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  1. Same with me. Always in my checked luggage along with my screwdriver set, scissors, and nail clippers. One never knows when you need pliers, a file, a saw, etc. A leatherman is a very handy tool to have Howard
  2. Bring a power strip. Also a 220v plug as many devices are for both 220v and 110v 220v to 110v plug adapter Many devices charging Howard
  3. Bring a power strip. Also a 220v plug as many devices are for both 220v and 110v Howard
  4. Thanks for posting. I just downloaded Nightclock on my phone and can now leave my digital clock at home. It always runs a couple of minutes slow anyway due to the difference in the ship's electricity. Howard
  5. Worth every penny in my opinion
  6. You can request from the head waiter in the dining room for a freshly baked Challah instead of the not so great rolls on the dinner table. Also bread sticks if they are missing. In addition when we traveled with our three grandchildren not only did they place the freshly baked Challah bread each evening but also placed a platter of lox, cream cheese, sliced tomato and onions along with the dozen shrimp cocktail for the eight of us. The spaghetti and meatballs on the children's menu makes a nice appetizer which is very good, and the volcano also on the children's menu makes a nice desert You just have to ask nicely Howard
  7. It is working fine for me. Try clearing your cookies. Run malware bytes, defragment your hard drive Howard
  8. I have two of these both purchased on Amazon. In addition to my laptop, cell phone charger, IPad charger, camera charger, a plug for my lighted digital alarm clock, the DW's cell phone and IPad, one nightlight in the cabin and another nightlight plugged into the bathroom there are not a sufficient number of electrical outlets in the cabins. I also use the 220v one for one of my camera's chargers. Howard
  9. FWIW on a recent 49 day cruise on the Royal I purchased the $99.00 unlimited one device package. I was happy with it as I could remain logged in all night without having to worry about using up all my minutes. I was able to do face time with the grandkids and watch some short early morning TV from my slingbox. Howard
  10. My DD214 was recorded by the county clerk in the county of my home address when I was discharged. Perhaps dads DD214 was also on record there?
  11. Same here! Never had a problem with a cabin steward when you make their hand green at the first meeting. Also this works well at automobile dealer service. Learned that from my father Howard
  12. Yes Just got off the Royal after 49 days and the Medallion net worked mostly well. My mistake was not accepting a second device for only $20 more Howard
  13. You no longer need a password Only your cabin number and date of birth are required to log in
  14. Yes there is. Just got off the Royal Howard
  15. It is called Ocean Ready and I have it with my Princess Profile on it Howard
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