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  1. Same here! Never had a problem with a cabin steward when you make their hand green at the first meeting. Also this works well at automobile dealer service. Learned that from my father Howard
  2. Yes Just got off the Royal after 49 days and the Medallion net worked mostly well. My mistake was not accepting a second device for only $20 more Howard
  3. You no longer need a password Only your cabin number and date of birth are required to log in
  4. Yes there is. Just got off the Royal Howard
  5. It is called Ocean Ready and I have it with my Princess Profile on it Howard
  6. Been on the Royal for five weeks and have had breakfast almost every morning in the MDR Takes about a half hour if we sit at a table for two or perhaps longer if we chat at a table for six. Been very happy thus far Howard
  7. We just left the dining room and the second Chefs Table was being seated
  8. Yes they have more than one but I am on the Royal now and I was told last night that all the chef's tables are fully booked, there will be three, and I can only attend one of them. 😞 Sign up immediately upon boarding or you will not make it.
  9. I just accessed my personalizer and had no problem and I'm connected on Medallion net while on board the Royal Howard
  10. I am on the Royal now and purchased the unlimited Medallion net package for $99.00 for the entire 49 days prior to boarding. We used facetime for more than a half hour with our three grandkids yesterday and it worked great. My advice is to purchase the unlimited package a week or so prior or whatever deal you can get. DO NOT wait until you are on board as it will be more expensive. BTW I can watch my local channel 7 ABC NY news with my slingbox while I am on board this ship using Medallion net With the unlimited package you no longer have to worry about using up your minutes if you fail to logoff. Howard
  11. I'm on the Royal now and prior to the sail date I took the $99.00 Medallion package for unlimitied internet even though as Platnium we each had 500 minutes. The internet speed speed is fantastic and I don't have to logoff and worry about using up minutes. A visit to speedtest.net resulted in 102mb upload and 41mb download. My advice is if you are offered a pre cruise unlimited internet package regardless of your Princess Level, TAKE IT! Howard
  12. For those complaining about a missing chair, why not get 250 lb magnets for the metal walls and bring a hammock with you and hang it over the twin beds? Howard
  13. We are on the 49 day Royal now and we took the offer. We each got a refundable $1500.00 each plus two specialty restaurant dinners for moving from Cribe deck to the obstructed balcony Emerald deck. We can see over the top of the lifeboat so it was a great deal for us. Very happy with our cabin. Howard
  14. We were on this ship with free minutes in November 2017 and also previously on the Regal with free minutes There is no comparison with the speed of the new unlimited Medallion internet service You can still use your free 500 minutes but you have to make sure you remember to log off. With the new unlimited Medallion package you can remain connected just as if you were home 🏡 The increased speed is amazing i guess it is a little like the airlines giving you a seat 💺 with little legroom. If you don’t like the legroom they will sell you another seat with more legroom at a price One always gets what you pay for Howard
  15. FWIW. I'm on the Royal now and we each had 500 minutes for 49 days as we are Platinum I purchased the $99.00 unlimited prior to boarding and could have added a second device for an additional $20 I'm sorry that I didn't. I have a laptop, I Phone, IPad, and the DW has an I Pad so it would have been advantageous for us to be able to connect more than one device at a time. The Medallion.net is outstanding compared to our last time sailing with Princess I did a speedtest dot net this morning and got 102mb upload and 41mb download while sitting at the International Cafe reading my New York Times articles on last night's State of the Union transscript. On my Radio dot com app I can listen to New York WCBS 880 news radio and got the traffic and weather while we were in St. Thomas yesterday.Pretty amazing! My advice for those joining this ship in Buenos Aires sign up for the Medallion net package prior to boarding and don't worry about your existing 500 minutes. You will no longer have to remember to logout with the package Howard
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