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  1. We saw this on Mariner last week. 3 couples do some physical games. Pretty fun to watch. More like battle of the sexes than love and marriage.
  2. 15 days until we set sail on Mariner OTS 👍 Nancy and my son just got back from a 4 day on Majesty 😁
  3. I can't remember the last time we purchased those sudsy wire scrubbing pads......You can buy them at Amazon.
  4. OMG math checkers too 😁 I didn't actually look up the numbers, just guesstimated. Majesty just feels a heck of a lot smaller than Mariner. So, Majesty's maximum capacity is about 3/4 that of Mariner's maximum. Are you going to correct me and say it's 71% ± 😜 ?
  5. Bonine & Non-Drowsy Dramamine are Meclizine Hydorchloride which are less likely to cause sleepiness. I found this out several years ago when a pharmacist recommended Bonine as an alternative over the counter product for my occasional Vertigo (which was prescribed Meclizine). Dramamine original formula is Dimenhydrinate which causes drowsiness in many cases. I know it does for me 🛏️
  6. Should be wonderful. Majesty has about half as many passengers as Mariner and now there's no tendering to deal with. Off the ship onto the pier and off to the beach, pool, or water park.
  7. Got one of the cruise critic signs at the link below (both maybe it's been awhile) https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/34071-meet-amp-mingle-door-signs/ I edit one of the CC signs with Bluebeam software. I edit the text and paste over the ship images using the snipping tool in Windows. I purchased magnetic photo sleeves for the pics and the CC signs at Amazon. Takes a bit of work to get the paper CC into the sleeve.
  8. We have been decorating our door for the past couple of years. It's fun, and we have even had people comment about the decorations on board. How many doors done up depends on the cruise. The Symphony TA had quite a few doors done up and quite a few people decorated for Halloween. We have seen quite a few birthday and anniversary celebrations on the doors.
  9. We were there first time they had 2 ships at Coco Cay (Mariner & Navigator) and it was fine. It was much better than a few years back when we were on Majesty and Navigator was also there. We actually got off Majesty early and could not find a place on the beach (Navigator had arrived first).
  10. How much water or canned soda will they allow each cabin to take with them on board at Port Everglades? I have some family members cruising Royal Caribbean this weekend out of FLL. The last time we cruised out of PE they confiscated our bottle water.
  11. Good to know. We will be on Mariner again in 4 weeks 👍
  12. Never had issues with the WoW bands on 4 cruises. We have had issues with the set sail passes a couple of times.
  13. We have been on Mariner 4 times in the past year and have gone in for a Cappuccino on embarkation day. So far we have not seen any light fare on those days.
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