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  1. "You never know...they could have 10 parties reserved in 15 or 30 minutes from when you arrive. We have found that most people like to eat early, and we have no problem being seated/reserving for 8:00 or later. "
  2. I don't know about the rest of the ship but in the Yacht Club, there was a Santa that gave out toys (Lego Sets, dolls, etc.) to kids 12 and under. I suspect that a few of the families that were there that night were related to Yacht Club guests but weren't actually Yacht Club guests. None of the actual Yacht Club kids missed out because of the interlopers, though.
  3. The photo/rendering on the MSC site when booking is a wheelchair accessible interior. I've noticed that and pointed out that MSC is deceiving people by leading them to believe that all Yacht Club interiors are that size.
  4. They should be done before World America gets there....maybe. 😧
  5. For clarification, if it is (for example) past final payment date, I have no problem with anyone booking a wheelchair accessible stateroom. My objections are when people who do not need one book one months or even years in advance. The person who needs one would see that all available staterooms for them are booked and they would have no way of knowing if someone could be bumped out of one.
  6. Do you park in empty/available handicapped spaces or do you leave them for the people who actually need them? If you take 19038 and you don't need a wheelchair accessible stateroom, the person who needs one won't be able to cruise if the only options are the other 3 choices.
  7. 19038 is wheelchair accessible and should go to someone who needs it, not to someone who just wants more space.
  8. Adding to the confusion is that the taxes and port fees do not get the discount. Many people on the forum have questioned the discount because they expected the total to be reduced by "10%" when it ends up to be a different amount.
  9. Mathematically, 10% off is not the same as 5% off + 5% off.
  10. On Breakaway, if you book a balcony or Club Balcony Suite with 4 people, the bed will be near the balcony. If you book with 3, 2, or 1, the bed can be either near the balcony or near the closet. The majority of the "sleeps 3" in those categories has the bed near the closet. By default, if booking with less than 4, the system will not show the "sleeps 4" staterooms which always have the bed near the balcony. What you can do is make a mock booking with 4 people and take note of the available staterooms on your chosen deck/location. Once you've selected a good "bed near balcony", call NCL or your travel agent directly and tell them that you want that particular stateroom. You will get a bed near balcony without having to risk getting the other configuration. If your plan was to book 4 people in the stateroom to begin with, just select whatever is on the website and there is no need to call.
  11. If that is true (it isn't) where is the sofa bed? 🤔 When the deck plan for Breakaway is correct, the bed is at the wider part of the stateroom for the balcony and Club Balcony Suites. There are some errors where the indent is in the wrong place.... ...but you can see the 2 configurations in the videos above. What staterooms are you interested in and which bed placement do you prefer? It is either "bed near balcony" or "bed near closet" for that stateroom type.
  12. No, not your name. I wouldn't want that, either. Just YACHT CLUB, the date of the cruise, the ship, a photo, and YACHT CLUB. Did I mention Yacht Club? 😁
  13. Seashore is an EVOlved version of the Seaside Class. The Yacht Club area is larger on Seashore but there are also more Yacht Club guests on Seashore. The Yacht Club pool on Seaside is over 6ft deep everywhere but the Seashore Yacht Club pool has both a deep end as well as a shallower end. Seashore has 2 large hot tubs (1 in front, 1 on the side) on the Yacht Club sundeck while Seaside has 2 in the front. Seaside has cabanas which block the sun better than the Seashore pergolas. Seashore has more pergolas than Seaside has cabanas so getting one is easier on Seashore. Seashore has more Yacht Club stateroom choices than Seaside but much of the stateroom info is similar. There are differences if you delve deeply into the specifics. Outside of the Yacht Club, there are differences with locations of things, pools, etc. but being very similar makes navigation very much the same. Seashore does have some improvements in passenger flow for certain things. I've sailed Seaside out of Miami and Seashore out of Miami and Port Canaveral and enjoyed both ships very much. It's pretty much a coin toss but I tend to lean more towards newer ships so Seashore gets my vote. Since you'll be flying in, MCO is about 30-35 minutes from Port Canaveral.
  14. With the Haven on NCL, that's exactly what happens. The person taps their card to enter the enclave and the person's name and picture shows up on the concierge's computer at the desk. That way, the concierge can greet the Haven guest by name as the guest walks by the concierge.
  15. Since they already take a photo of guests, why not print photo badges for Yacht Club guests to wear? Include the ship and date with the photo. Use different color text to prevent forgery. If anyone doesn't present or isn't wearing the correct badge,.....GTFO. I'd wear one.... proudly, anywhere on the ship.
  16. It is possible especially since the increased number of actual Yacht Club guests makes it harder for the staff to remember names/faces. Maybe additional screenings will be needed towards the restaurant, lounge, and sundeck. 😉
  17. It's basically the same across the fleet... ...and is no charge in the specialty restaurants.
  18. 13706 on Breakaway has a partially enclosed (PrivaSea) balcony.... ....and some people like it, some people hate it, and some people don't care one way or the other. The discrepancy in sizes could be due to the one wheelchair accessible stateroom (13106) in the category which is configured differently. That one has one large room and one large bathroom (no separate living room). The issue with lower decks is that the lower the deck, the longer the walk to the forward elevator that takes you to the Haven. Also, the lower the deck, the more of the forward view from the bedroom is taken up by the bow of the ship. Going higher gives better views forward. I suggest deck 12.
  19. If you liked Escape, take a look at Bliss.
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