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  1. Agreed He was on our 7 week 49 day cruise around South America earlier this year and we loved him Howard
  2. There were outlets in our mini suite on the Regal. I'm sure there is at least one in an interior cabin Howard
  3. The best thing that you can do for the kids is to sign them up for swim school to teach them how to swim Swim schools do not use swim vests They can be enrolled as soon as they are potty trained
  4. Ours was a gift but we felt it was well worth the money This dinner as well as the Chef's Table was outstanding. Howard
  5. Seven weeks on the Royal earlier this year. No complaints about the food Howard
  6. We spent 7 weeks on the Royal earlier this year and walked sometimes two miles on deck 18. Seven times around equals one mile The outer lane is for runners and the inner lane is for walkers. Loved the ship and will return again Howard
  7. Yes! You remain in airplane mode. The only time I used my phone to connect to a local cell tower was in Buenos Aires to meet friends for dinner Once back on board ship it was back to airplane mode
  8. On the Royal for 7 weeks the laundry room never closed. Place load of laundry in machine at 4:30 AM Join group at International Cafe Return to Laundry Room 35 min later Place clothes in dryer Return to group at International Cafe Return to Laundry Room 35 min later Remove clothes from dryer Return clothes to cabin Return to group at International Cafe Group moves to Horizon Court at 6AM Meet DW for breakfast in dining room at 7:30AM Walk two miles on deck 18 after breakfast Gained only one pound after seven weeks Life was good Never had a laundry problem Howard
  9. Thank you for the info. We don't have any high wattage devices. In fact most of my hair is gone 😞
  10. Take the cruise! Years ago when our daughter broke her ankle playing soccer she refused to leave for the ER until the game ended. A broken bone in a cast is no big deal Enjoy the cruise Howard
  11. I have two of those. Very handy.Also have a 220v adapter plug for IPhone and IPad charger. The power strip takes care of a night light, alarm clock, camera charger, and tooth brush charger. 220v adapter plug Bathroom night light with nail clipper Howard
  12. Try calling Allianz 800-284-8300 They are cheaper and more comprehensive than Princess insurance Howard
  13. Each 10.000 points gets you a $100.00 credit off your credit card bill. If one charged a long cruise of say $20.000 and placed the charge on the Princess Visa Card they would get 40.000 points and a $400.00 credit off the credit card statement. And yes it is a better deal than OBC Howard
  14. For those that do not own CCL yet and fail to obtain the OBC for each cruise this might be a good time to watch it closely and place a limit order just in case in falls further. https://www.barrons.com/articles/carnival-stock-falls-weaker-outlook-51561049140 Buy low and this one is a keeper as long as one is a cruiser Howard
  15. Same with me. Always in my checked luggage along with my screwdriver set, scissors, and nail clippers. One never knows when you need pliers, a file, a saw, etc. A leatherman is a very handy tool to have Howard
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