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  1. I've always opted for set dining. I've felt that, being on my own, it would be a bit daunting to have different table companions every evening. Also on recent cruises, P&O have always allocated me to a table of all solo travellers, which has been nice. It means you don't get left out of the conversation, as can happen when all the others on the table are couples.
  2. Assuming you booked direct with P&O, then they should do. I paid my deposit on my cancelled cruise using my debit card and the balance via my credit card, and the deposit was refunded to my bank account and the balance refunded to my credit card, both on the same day. That was in spite of my debit card having time-expired since I used it for the deposit, and having been replaced by one with a different long number. So I was quite impressed. Less impressed by how long I had had to wait for the refund, of course.
  3. jh1809


    And I've now been refunded! The transaction is dated last Wednesday, i.e. the 20th, but it wasn't showing up when I checked just before the bank holiday weekend on the 22nd. I haven't had an email notification yet, even though they have my email address and on the 19th I received their form letter that they sent to everyone apologising for the delay.
  4. I imagine that P&O would have preferred to delay the next batch of cancellations until after they had finished paying the refunds that are outstanding from the current batch, but given the glacial speed at which refunds are being made it doesn't look as if that is going to be possible.
  5. jh1809


    No refund yet nor any email saying it's being processed, but going by the two messages above it looks like I shouldn't have to wait much longer.
  6. It's anybody's guess whether the cruise will be able to go ahead. But if it does, I'd be surprised if P&O didn't have to tweak the itinerary a bit.
  7. jh1809


    Thanks. Yes, that's very clear. So hopefully I can expect my refund at some point in the next 3 weeks. As you mentioned, a few days ago I completed an online refund request form just in case that was necessary after all. Hopefully that won't have overwritten the 7th April starting point with the date I submitted the refund request!
  8. jh1809


    When you say "took 3 weeks from our disembarkation of 16 March to apply refund request to our account", do you mean that you had contacted P&O immediately following disembarkation to request a refund or were you, like me, relying on the assurance which we were given on board that everyone would be getting a refund?
  9. To be fair, I imagine that those who haven't yet had their refund are more likely to bother to go to the Which web page and then to take part in the poll. But even allowing for that, it's pretty certain that only a small minority of people have yet received their refunds.
  10. Their poll is interesting. Currently only 4% of those responding have received their refund, 85% are still waiting, and the remainder opted for FCC.
  11. Good luck! The Bay of Biscay can be very rough in October, but you may get lucky.
  12. I do wonder if an aftermath of this will be that P&O will look to sell one or more of their ships to balance the books - always assuming they can find anyone to buy them in the post-Covid-19 world of course.
  13. jh1809


    I've now filled in a refund claim form for my R003 cruise on Aurora, even though we were told during our truncated cruise that we would be getting a full refund and this was a week or two before P&O launched their FCC scheme. I figure it can't do any harm to claim, and better safe than sorry.
  14. jh1809


    I did get my excursions refunded automatically, and very quickly too.
  15. jh1809


    They seem to be processing them in more or less random order, then, which is frustrating for those of us still waiting for our refunds from our drastically curtailed R003 back in mid March. (Since we were given a letter onboard saying we would be given a full refund, I've been assuming that it was unnecessary for that cruise to fill in a refund claim form. I hope I wasn't wrong!)
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