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  1. I was on this same cruise ion a Central Park Balcony. Sooo peaceful and quiet. I book these for this reason and not Boardwalk for that reason. Hopefully this was a lesson learned! Certainly isn't something I would take the time to complain about on here....
  2. RUN AWAY!! These things are a MAJOR pain in buttocks! You have to purchase BEFORE you book. They cannot be used as obc. They change your booking to a group booking named "Reward Redemption" which basically means no other discounts, obc offers, etc are not eligible. You can"t use a TA at first, but once you book and pay ANY it again changes it the "Reward Redemption" and drastically reduce your TA's commission so that makes you not eligible for their perks. Not worth 10% I wouldn't do it again under any circumstance. Carnival's are AWESOME.
  3. 5 days to go and still NO word from Royal about this. Several others on FB haven't either. They are setting up the guest relations to have a REAL bad time when potentially thousands find out once on-board.
  4. I wish! Loved em on the Anthem last year. I think the biggest expense would be replacing every single door lock on the cabins.
  5. It's been in mine the whole time. $249 for all prints or all digital. $329 for both. It's under my "internet & more tab" all the way at the bottom.
  6. Does the Park Cafe have a salad bar or are they pre-made?
  7. We sail on May 12th and have even yet to receive the email. Luckily I found out here. BUT, who else does not know and maybe won't know until they board the ship? That's BS. At least we were able to cancel our plans in advance. But with large families and such that may have big plans not knowing about it until it's too late? They have really dropped the ball on this issue. My in-laws are going as well and have not been notified, I told them. There is a large group of us on FB and some found out there and haven't been notified. UNBELIEVABLE!!
  8. All I know for sure is this will be our last on Royal for a long time. We've recently done Carnival and Norwegian and must say we LOVE those cruise-lines. With their newer ships getting larger (which we love), there's no reason to do Royal again. We enjoyed one of two sailings on the Oasis and was hoping this would be a great cruise as well. However, I booked this for St Thomas alone and am not nearly as excited about leaving next week now it's cancelled. We've been to San Juan many times and with a 7-2 port time, doesn't leave a lot of time for people like me who don't want to get up at 6 am to enjoy a port. We'll just hang out on the ship. Royal's loyalty benefits suck so that's certainly no reason to continue as we're building up our loyalty benefits on the others as well. Royal has basically said "screw you" to us and others who have called and complained. They've compensated others for missing a port due to weather, so why not throw us a little bone just to say "sorry." It's the thought that counts more than the gift... THEY JUST DON"T CARE!!!
  9. Is there a way to use the chat feature on the new app on the Allure to chat with people NOT in my group? We want to meet up with some people on the first night but not sure how to chat or communicate with them to figure when/where. Is it done using their cabin number or personal phone number or what?
  10. Carnival did in New Orleans a couple years ago and it was an absolute NIGHTMARE. Elderly people and children forced to wait outside in the blistering heat. They have since stopped this, as my brother just went out of there last week. My assigned time next week is 12:30, but I'm getting there by 11:00 and hope to claim my table in the Windjammer that we can all sit at until our cabins are open!
  11. That's a good read and a great lesson for everyone who cruises. I remember when you wrote it and I've talked about ever since!
  12. One thing I always do is jump on an elevator going in the opposite direction of the crowd then ride it back going the intended direction. I love the looks on peoples face when the doors open and I've got my spot! 😂 I'm amazed at how many have not figured this out thank goodness.
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