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  1. Courtesy of @ScottElkaBowl, here’s the concierge “F&B Amenity”, and the Concierge lunch menu served in LaCucina...
  2. The easy answer is - if the thermal spa matters to you, then there’s only one answer. Beyond that, the ships are more alike than different. But I would take Jersey Boys over Footloose any day.
  3. I think it’s either a perception or settlement issue. When HC launched, guests could use their shipboard cards to make purchases, but this only lasted for a few months. I suspect either the vendors were unhappy with the settlement process, or NCL thought the cards made it too difficult to explain that things weren’t included. Edit: I also recall a discussion about using OBC on HC, but don’t recall the specifics. I think NCL was trying to restrict it.
  4. C/Concierge is its own category, unrelated to H/S Suites.
  5. I have a friend in the CF this week... and he’s loving the virtual balcony. That room setup is fantastic.
  6. Agree... nothing official, but have heard several NCL “people” state it as fact. Eliminating it would be the icing on the bad-design-decision’s cake.
  7. According to NCL, which is 72% accurate some of the time, it’s a king bed.
  8. Other than Entourage, which is a closet in the Galaxy Pavilion, the Joy’s Splash Academy rooms are quite large. The crew member said larger than Bliss - for whatever that’s worth.
  9. The photos are of 14166 - CC Villa Suite. 14800 is a CA - which I believe is 100 sqft larger. They’re beautiful rooms.
  10. Joy doesn’t - Encore will.
  11. Yeah - it seemed the Formula One simulator was intended to be priced (and reserved) separately ($10 I thought), although it’s location may make this awkward. It’s in the front right corner of Galaxy Pavilion - as soon as you walk in.
  12. Updated attraction pricing info: Go-Karts: $15 - 8 laps (unlimited pass $199) Laser-tag: $9.95 Galaxy Pavilion: $29 - 90 minutes (unlimited pass $199) $399 - Unlimited Go-karts, Laser-tag and Galaxy Pavilion
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