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  1. I'd say that a tour that includes seeing the inside of the Church on the Spilled Blood is a must. It's absolutely amazing.
  2. Which reminds me that there's also a casino. I think there are only bridge lessons on cruises of 14 (ish) days or more, though unhosted bridge is played on the shorter cruises.
  3. Mistakes will occasionally happen, but what most worries me is that the people you spoke to on the first three occasions were clearly just guessing as to what the reason for the charge might be and were just trying to fob you off.
  4. As well as bridge, there's also whist. There's also sometimes a classical musician or duo performing in the late afternoon.
  5. There's also table tennis, shuffleboard, etc. I spend quite a lot of time reading, something I rarely seem to find time for at home. If you don't want to bring books with you and don't have an e-reader, Aurora and Arcadia (and I assume the other ships too) have a library.
  6. Yes, it's still possible. It's hardly something they would do away with. BTW, it helps if you give the topic a title indicating what it's about, rather than putting in your user alias. I was expecting to find a question about the use of tablelamps in cabins!
  7. I also like a glass or two of wine with dinner but don't want to drink a whole bottle at one go. However the wine waiter is quite happy for you to drink only part of a bottle and will then reseal it for you at the end of the meal. If you are on fixed dining you will find the bottle waiting on the table for you the next evening. I believe that even on freedom dining you can make a bottle last for multiple dinners.
  8. But since the Aurora is a smaller ship than those two, having the same draught ought to make her a bit more stable than them one would think.
  9. I think the smaller the ship the more expensive it tends to be. Presumably smaller ships don't benefit from the economies of scale of the larger ones.
  10. Sindhu doesn't open at lunch-times except for a couple of days near the end of the cruise. At least that's been my experience on Aurora and Arcadia.
  11. From Cadiz, going on an excursion to Seville is an option worth considering. It's a very historic place, and the journey by coach takes about 60-90 minutes IIRC.
  12. Thanks from me too. "It seemed a happy ship in general, both crew and passengers." That was the impression I gained when I was on her a month or two ago. I suspect that a lot of credit for the happy crew goes to the senior crew members: the captain, of course, but also the hotel manager (is that what they're called nowadays?) and restaurant manager. And I imagine that a happy crew works better and goes a long way towards ensuring that the passengers are happy.
  13. Which ship was that? I don't remember them doing that on Aurora last month.
  14. Just to add that it is only about a 5-10 minute taxi journey from the terminal to the station - possibly a little longer if you disembark early enough to catch the Southampton rush hour. There are usually tons of taxis waiting, though last time I had a short wait for one as two other cruise ships were disembarking at the same time.
  15. Which countries in the Med are you visiting? It seems unlikely that you'd need a visa, but in the unlikely event that you're visiting one of the Arab countries in Africa or Asia Minor then it's possible that you might do. (But I'd expect P&O to have informed you if you needed one.)
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