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  1. We have a HAL beverage card, issued complimentary by HAL and we may not be able to use the entire value on our upcoming cruise. Is the balance on that card still available for use on a future HAL cruises? Thank you for your replies
  2. We are Elite (30+ cruises) with Princess and have only been on 1 HAL cruise, so I’m sorry but I couldn’t give you a fair comparison. We were on the Grand back around 2003 and we just disembarked her sister ship the Golden last month, of which we found the Golden is showing her age. Hopefully the Grand doesn’t have any many leaks as the Golden currently has... I found the hallway carpeting wet spots left an musty odor.
  3. What condition is the Grand in now? We’re booked on her for Oct 2020, LAX to Shanghai (30 nights). We just disembarked the Golden last month and she still has a lot of leaks...especial in the hallways. I heard the Golden will be going to PO at the end of next year.
  4. I thought I heard that the Credit Card companies do not permit the vendor surcharge to be passed on to the consumer. I’m not sure?
  5. Today, when I set up our onboard account using our Princess Personalizer, I received the following notice: If you are using a credit card to pay for your onboard charges, a surcharge fee of 1.1% will be applied. Debit cards do not incur a surcharge. Is this something new with Princess Cruises? We recently disembarked the Golden Princess and there was no credit card surcharge on our stateroom statement. Thank you for your replies.
  6. We were on the Crown for the Apr TA and May British Isle Cruise. We found the bed to be very uncomfortable and we had two different staterooms, balcony and OV. The bed was made into a Queen with a hump in the center and sunken in on each side. Other people onboard the ship complained about the same thing with their beds.
  7. I agree...this should not be. Princess needs to get their act together with pre-purchased shore excursion refunds.
  8. I have prepaid for a Princess shore excursion through my Personalizer account and then had to cancel the tour. However, the credit still shows on my account, I requested a refund from Princess and I was told it will automatically refund in 10-15 days. What has been your experience with prepaid shore excursion cancellations and refunds. Thank you
  9. We’re booked on a B2B cruise and on turn-around day we need to change staterooms. We have a tour booked for turn-around day departing at 8:15, returning at 4:30. How is the transfer of our luggage handled on turn-around day when we’re on a Princess shore excursion. thank you.
  10. If offered an upsell offer from OV to Balcony, will the Promo OBC go up to be next level as well? eg, All Aboard Promo OBC for a OV is $200 pp, Balcony is $300 pp thank you.
  11. Does anyone know when Medallion Class will be introduced on the Crown? Thank you
  12. Possibly the SoCal fires may have effected Princess Cruises in Santa Clarita.? There have been numerous power outages with the high winds here in SoCal. Just speculating?
  13. Princess call center should be open now.
  14. Same thing for me...the Princess system does not accept my sign-in. Plus when pulling up a cruise, I can’t access any Stateroom availability. Hmmmm...it looks like it’s going to be a long day for Princess.
  15. The stock is taking a steady upswing again. :) The CCL Shareholder's offers us shareholders that cruise, some nice benefits. This was one our better stock purchases.
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