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  1. I too thought that the music for Astonishing was too loud. But this is often the case when I go to music gigs ashore as well. I wonder whether a lot of sound engineers have developed partial hearing loss over the years, so that a sound level that seems comfortable to them is actually too loud for most people. Or it could just be that they're a lot younger than me and that younger people seem to like their music louder.
  2. I too thought that the Glasshouse seemed underused. I had a late lunch there a couple of times after returning from an excursion, and was very impressed by the food, though I thought that the glass of Rioja that I had was actually inferior to the Rioja that I was drinking in the MDR. I ate in Sindhu twice - once in the evening and once for one of their "tiffin" lunches - and it seemed fairly busy both times. I also dined once in the Beach house, which was even busier. I enjoyed all my meals in the speciality restaurants. I enjoyed the MDR's lasagne (and indeed almost everything I ate there). It was a lot better than the overpriced lasagne that I had in Rome during my excursion there. In contrast to Jean, I thought that the MDR had fewer meat dishes than formerly and far more fish dishes. I was amused during the cruise to get an email from the marketing department of P&O providing a link to a webpage where I could get a sneak preview of the refitted Aurora. Too late, guys!
  3. I've had one from Feefo now, but still nothing from P&O themselves.
  4. I too was on this Aurora cruise, and greatly enjoyed it despite catching a shocking cold halfway through. I can understand Neil Turnbull's sense of humour not being to everyone's taste, but I like him. I haven't yet had my post-cruise email from P&O asking me to fill in their questionnaire. Is anyone else still waiting, or have they somehow forgotten me?
  5. Your last sentence is very sweeping. I imagine that, as with all restaurants, a lot depends on the quality of the head chef and the restaurant manager. I've dined several times in Sindhu on Aurora and Arcadia over the last couple of years, and it's always been excellent. I suspect you were unlucky on Azura with the chef and manager. Hopefully by now they will either have got the chop or moved on.
  6. The good news for those of us who like Aurora is that, seemingly having spent a fair amount of money on this refurbishment, it suggests that P&O / Carnival see Aurora as continuing in service with the company for at least the next three or four years or so.
  7. I'm using Chrome, and found that clicking on "Menu" at the top-right of the screen, gave a drop-down list of options that included "Login". I discovered that having logged in I was then required to reconfirm my communications preferences, which was slightly annoying, but all my information on past and future cruises and my loyalty points information was present and correct.
  8. I book my excursions and speciality dining before the cruise but, although I'm only a very modest drinker, I've never had enough OBC to make using it all a problem.
  9. Even if they are both genuine, I'd be inclined to ignore the Feefo one. It seems that one can't buy anything nowadays without being asked for feedback on one's experience, and it's becoming a right pain. I could fritter away hours of my time if I responded to them all.
  10. 70. I didn't take my first cruise until 2010, but was swiftly hooked.
  11. Typically afternoon temperatures are around 10-15C in July.
  12. I take it that St. Peter Port in Jersey lacks the facilities to be an alternative Channel Islands destination, since it never seems to feature on itineraries.
  13. Same here, except that I phoned them.
  14. I'm one who likes him. As he makes a lot of jokes, I don't think Legal Stylist need have any concerns about his sense of humour.
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