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  1. Exactly what wheezedr said - plan on dressing in layers. We were there 6 years ago from mid-June to the beginning of July and we had temps in the 90s. Imagine how disappointed we were to get the same weather we left back in Georgia?! It wasn't quite as warm once we got on the cruise, but there were still days that we were walking around in shorts. Heading in to see the glacier will be chilly, but it wasn't as cold as I thought it might be - but again, every year it changes. Heck from cruise to cruise it changes.
  2. I agree with Mike981. Do some more research and maybe find another trip that might interest you. For instance, my now ex and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary on a Celebrity Southern Caribbean cruise in our first suite and we took off out of San Juan. It was delightful and 5 years later we did it again, just on a Royal ship that time and we had our kids with us. I'm not sure when you are planning to go on your cruise, but there are some stunning beaches all over the Caribbean. Best thing to do though when you settle on a ship and a price is to RELAX and look forward to one of the best vacations ever. Just one word of warning - after your first cruise, you will be hooked. Welcome to Cruise Critic.
  3. I haven't yet. I'd like to try some day. The price and ports just haven't fit. Maybe if I take my kids, I'd be willing to go to some of the ports, but not going by myself. I'd rather experience new ports.
  4. We did this cruise 6 years ago on the Millie - only we went Seward to Vancouver and it was the end of June/beginning of July. It was magical and I want to go back so badly. One of these days when I can save up enough to pay the single supplement and still be able to do it up right! Got to love those free flights! We were able to fly first class from Atlanta to Anchorage and then from Seattle back to Atlanta. All the fees added on to the ticket for a trip from Vancouver to Atlanta was as much as a plane ticket! So we took Amtrak from Vancouver to Seattle and stayed a couple extra days and still saved money over the fees! In Icy Strait Point, we did a whale watching tour with Glacier Winds. It was awesome! The owner was able to get us away from all the cruise excursions and a little way into Glacier Bay where we spotted a baby whale practicing his breeches. We must have watched him for a good 30 minutes before his momma called him home. We were the only ones there. Enjoy the trip!
  5. We got a hand painted Christmas ornament - I think in Ketchikan. But it is a great reminder of a great trip that we had every year when we put it on out Christmas tree.
  6. She will LOVE it! Did you book Michelle with Island Wings? That's who we went with and she had a soundtrack playing that fit so perfectly with what we were seeing that it brought tears to our eyes. We took the train from Anchorage to Seward and did a Kenai Fjords cruise and those are also trips my mom still talks about. The day of the cruise, we went and toured the SeaLife Center in Seward and got "kissed" by a sea lion. Sadly, she passed away a couple years ago and you would have thought there was a death in the family when I told my mom. It was a magical trip and I wish we could do it again, but it was also expensive. So I'll just have to "settle" for a Canada/New England cruise with my mom this fall.
  7. We did this in St. Thomas about 9 years ago. The captain was the owner and the first mate was her daughter, but the tour was so great that we tipped them. It was just our family of 6 for a 1/2 day excursion. I can't remember how much the excursion was or what we tipped them though. I believe we just handed the money to the captain/owner.
  8. We took a DSLR with us to Alaska and it got some spectacular shots. My ex was the photographer and he put the camera in "sport mode" and was able to catch 3 whale breeches - nose up to tail down. It was AWESOME! The gentleman that was driving the boat said he'd never seen that happen - ever - and he'd been giving tours for 11 years! (That was 6 years ago.) We were far enough away that my ex had to use the bigger lens and didn't have to worry about changing them out quickly. I too have a DSLR that would use in "sport mode" to get pictures of my son while he was swimming. I still have to play with the camera some more, but I have to say, I love it. Will be going to Canada/New England this Fall, so hoping for some great "leaf" shots.
  9. My mom was 76 when she went to Alaska with us and we did the 7.5 hour trip. We did the train up (it rained until we got to Canada) and the bus back (fog on the way back to Skagway) - but sunny skies the entire time we were in the Yukon. Our tour guide was great and took us to several places to stop and get pictures. Mom LOVED it. That trip and the flight seeing in Ketchikan are the 2 excursions that she talks about the most. Chilkoot picked us up at the dock and then took us over to the train - this was 6 years ago, so not sure if they now have train cars right at the dock like they did for the cruise excursion. Also, I want to say that I was able to save a little money using one of the TourSaver coupons (or one of those coupon books).
  10. I'm sailing in late Sept/early Oct and I'm booking my Oli's Trolley tours already. I do it so that if I have to pay online, it will all be paid for by the time I step on the ship.
  11. I don't have any status on RCL. We're going to head to Guest Services though and request the first group off the ship and then get in line early. Mom can't carry her luggage down the stairs - just getting too old for that.
  12. Our itinerary has totally changed. It looks like we will actually be going through customs in Bar Harbor now. So we will be returning to Boston from Portland instead of Halifax. Does this increase my chances of making an 11am flight on a Sunday if we are in the first group to get off the ship? I keep crossing my fingers that Delta will change our flight to a later time, but I don't usually get so lucky. Thanks!
  13. I was able to get the Ames Hotel (Hilton Curio Collection hotel) on Court Street. I used my points and got the stay for free. WOOHOO otherwise it was like $300/night. I booked in Sept. 2018 for my Sept. 2019 stay. Can never book early enough for freebie stays. 😁
  14. 1991 (I think) Crown Princess ...heck it's all in my signature. 😁
  15. Well I didn't "lose" my husband per se...we divorced 3 years ago. Right now, cruising will have to be put on hold since my youngest son is only a sophomore at the University of Kentucky (GO BIG BLUE!). Until I can get him through the next 3-4 years, I'll just add cruises to my bucket list and try to save up. Hopefully once he graduates, we can cruise Europe as a graduation present.
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