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  1. Thank you for all the wonderful posts! I'm looking forward to many more cruises now. Celebrity cruisers are the best!
  2. Just got off the Infinity last week and all was well. Had a great cruise.
  3. Jim, may I ask, is your last name Lain?
  4. I am so excited!!! Took me years and I never really thought I'd get here! The benefits don't matter in the least. It was always just a dream . When I started cruising Elite was the top tier, and now (LOL) there are more, but I don't care. I made it. I lost my husband last year and really didn't think I'd be cruising for a long while. BUT, I just did. It was wonderful and I'm ELITE!!!
  5. I have been cruising Celebrity since 1996 and I have to agree with most posters that entertainment options have slipped considerably. Yes, I bought a race horse. I miss Michael's Club on the M Class (as that was the piano bar). Are there so many Elite + cruisers that it pays to make it a private lounge and then leave it closed every evening. I miss the reggae music on the Caribbean cruises, it was so appropriate and put you "in the mood". I also miss the acappella groups that wandered the ship. And so much more... Having said all that, I just returned from a cruise and I took my son and daughter-in-law along. They had never cruised before and thought everything was absolutely wonderful. I had to be careful not to tell them how far downhill things have gone. I was happy to see how much they enjoyed everything that remains. So the cruise lines know that there is a whole new generation out there that will never know what was and they will be happy with what is. Unfortunately we live in a time when the bottom line is all about profit and customer satisfaction comes second. Celebrity seems to be walking the line between the premium and the mundane experience. I think they still offer the best "bang for your buck". I have not found one to compare yet (at the price).
  6. Just returned from my cruise. Thanks to all who answered my questions. ALL the croissants were delicious. Had a great time as usual.
  7. Thanks to you all for the great responses. I'm so looking forward to being back on the sea! My first cruise was back in 1996 on the Horizon and it was awesome. So many changes since then, some good, some not so much; but cruising is still my favorite vacation. I am looking forward to those croissants (and I will try the almond LOL). My first few cruises we had a buffet every night (yes at midnight LOL). Then they went to once a cruise, then to gourmet bites, and then to the Brunch. I also remember an elegant tea in the main dining room open to everyone. I am glad I got to experience all of these things. Time have changed and it's all good. I'm really excited to be taking my grandson along and introduce him to the cruising life.
  8. I am taking my son and his family on this cruise. I'm not ready to go alone yet. I would have enjoyed sharing the experience of the buffet with them as it was always an extravaganza and work of art. That said, I always thought it was quite wasteful, but then that was part of the decadence of the cruise experience "back in the day"! I'm happy to hear I might find some chocolate croissants!
  9. My husband and I cruised every year for many years. It's been five years since my last cruise because his health would not permit us to cruise. I am finally going to cruise again next month. I am wondering two things: is there still a midnight buffet and do they still serve hot chocolate croissants in the morning by the coffee bar? When we started cruising there was a midnight buffet every night, as the years went by it was reduced to one a cruise. Just wondering if this is happening at all or has become a thing of the past. And the chocolate croissants, well what can I say!
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