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  1. My first marriage, the ex and I loved to cruise. Now after 30 years of marriage and 4 years divorced, I'm dating a guy that hates cruises even though he's never been on one! I'm still trying to convince him to give it a try and I think I found the "hook". He wants to see Alaska, so I suggested at least a 2 week vacation - 1 week inland seeing all kinds of stuff and 1 week on a cruise. That was one that he seemed amenable to. His biggest hangup is that he doesn't want to "dress up" for dinner - I'm still working on that one. 😁😇
  2. Thought this was really cool - looks like the headlights of God's car coming from the clouds
  3. Just a few pix from my tour of Buffalo Trace Distillery on Monday.
  4. Sunset from my front porch and the courthouse in my hometown from a popular rooftop bar.
  5. I love this thread! Sunsets are my favorite things. I took this one as we were leaving Portland, ME last October. And that was when I was still using it in "point and shoot" mode.
  6. At Commander's Palace, also try the turtle soup. It is wonderful!!! As for things to do during the day, there is the WWII Museum. My son and I spent 3 or 4 hours there (including lunch) and we didn't see nearly all of what we wanted to see. When we were there, there was lots of construction going on, so there is probably even more to see now. Something else fun to do is to tour Blain Kern's Mardi Gras World. They show you how they make the floats for Mardi Gras and after the tour, there was a little outdoor bar where my son and I sat and had a drink and watched the shi
  7. My sister and I did this walk about 4 1/2 years ago. The only "problem" we had is that at the end, you have to go down a couple flights of stairs. There is no elevator - at least that we could find. Once you are down those stairs, the terminal is right there - at least for Carnival. Not sure if it is the same terminal for Norwegian or Royal.
  8. Thank you! Hopefully I'll hear something tomorrow.
  9. I just had a job interview yesterday, so hopefully if I get the job that will help ease the burden and I can maybe put some money in a cruise fund. I seem to always be planning another vacation. I just love seeing and doing new things. Cruising is just my favorite way to do it all.
  10. Glad I missed that! I might have panicked then.
  11. I bought my shares back in Aug 2009 when shares were 19.50. I haven't seen it get that low through all of this. If it does, I may end up kicking myself for not selling when it was $132/share!
  12. I'll be 58 1/2 when I go on my first solo cruise - I hope anyway. I don't have it booked just yet, but I'm itching to pull the trigger.
  13. The old Love Boat route huh? 🤣🤣 That's on my bucket list - just to say I did it! Your first solo trip sounds amazing. I wish I could do something like that, but alas college tuition is killing my budget. 3 more years until my son graduates and just maybe I can pull it off. One of these days, I'll be on these boards asking about the B2B procedures!
  14. I do understand the difference between solos and single occupancy. I have noticed that the solos don't fit the bill for me as most are inside cabins and I am a balcony snob, so it's single occupancy for me. I've been looking at several cruises for Jan. 2022 and I think the largest one is the Freedom of the Seas. The others are smaller ships. The mega ships don't do 7 day Southern Caribbean cruises and the Southern is my favorite route. I figure if I'm going to cruise solo, the least I can do is cruise my favorite route. Airfare to Puerto Rico from Memphis is ridiculous, but I
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