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  1. Yes! Capri and Sorrento are absolutely stunning and not to be missed!
  2. Try the "alien brain hemorrhage", a funky looking shot that has --IIRC-- Baileys, peach schnapps, and Blue curucau in it, amongst other things... It looks awesome, but the flavors together? Not really sure how that would work, but would love an opinion! Here's a link to prove I'm not making this up! https://opendrinks.io/recipe/alien-brain-hemorrhage Also, a spicy mojito or margarita on the rocks!
  3. Bummer, but not the end of the world. That said, I do wonder how long that will last...
  4. Hi all! Just wondering about your thoughts on this: I am booked on a Western Med cruise in May on Allure, but I am second-guessing. Is this ship too big to reasonably enjoy on a Western Med cruise? And by that I mean, is it so big that getting from point a to point b is a huge slog? And will there be enough time to enjoy the ship with only 1 sea day? I guess I'm asking....if you've done a Mediterranean cruise on an Oasis class ship, how was it? Would you recommend it or should I look at a smaller ship? Thanks!
  5. Yep. I was going to do a land-based Italy trip for my grandmother's 80th Birthday -- she's obsessed with Italy -- but that was in March 2020. Clearly, that didn't happen, and it couldn't happen this year either, but fingers-crossed that we can go for her 82nd Birthday!
  6. Is the rule about using a ship excursion for vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers? Or just for the unvaccinated? This is alarming as I'll be going in May 2022. Hopefully things will be settled by then. But it's clearly important to budget for Plan B, vaccinated or not...
  7. Question: why does Greece have the authority to mandate masks onboard the ship while she's sailing? Not trying to be a troll here. Just wondering how that works. Are the mediterranean waters she's sailing owned by Greece? Is the ship considered part of the place she's docked or is it technically a different territory? Thanks!
  8. Hi all. I will be in Barcelona on a Sunday from 5am - 6pm. Where would be the best place to attend mass? Is it a feasible thing to try for? Thanks!
  9. I've never tried, but I plan to when I go in May...but my understanding is that it's hit or miss as to whether or not RCCI actually enforces the corkage fee. Technically, yes. But you may get a waiter who either can't be arsed to put in the fee or waives it for you for other reasons. Or you may incur the charge. Either way, it's cheaper than buying their bottles of wine or getting your wine by the glass, so I figure it's a no-lose situation, but of course, having no fee is a bigger win. 🙂
  10. Oh no! The Local doesn't have Thai Chili wings!! Those were my favs from OSheehan's on the Escape! How does the Korean BBQ ones compare?
  11. I cruised on the Halloween cruise on the Divina in 2018. It was someone on MY trip in MY party who got poisoned. My question is if there are any rumors, hints, indications that they might just upgrade their food to make the cruise actually palatable... As for who else, ever hear of the cruisers Ben and David on YouTube? They recently did a review of the food as of 2021 in which they agreed that the food is not great in the MDRs and buffets. I've linked it below. And yes, we complained. The staff shrugged us off. No it was not in writing. As to who else? My cousin went with her husband's family reunion in 2019 where they concurred about the food. Look it up on YouTube and elsewhere. Grudge porn indeed. Whatever.
  12. That makes sense. I wonder if these rules will help NCL's case against Florida then. They can point to these new rules from US territories and say "Look...we cannot cruise here without being able to ask for vaccine status ahead of time.and it's impacting business "
  13. Bummer. Do you think the masking requirement will be lifted next year (after Dec 31)?
  14. That makes sense. They need to at least give the unvaxxed a sporting chance of getting the jab in time. Still really surprised that they didn't just permanently change the itinerary. RCCI seemed like they were one of the lines dedicated to a mixed-immunity cruise experience.
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