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  1. OK, thanks for the response 🙂
  2. Hi There Are power strips allowed on the ship? If it matters, I will be on Empress in 2 weeks. Thanks! Tracy
  3. We are on the same one. When you click on, for instance, Costa Maya it still shows the Grand Caymen excursions. I realize they need to do some rearranging but thought it was funny to see that.
  4. We are sailing on Empress this June. I've done the check in online process for every single cruise I've taken but this one says to attach a picture, which I've NEVER done in the past. And the stranger thing is, when I print the seapass card, the picture is not on it..... Now, I know that during check in AT the counter (in the cruise terminal) they take your picture for your seapass card. Is me attaching a picture now, eliminating that process? I also had to choose a check in at the pier time, which is new to me too. 🤷‍♀️
  5. THANK YOU to everyone! I do feel better now :) Question though....did you find it at all odd that the Viking Crown and the gym are basically in the same room? My kids weren't able to experience the Viking Crown Lounge on Oasis because we weren't in a suite and I was hoping to show them this time (we LOVE going there).
  6. I have been seeing old mixed reviews, and not really any recent reviews regarding Empress of the Seas and it's getting me nervous. We've been on several cruises but chose Empress because it's sailing to Cuba. We know it is THE smallest of RCCL and I thought I was fine. But I keep seeing "old, dirty, stinky.....etc" I mean, we aren't going to cancel because I think if you look for the bad in things, you will find them. I'm just wondering if there are ANY recent reviews and pictures for this ship?
  7. Thank you! Even though they don't take reservations, I think we are going to try Bayside Grille 🙂
  8. Unfortunately, Doubletree and Marriott don't have any view rooms that can accommodate the 7 of us 😞 Oh well. I'm sure Hilton will be just fine 🙂
  9. Hi there We are looking to have a dinner with a nice sunset view while in Key Largo pre-cruise in June. Has anyone been to any of these restaurants (or have any other/better suggestions): Snook's Bayside Restaurant & Grand Tiki Bayside Grille & Sunset Bar Sundowners There will be 7 adults. TIA
  10. AWESOME!! Thank you very much, this is very helpful 🙂 🙂 🙂
  11. Hi Ok so we have the Hilton Miami booked (2 queen, 1 bedroom suite bayview) pre-cruise this coming June. However, I've been reading that Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay MIGHT be better (for view). I've looked on Google maps and they don't look to be that different but, just looking online at a map, it's really hard to actually tell. ASSUMING we could change for a same price and same type room (with port view), should we change? There are 7 adults, for 2 nights. I'm wondering if anyone has stayed at both, or maybe stayed at 1 and saw the other, to give me a real-life opinion? Thanks!
  12. Sorry, we are staying at the Hilton Miami Downtown. We will have a rental car so not opposed to driving too far.
  13. Hi We will be in Miami for 2 days before our cruise leaves June 23 of this year. There are 7 of us, all adults but not into the bar scene. We've done the segway thing before so are looking for something to do. Is the Miami zoo decent? Is there any putt-putt nearby? Any recommendations for anything to do? Oh, also, any recommendations for good places to eat? Thanks!
  14. We were on Oasis before and got a LOT of walking in!! It was a very nice ship but I'm looking forward to seeing the smaller ship again 🙂 I just feel like we need to "warn" (for lack of a better word) the new people about the smallness of the ship.
  15. Has anyone been on Empress of the Seas lately? I know there was a refurbishment in 2016 (I think that was the year) but wondered how the ship was overall? I've been on several ships (large and small) but the cruise we will be on in June will be the first for a few going (there are 15 total of us going). We've let the newbies know that this is not a cruise for the ship, but rather the destination (Cuba) but we are hoping the ship is in good shape 🙂 Anyway, if anyone has insight as to what shape the ship is in (picture are always good too :)) I would really appreciate it!
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