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  1. Thanks. It's nice to read such a positive review.
  2. It's a continuous 24 hours, unfortunately. But if you time it to start from say 1 pm, then you can use it for the afternoon/evening of one day and the morning of the next, which helps a bit. It makes it possible to buy a package every second day but still have some time available every day.
  3. I'm on her in April too, but it my case it will be for the fourth or fifth time. She's a lovely ship. I'm also on her next March for the Northern Lights, so I hope I have more luck than Selbourne did.
  4. I imagine that should read Disability@carnivalukgroup.com
  5. Presumably you mean September 2019 - otherwise the bad news is that you're 6 months too late for your cruise! Can't help with your question, I'm afraid.
  6. That was the case for me, but I don't know whether the long interval since you last cruised with P&O would make any difference. Probably safest to ring up and ask them.
  7. I'm surprised that US cruise lines don't require one to have travel insurance, as not only P&O but every UK package holiday company I've travelled with requires it. On a cruise, if you needed an emergency medvac when at sea the cost could run well into five figures.
  8. I imagine it's a marketing ploy. People think "Wow, money off, fantastic!", without stopping to consider that the saving is illusory.
  9. ISTR that on my P&O Med cruise on Arcadia last autumn, there were one or two non-tender ports where they used the sticker system. I think that was because the area on the dockside where you waited for the coaches was a bit cramped, and so they didn't want a great scrum of people there.
  10. Have you considered Hurtigruten? According to their adverts, you get a full refund if the Lights don't put in an appearance. I'd recommend going in February/March rather than November/December, as the chances of clear skies are better. (Though against that, the nights are shorter.)
  11. If you really want "2021/2022 prices", you're going to have quite a long wait, as it's the cruises for 2020/2021 that have just been announced.
  12. My mini-brochure with all the new cruises arrived through the post this morning.
  13. At some of the smaller places, it may depend on whether it's possible to find another qualified guide who's available. I'm thinking of places like Torshavn in the Faroes and Sarande in Albania.
  14. I seem to recall having heard this a year or two ago, only to subsequently receive issues of Moments that - as before - gave that information. So we'll see in due course whether this time it's true or just another rumour.
  15. I would have thought that a Caribbean cruise would be doable, with bunkering in Tenerife and Florida en route once the facilities in those places come online.
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