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  1. Thank you so much! Exactly the info for which I have been hounded!
  2. I think that’s what we will do if the other package doesn’t have those Apps. I hope it does, because it would be cheaper to buy the social media package than the general one.
  3. Does anyone know which social media sites are permitted in the social media package? It’s for my son who assures me that “no one uses Facebook anymore” (I do). He uses mostly Snapchat and Instagram. Can anyone tell me if this is allowed. He currently has his first girlfriend and they are contemplating how to stay in touch for the week.
  4. Does anyone know which specific social media sites are included in the social media package? I ask because I’m thinking of gifting one for my 16 year old son. He doesn’t use Facebook (according to him ‘no one’ uses Facebook anymore). He does use Instagram and SnapChat. It would also be a way for him to keep in touch with his girlfriend back home.
  5. I now have a “travel purse”. It has a number of features that I love. Every single zipper has a caribiner type opening where they “lock” closed and can’t be opened without “unlocking” the caribiner zip toggle. It has an RFID pocket. The only feature I am unsure about is that the strap has internal wires so that it can’t be cut. I would hate to be dragged along a motorcycle because someone grabbed the bag. My colleague got her mother one before a Mediterranean cruise. Then the mother lost the purse because she hung it over the back of her chair while she was dining. It just goes to show, you can’t make anything completely theft proof as long as a human being is using it.
  6. On my very first cruise, aboard Holland America’s Statendam, I received news of a family emergency at home. I was traveling with my elderly mother and my husband and son were back home. The Statendam guest services staff could not have been kinder or more helpful in making arrangements for me to fly home, and to get me to the airport with their port agent. I found out later that they paid special attention to my mother who had stayed on board.
  7. We are sailing on a casino discount on our up coming cruise and I could pick our cabin. I believe it is linked to my Mariner number.
  8. Yes, it does work on the iPhone. I just prefer the larger screen on my iPad
  9. I faxed in ours on Sunday afternoon, and the credit was there on Tuesday. I love the “TinyFax” App on my iPad. I can screen shot the relevant page on my investment account, mark it up by blurring out our account number, highlight our name and the CCL stock and voila! On my cover page, via the TinyFax App I write the reservation number, ship and sail date, and our cabin number. It takes less than five minutes to do that!
  10. I lived in Manhattan for 48 years, and now The Bronx for four more. My home port is one of my two favorites world wide (the other is Venice). Last summer we were flying home from Dublin and our plane gave us excellent views of two cruise ships in the bay, it was lovely.
  11. This is puzzling to me because we keep getting upsells for the Pinnacle Suite for our November 17, Oosterdam sailing. We will consider it if the offer comes down enough. However, if you look on the consumer site, it doesn’t come up as available. One would think HAL would make it easy to purchase.
  12. That’s a nice tip about the Residence Inn, I frequently book this Marriott family property when we travel for the spacious rooms/suites. However, please do NOT buy your own toilet paper. The paper provided by the cruise ships is especially designed to break apart and get through the vacuum tube plumbing (or whatever it’s technical name). Even though the home brands are designed to break down in waters it’s NOT the same. The land use brands can clog your toilet, and several of your neighbors’ toilets as well, as they are on the same “line” as yours.
  13. Luckily we are in a Neptune Suite this sailing. However, I wasn’t even talking about fresh squeezed juice (I had forgotten this was even an option). Some cruise lines have more of a Tang drink than real juice. I was just glad to have real orange juice.
  14. Well that’s good news! It did surprise me that a line that has actual maple syrup and orange juice would also have processed turkey.
  15. Thanks everyone for their replies! I especially appreciated the suggestion about family style service. I am disappointed that it is processed turkey!
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