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  1. Out at Meyer Werft today, Aida revealed some previews of their latest design (Cosma). It certainly demonstrates a difference in direction...
  2. I’ve seen similar gripes about the Bliss crossing - ridiculous. I’ve never seen a more pristine ship, a friendlier crew, or a better-run operation. Absolutely the best.
  3. Agree. I’ll also add... it’s a rare opportunity to experience the classic concept of “Freestyle” cruising on a large ship. The fact NCL undersells these sailings, you can pretty much go and do what you want without being turned away.
  4. I always mention... be careful of the first non-balcony family suite, as there’s some issues with privacy from the family suite with balcony next door. Scan toward the end of the vid...
  5. It was shared on Facebook that Encore will be returning to Eemshaven, where divers will be utilized for some purpose.
  6. Considering Stuart said they’d have to pry him to leave, it’s quite possible the departure is a result of differing approaches between him and Del Rio. To your point, that could go either way. All I know... I became a fan of the product during the Sheehan/Stuart era, and that’s slowly waned during the Del Rio/ Stuart era. It’s entirely possible I gave Stuart too much credit before, or not enough credit since.
  7. We’re all talking about the same thing. Many of us have seen how “the product” changes over time based on who’s running the show. Is someone going to experience a different product the day after Stuart steps down? Unlikely. Have we all seen significant changes during the “Stuart/Del Rio Era”? Absolutely. Will we see further significant changes in the “Sommer/Del Rio Era”? Time will tell.
  8. 26 minutes later and nobody remembers if they turned the oven off back home...
  9. We’ve certainly seen Del Rio become hands-on with the last few builds, but beyond that we can only mark 2015-2019 as the “FDR/Stuart” era and compare it to what happened before and after. As to the dynamic between the two, there’s some interesting perspective in this article about Stuart’s 3 decades at NCL from a few months back... “The culture in this company today has really been a culture I feel very comfortable in. As long as that’s the balance that I’m finding, you’ll have to pry me out of here.” When asked if he’d have another celebration to mark his fourth decade, he laughed and said that Frank Del Rio might be the man to talk to.
  10. Fairly certain you won’t find a thread on this board that will.
  11. I don’t think anyone (here) knows where the less-than-favorable decisions were made. From my perspective, there was a distinct change in direction when Stuart started reporting to Del Rio in 2015.
  12. Apparently as of January, 2020. A sad, sad day.
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