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  1. Converting onboard credit to cash via the casino has been eliminated on some cruise lines, such as HAL, so read the fine print about OBC, in case it says "cannot be used in the casino."
  2. Even The Netherlands are concerned about so many tourists. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/may/06/we-must-act-now-netherlands-tries-to-control-tourism-boom
  3. Hope there are no engine problems when we're out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on the April 21 TA!
  4. I remember being so impressed at a local dinner theatre when the waiter, instead of just grabbing the plate, inquired, "Are you still enjoying your salad?"
  5. We went past in January 1997 around 2 in the morning and it was spectacular.
  6. Do the 4* Mariners get a 50% discount at the Dutch Cafe like they do at the Explorations Cafe?
  7. Disabled Couple on Dream Cruise Ship Trek Stranded in Bahamas ... https://www.newsweek.com/dream-cruise-disabled-couple-stranded-bahamas-nassau-c... Dec 18, 2018 - The pair have no passports and do not have the money to leave the ... Disabled Couple on Dream Cruise Ship Trek Stranded in Bahamas ... Doctors have now said that Johnson has an obstructed bowel and will need emergency surgery. ... not cover the cost of medical treatments outside of U.S. territories
  8. I was just going to comment about those two ladies. The last I heard there was no way for them to be able to re-enter the U.S. without a passport. Don't know what finally happened. And I can't remember what cruise line they were on to check and see what's new with that story.
  9. I agree about the extra beds on the side hitting you in the head. Make sure you get a cabin for only two people.
  10. I loved the sideways room, but wished that I'd booked one that didn't have the extra beds in the wall for more people. I had the bed made up as just one large bed,as I was alone, and had to watch that I didn't hit my head on the beds attached to the walls, as there was very little space on each side of the bed.
  11. We loved long cruises for the same reasons everyone has mentioned. The ship truly feels like 'home' and luckily, we loved the sea days. It's just a way of life if you cruise often. I've spent over 900 days at sea and loved every minute of it.
  12. I got credit fromRCL for 1977 cruise on Song of Norway. Funny, with so much cruising, I didn't get backto RCL until a couple of years ago, but they were able to find my original cruise.
  13. I was a newbie when I first started wearing my keycard on a lanyard. Now, after more than 900 days at sea, I still wear one and even have my own puncher to use as soon as I get the card, so it's on a lanyard when I first board. When going ashore I have a small plastic sleeve contining a copy of my passport and my drivers license that I hook onto the lanyard. Yes, I keep it inside my blousewhen ashore. It sure saves time when reboarding. If others want to think I'm a jerk, let them. :):)
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