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  1. Sounds like us. With the elimination of Cuba, plus the Monday departures, MSC has been offering great deals to fill the ship. We have never been on MSC, but we have had recent cruises on similar era/size ships from HAL and Princess. All of them worked out great. Our expectations for this cruise were low, but from your comments along with other things I have read, I hope we will be pleasantly surprised.
  2. Great - My expectations have just gone up. We depart on Monday.
  3. @Beamafar and @Até: Thanks for the info. It turns out the the thread both of you contributed to in April ended up being the one I stumbled upon earlier. I had not found anything else, and certainly nothing since then. Since the info is still on the MSC web site, I figured I would ask here. I think I will bring a copy of the web page with me and see how they respond. I will go into this with no expectations. If anything changes, I will post here.
  4. We have never cruised on MSC before and we just booked a last minute cruise on the Armonia. On other lines, we normally book OV cabins and use "anytime dining", or whatever it is called on the specific cruise line. This time we took a B2 Fantastica Balcony, primarily to get the My Choice dining benefit. Since we booked, I have been reading through these boards to find out more about MSC and the Armonia. I just stumbled upon one post that indicated My Choice dining on the Armonia was not available for Fantastica Balconies, it was only Fantastica Suites. Can anyone who has been on this ship recently confirm the actual policy aboard the ship? Here is a link to the MSC website page that mentions this benefit: https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Discover-MSC/MSC-Experiences.aspx
  5. I believe the basic NCL plan provides $10K medical and $25K emergency evacuation. That's great for a "sick call" or a minor injury. It is inadequate for most anything else. For the same premium or a few dollars more, you should be able to get much better coverage.
  6. This artilce from today's Palm Beach Post entitled "Seaweed-covered beaches are now clear: Are hurricanes to thank?" may be behind a paywall, but if you can see it, there are several before and after pictures from South Florida beaches. There is definitely a lot less Sargassum here. I am not sure if Costa Maya has had similar changes since we were there in August. https://www.palmbeachpost.com/article/20190919/NEWS/190917067
  7. I agree that "The insurance benefit is only to make whole, not provide financial gain", and most plans will not let you knowingly double dip. The OP's Nationwide Universal Cruise plan's general provisions specifically says: "The applicable benefit amount will be reduced by the amount of benefits, if any, previously paid by Other Insurance policies. In no event will the Company reimburse You for an amount greater than the amount paid by You.". The term "will be reimbursed up to the Maximum Benefit..." is a little different. It means that they will not pay any more than the maximum benefit listed in the certificate. For the OP's plan, the maximum benefits listed on page one of the certificate are: Itinerary Change (prior to departure) Maximum Benefit up to $100 per Trip Itinerary Change – Inconvenience (after departure) Maximum Benefit up to $100 per Trip Itinerary Change – Pre-paid Excursion (after departure) Maximum Benefit up to $250 per Trip
  8. I meant recommended by people on these boards. Steve is with tripinsurancestore.com and is highly recommended. Others have had excellent service from other brokers. I mentioned one earlier and you can search for more. The good news is you do not pay anything more for using a broker and their advice can also be helpful. Hopefully Steve will respond to your question from two posts back. You definitely understand. But, be sure the policy you decide to purchase allows it This is where a good broker can be invaluable. Good luck.
  9. Maybe, but probably not if you buy a cruise line policy. With many third party plans, you can transfer the policy to another trip as long as the policy has not paid any claim. If you call broker such as tripinsurancestore or insuremytrip, they might be able to find you a policy that will give you a refund if you cancel the cruise before final payment. See the following thread for more details. Take a look at responses from @iamtrustworthy. As far as I know, none of the major cruise line policies (including Celebrity CruiseCare) offer a pre-existing medical condition waiver. Celebrity has a 60 day look back period from the day you purchase the policy. Many third party policies offer a pre-existing medical condition waiver if your purchase within 14-21 days of your initial payment and meet any other specified conditions. I know tripinsurancestore has one policy that lets you purchase up to the final payment date. There may be others. Again, it is always a good idea to call one of the brokers recommended in this forum for recommendations specific to your situation.
  10. I think you have part of this right: If the cruise line completely refunds the OP for the lost day, the insurance will not let someone double dip. Their take will be you did not miss the port and the cruise line provided pro-rata compensation for the missed day. If the situation was different and both a day a port was completely missed, I think the OP would have been compensated. I still think the OP should pursue this if they are not being fully compensated by the cruise line for the missed day. On your second point, the Nationwide policy has coverage for three different types of itinerary change. It is not just for pre-paid excursions. See below. @LadyBerard I would love to know what the cruise line offered you and how it all ends up with Nationwide. ITINERARY CHANGE In the event a Cruise makes a Change in Your Trip Itinerary prior to Your actual departure date we will pay up to the Maximum Benefit shown on the Confirmation of Coverage. Change in Your Trip Itinerary shall mean the Cruise has a documented change of Port of Call from the scheduled itinerary. ITINERARY CHANGE - INCONVENIENCE In the event a Cruise makes a Change in Your Trip Itinerary after Your actual departure date we will pay up to the Maximum Benefit shown on the Confirmation of Coverage. Change in Your Trip Itinerary shall mean the Cruise has a documented; 1) fire; or 2) mechanical breakdown; or 3) virus that affects 30% or more passengers; or 4) an event on board that suspends 30% or more of the ship’s services for 24 hours; or 5) a delay leaving or arriving at/from a Port of Call of more than 3 hours from the scheduled itinerary. ITINERARY CHANGE - PRE-PAID EXCURSION In the event a Cruise makes a change in Your Trip itinerary after Your actual departure date that prevents You from participating in an event/activity pre-paid prior to departure and scheduled on Your Trip itinerary, nonrefundable pre-paid event/activity expenses will be reimbursed up to the Maximum Benefit shown on the Confirmation of Coverage. Benefits will not be paid if the event/activity is rescheduled during the course of the Trip.
  11. I have NO direct experience with this company, but I took a look at their web site and one of the plan documents (Explorer plan for Florida). A few things I noticed: In the USA, the polices are underwritten by Nationwide and administered by Trip Mate. As the OP said, in Canada it is AIG. So the terms and conditions may be different for people in the USA. They offered me a choice of either $2.5K (Standard) or $10K (Explorer) cancellation and interruption benefits. They never asked about trip costs. The look back period for pre-existing conditions is 90 days. They did not offer a pre-existing conditions waiver. Cancellation/interruption for common carrier delays seemed weak to me compared to many other policies. This policy says "Weather (or strike) that causes complete cessation of services of the Common Carrier for at least 24 consecutive hours". Typical language for other policies: "Common Carrier delays resulting from inclement weather, or mechanical breakdown or organized labor strikes that affect public transportation" Everything (including medical) is secondary insurance. Medical is $100K. Medical evac is $500K. The price is much cheaper than many other plans! Using my real information for a sample quote, the price for the Explorer plan was 1/3 to 1/4 of the quotes from tripinsurancestore.com. The price is very attractive as long as you understand the limitations. I would also love to hear from someone with direct experience.
  12. You are correct, but these are medical/evacuation only plans. The OP asked about an Allianz Annual Travel insurance policy which is a comprehensive annual plan that includes other things such as trip cancellation and interruption. I don't know the answer for the Allianz plan, but Trip Insurance Store offers an an Annual Travel insurance policy from Roam Right that covers preexisting medical conditions. Here is the link to Trip Insurance Store: http://www.annualtravelinsurance.ws/roamright-multi-trip-annual-trip-cancellation-insurance/ Here is an excerpt from that link: "Pre-existing Medical Conditions are covered for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption and Medical Treatment. The exclusion for the Pre-Existing Condition will be waived provided: You or the individual with the Pre-Existing Condition, are not disabled from travel at the time Your premium is paid." @donaldsc If you call one of the brokers, please let us know what you find out.
  13. We were at Maya Chan on August 12. The sargassum was as bad as we have ever experienced in five visits, but we will continue to go back to Maya Chan anytime we get the opportunity. Maya Chan did their best to clear the sargassum from sections of the beach. We ventured into the water for a shorter period of time than in the past and we also took advantage of the "new", small pool. When we were in the water, they brought us drinks from the bar via kayak. The service, food and drinks were still top notch. @kalliyan1: My understanding is the seaweed is a year round problem, but some weeks are much better than others. There is no way to tell in advance. One of the owners told me that the previous week was the best they had seen in a while, but our week returned to what they had seen most of the summer. The problem also affects beaches in Florida. Our local newspaper ran an article a few weeks ago on the problem and posted a lot of pictures from the past year. Here is a link, but it might be behind a paywall: https://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/20190802/will-our-beaches-lose-their-national-rankings-because-of-sargassum-seaweed Just in case, here is one of the pictures from the post above of Palm Beach, home of the rich and famous. This one was not taken in an off the beaten path location. Most of the places in Cozumel such as Mr. Sanchos and Nachi Cocom are on west side of the island, so the island of Cozumel acts as a barrier for the sargassum. If the beach is critical for you, the water will normally be nicer than anywhere in Costa Maya. We still will choose Maya Chan for the overall experience.
  14. Exactly which Chase Sapphire card do you have, and does it still provide "cancel for any reason" coverage? If so, do you have a link to the card. I have a $95/year Chase Sapphire Preferred card that provides some great insurance benefits. But the $10K trip cancellation benefit is only for covered reasons. I have also looked at the more expensive Chase Sapphire Reserve card, but the trip cancellation benefit is also for covered reasons. If there really is a card with cancel for any reason coverage, I want it. Here are some of the pertinent terms and conditions for my existing Chase Sapphire Preferred card: What is Trip Cancellation insurance? Trip Cancellation insurance reimburses you or your Immediate Family Members for up to ten thousand ($10,000.00) dollars for each Covered Trip if a Covered Loss prevents you or your Immediate Family Members from traveling on or before the departure date and results in cancellation of the travel arrangements. Covered Trip means any pre-paid tour, trip or vacation when some portion of the cost for such travel arrangements . . . has been charged to your Account. Covered Loss means one of the following events that occur when you or an Immediate Family Member is insured under the policy and the event causes cancellation of the travel arrangements: Accidental Bodily Injury, Loss of Life, or Sickness experienced by you, a Traveling Companion, or an Immediate Family Member of you or a Traveling Companion Severe weather, which prevents a reasonable and prudent person from beginning or continuing on a Covered Trip Change in military orders for you, your Spouse, or your Domestic Partner A terrorist action or hijacking A call to jury duty or receiving a subpoena from the courts, neither of which can be postponed or waived Finding your or your Traveling Companion’s dwelling to be uninhabitable Quarantine imposed by a Physician for health reasons Financial insolvency of the Travel Agency, Tour Operator, or Travel Supplier whose services you booked
  15. If @Bo1953is correct in saying Vancouver would be considered a US port because of the US Customs area, then it would seem that all of the three legs on their own would violate the PVSA. All travel from one "US port" to a different "US port". None go to a distant foreign port. So why aren't these illegal too? Celebrity can't have it both ways. 1st Leg Sept 22 Vancouver to Honolulu 2nd Leg Oct 3 Honolulu to Vancouver 3rd Leg Oct 13 Vancouver to Los Angeles
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