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  1. Not sure if it's the best, but my mom and I are doing a Lighthouse Tour in Portland through Portland Discovery Tours. Guess I'll find out in October if it's the best port for tours.
  2. My mom and I are doing a tour of Portland on a fire truck. Check out portlandfiretours.com. We are then going to eat lunch and then take a Lighthouse Tour through Portland Discovery Land & Sea Tours (portlanddiscovery.com). In Saint John, NB (I assume that's where you are talking about) we are doing a tour on one of the city transit buses. Check out thinktransit.com. It's only a 2 hour tour, but we're going to play the rest of the day by ear and just see what we can find to do. As someone else mentioned, Trip Advisor is a great resource for finding tours such as this. It is actually where I found these tours. No they aren't private, but they are also not a cruise ship excursion so they are much smaller.
  3. My mom and I are doing this tour this fall. I can come back in October and let you know how it was. As for websites, try thinktransit.com and then click on City Tours. I found the tour via TripAdvisor. They don't take advance reservations and payment is only via cash, but for $25US, mom and I thought it was worth trying. The pickup/drop off point is "just up the street from the cruise terminal on Water Street".
  4. Guess I'm going to have to build in a little extra time to turn in my rental car and get back to the ship then. Might have to cut one of the Titanic cemeteries.
  5. It was 9 years ago that this happened, and I thought I had read somewhere that back then there was no priority boarding for Jr. Stes. I know Coastal Kitchen didn't exist on the AOS 9 years ago. Good to know for future reference though if I'm ever sailing with other friends or family.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe they are "loosening the purse strings" a little more trying to keep shareholders happy.
  7. But mine was a refundable deposit! I wanted the refundable deposit because my mom is 82 and "just in case" something came up and we had to cancel. So far so good, doesn't look like we'll have to cancel. In fact, my mom is renewing her passport so hopefully we'll find ways to use it over the next 10 years! 😀
  8. Gosh I hope so! We continue to be shareholders for a reason. I would think they would make it worth our while...even if we don't sail with them often.
  9. I originally submitted via email about 6 months before the cruise and then again via snail mail 5 months before the cruise. I guess you could submit right after you book the cruise if you wanted.
  10. No! That's why I was so surprised. I booked online direct with RCCL and it was part of the booking deal. I don't remember what the sale was - 30% off each guest and $100 OBC or something like that. I booked it 18 months ago and I've watched a lot of football since then and consumed much alcohol drowning my sorrows, so my memory isn't quite what it used to be. 😄
  11. It's been 9 years since I've sailed RCCL, but at that time, the Jr. Suite wasn't considered a true suite. Is that still the case? Or did RCCL change things so that those in the Jr. Suites get early boarding and the same perks as a "full" suite? I didn't think the Jr. Suite was bad, then again, I just like the priority boarding. 🙂 I can remember my former inlaws telling the people at check-in, that they were in a suite and arguing with them at check-in when they were told that it wasn't a "true suite". My former inlaws I guess eventually got their point across, because they were allowed to board with us as we were in a Owners Suite (and no, our reservations weren't linked).
  12. Ok I have to say, given the fare I booked and that it came with $100 OBC, I totally did not expect to get my Shareholder OBC. But, ever the optimist, I submitted the paperwork anyway (well twice - once via email (no response in over a month) and once via snail mail) and then a couple weeks ago I finally got an email that they are giving me the $100 OBC!!! WOOHOO Yes, I've printed the email so that I have proof when I get on board ship, if it doesn't appear before then. Just wanted to share with everyone. Not sure if I just managed to slip through or if RCCL has changed a policy or something, but maybe it will give others hope for the same. 116 days till sailing and Mom and I will make good use of our $200 total OBC!
  13. YIKES! I would hate that. Check the Bar Harbor Port Authority (or something like that) to see if there are any changes. From my understanding, they can only take 3 ships and when those berths are gone, that's it. RCCL needs to get their act together and make sure those berths are booked before they publish the itineraries. Praying that there will be no more changes to your itinerary. Heck, I'd better double check for myself just to be sure since I now have all of my excursions booked. Here's the site I found. About halfway down the page is a link to a PDF file of the 2019 Cruise Ship Schedule. https://www.barharbormaine.gov/190/Cruise-Ship-Information
  14. My mom and I are doing the Portland Fire Engine Company tour on a vintage fire truck. If you check their website, they may have a tour that picks you up at the dock where your ship will be. It will be the first tour of the day, but that then frees you up to do something else if you want. We are also doing a cruise of the lighthouses through Portland Discovery Land & Sea Tours. Between the 2 tours, we'll be done with our excursions by 12:45pm which gives us time to have a leisurely late lunch and do some shopping before heading back to the ship.
  15. My mom and I opted for the 2 1/2 hour tour. We are also doing the 30 minute tour of the town. Having to tender, we didn't want to have to rush off the ship and we have enough time between the 2 tours that we can have a leisurely lunch and then after the 2nd tour we can take our time either shopping a little or heading back to the ship. We just wanted it to be a somewhat easy day. Mom is 82, so the easier the better.
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