cruise to extend our vacation for a few days. I would highly recommend the drive to Key West, with a few fun stops along the way. Several ships had port days while we were there. The Carnival ship left later than the others.
  8. Congratulations! Are you going for the Caribbean or Bahamas 7 day complimentary cruise as a Zenith? I have 5 new points, too. Hoping to make Elite at some point.
  9. You, too, can receive these emails: https://pages.email.celebritycruises.com/optin/reg?allowMobile=y&ecid=em_23033303&rid=358561638&mes=Celebrity LOY Power Up Point 17 Jun 2020 EM&emsc=CCC_SEL_LUX_PAN_M_USA_CA_5_TA&empf=Y&emct=S&lnkid=SIGNUP We had hoped to be Elite by 2021 but as grandma used to tell us: ”Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” Tell them to subscribe to our emails here to be included. to be included
  10. This past June, everyone was invited to the helipad. We got there early and it was very crowded. It had rained most of the week but Hubbard Glacier day was beautiful! If you get a chance, check out the view from the helipad.
  11. Yes, waterproof not water-resistant! We have lightweight shell-type jackets (Columbia) that take up almost no room in a day pack. We wore them in every Alaska port last summer (June on the Millennium ) because it rained every day except for a glorious sunny Hubbard Glacier day. As others have shared, the under bed storage is great for suitcases. Enjoy! Our first Celebrity cruise was an Alaska cruise on the Solstice.
  12. This is a fabulous thread! Thank you all for the information. We have booked our first Azamara cruise. It is a six-night Monaco Grand Prix cruise on the Journey next May. Since it is a shorter cruise, it looks like there might not be the same activities on board. Can anyone confirm there will be no Meet and Mingle nor an Azamazing Evening? What about a White Night? Any additional information about shorter cruises? Thanks for your help, Jeanne
  13. It is now on the Celebrity site. We lifted and shifted our Boston and Canada cruise on Sunday. Here is to 2021!
  14. Thank you. An informative, science, and fact-based article with plenty of implications for cruisers. While I was reading the part about the restaurant, I couldn’t help but think about the MDR with lengthy dinners in very close quarters.
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