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  1. Thank you! Hopefully I'll hear something tomorrow.
  2. I just had a job interview yesterday, so hopefully if I get the job that will help ease the burden and I can maybe put some money in a cruise fund. I seem to always be planning another vacation. I just love seeing and doing new things. Cruising is just my favorite way to do it all.
  3. Glad I missed that! I might have panicked then.
  4. I bought my shares back in Aug 2009 when shares were 19.50. I haven't seen it get that low through all of this. If it does, I may end up kicking myself for not selling when it was $132/share!
  5. I'll be 58 1/2 when I go on my first solo cruise - I hope anyway. I don't have it booked just yet, but I'm itching to pull the trigger.
  6. The old Love Boat route huh? 🤣🤣 That's on my bucket list - just to say I did it! Your first solo trip sounds amazing. I wish I could do something like that, but alas college tuition is killing my budget. 3 more years until my son graduates and just maybe I can pull it off. One of these days, I'll be on these boards asking about the B2B procedures!
  7. I do understand the difference between solos and single occupancy. I have noticed that the solos don't fit the bill for me as most are inside cabins and I am a balcony snob, so it's single occupancy for me. I've been looking at several cruises for Jan. 2022 and I think the largest one is the Freedom of the Seas. The others are smaller ships. The mega ships don't do 7 day Southern Caribbean cruises and the Southern is my favorite route. I figure if I'm going to cruise solo, the least I can do is cruise my favorite route. Airfare to Puerto Rico from Memphis is ridiculous, but I can at least drive to Atlanta and get a reasonable rate from there and see my mom in the process. :)
  8. On my first cruise, being a newbie, I did all ship excursions. On one walking excursion in San Juan, the guide was so soft spoken most of us couldn't hear her. Then we were touring El Morro and she totally lost me, my XDH, and another couple that we shared our dinner table with. We didn't worry. The 4 of us just continued touring El Morro on our own and made it back to the ship with a little shopping on the way. Now I just do independent excursions. I've found so many unique excursions that the cruise lines just don't offer. They are always so much better and so much cheaper - except Alaska where they are just flat out better.
  9. I've been contemplating a cruise in Jan 2022. Mostly what that depends on is if I get this job I am interviewing for on Monday and whether my youngest son accelerates his college studies to get out in 4 years rather than the 5 year path he's currently on. If I get the job and my son stays on his current path, then I'll hopefully be taking my first solo cruise in Jan 2022.
  10. Somehow I deleted your MDR comment - I love dining in the MDR. As a retired stay-at-home mom, anytime I can get someone to wait on me for a change and dress up in the process, I'm all for it! :) Plus with all the specialty restaurants these days, there is so much more for me to choose from and have more people waiting on me! :D I just turned 57 last month, so if you are an old curmudgeon, then I guess I am too. All of us can do what we want, when we want, and as much (or little) as we want and still all enjoy ourselves and come home relaxed and refreshed. Isn't that what vacations are for?
  11. River cruising is something else on my cruising bucket list. I think I'll get comfortable with solo ocean cruising first before attempting river cruising. Although, a cruise up/down the Mississippi is highly intriguing.
  12. Thank you all so much! I'm going to start my research and hopefully by 2022, I'll have taken my first solo cruise. I love the Caribbean, so I'll probably head there. I've wanted to experience a mega-ship, so depending on price, I may do just that. Will probably have to work on some things on land first - like going to dinner or a bar by myself (although I did do the bar thing on my last cruise while my mom was sleeping) - got to get over those issues so I don't spend all my time in the cabin even if it's with a balcony! Thanks again! Maybe I'll meet some of y'all on the high seas!
  13. I'm an empty nester and while I still have to pay a couple more years of college tuition for my youngest son, I'm looking forward to solo cruising. I am a balcony snob, so unless there is a ship out there that has solo balcony rooms, I'm not interested in a solo room. I've been on several cruises and usually book through the cruiseline websites. I also prefer to do independent excursions as I find they are worth the money. All that being said, my questions are: 1 - what do you recommend as a first time solo cruise? Caribbean? Mexico? 2 - Big ship (Anthem, Oasis and the like)? or something smaller? 3 - Do you book as a single? Or do you book as a double to take advantage of any discounts for second passenger? If the latter, I assume you would have to let them know that your "roommate" will be a no show when you check in? 4 - Best way to find the lowest single supplements? I think that's all I have for now. Cruising is my favorite form of vacation and I don't want to always have to try and get someone to go with me. Thanks for all the help!
  14. My mom and I stayed at a Hilton not too far from Faneuil Hall...sorry can't remember the full name of it right now. We were just a few blocks from the Marriott where the water taxis come in. We took an Uber up to Warren Tavern for brunch and then walked over to Bunker Hill and the US Constitution before taking the water taxi back to the Marriott where we had a couple glasses of wine before walking back to our hotel. It was a full day of walking for my then 82 year old mom. but she enjoyed it. The next morning, we checked out and got an Uber to the cruise terminal...15 minute drive (if that).
  15. In 2010, I was on Adventure out of San Juan with my then 10yo and 14yo. While I love Celebrity, for the age range you have, I'd go on Freedom. My 10yo loved the Adventure Kids Club and my 14yo loved the video games in the Teen Club. Adventure was nice, but I think Freedom has even more for the teenagers/young adults/young at heart to do. In 2013, I had the kids on Celebrity Millennium for an Alaskan cruise (the youngest one had a broken foot) and while they had fun, there wasn't as much for them to do and so they didn't enjoy the ship as much as Adventure. Of course my youngest discovered ping-pong on the Alaska trip and had a hole in the heel of his cast by the end of the cruise. His orthopedist loved that!
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