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  1. @seamist. We have been following all of your posts since the beginning. On Saturday we are on a 28 day Princess cruise with many of the same ports. We get less of the Polynesian Islands, a little more of Hawaii plus Samoa and American Samoa. Our only other ports are Bora Bora, Tahiti and Moorea. Your pictures and comments on the ports have been inspiring. Thanks for doing this. Hope our journey is as good as yours.
  2. Thanks for your quick response and thorough explanations (as always). We are heading out on a 28 day cruise later this week (not Viking). I am sure this will become a big topic of conversation.
  3. I do appreciate the time you are taking to provide us neophytes with lots of insights based on all of your real world experience. Am I reading your post correctly that the weather (rough seas) could have been the cause of the propulsion system shutdown? There have been a lot other posts that indicate these ships are built to withstand a lot worse weather than what the Viking Sky ran into. Others have added that it was the propulsion system shutdown that caused the incident, not the weather. But with no power, the weather made the ship very vulnerable. You seem to indicate the weather could have been the cause, as opposed to some random mechanical or electrical breakdown. Am I misunderstanding? I realize this is all speculation, but I tend to have more trust in speculation from informed people.
  4. The live webcam is great. It sure looks a lot calmer in the harbor than this time yesterday 🙂 Here is a current screenshot for people reading this after the fact.
  5. Given the question was posted in August of 2018, I bet they were able to use the card in October of 2018. Old threads can be confusing sometimes.
  6. If you have or can find an adapter, there should be a spare European outlet under the bed. At least we have found one there on the regular and deluxe balconies on the side of the ship.
  7. What travel insurance did they purchase? If they purchased the HAL Cruise Cancellation Protection, it looks like they do not have a preexisting condition clause, so I am guessing it was a third party plan. Many if not most of the comprehensive travel insurance plans waive the pre-existing condition clause as long as certain requirements are met. Each policy is unique, but typical key requirements are: You must be medically able to travel when you purchase the insurance You must purchase the insurance within xx days of making your first trip payment. xx is typically in the 14 - 21 day range. You must insure the full non-refundable amount of your trip for the entire length of the trip. If they met the requirements, they should be able to get the insurance to pay. If not, it may require some work or an attorney to demonstrate he did not die from the pre-existing condition. I wish her luck.
  8. It sounds like it is all about the money: Carnival said: ”Government officials in Antigua have taken steps which indicate they don’t want cruise lines and our guests to visit so for the time being we are focusing our itineraries on the destinations that are more welcoming.” Antigua PM Browne said: “The reality is that the FCCA is literally exploiting the Caribbean. So you will charge, for example, thousands of dollars for your visitors to the Caribbean – and I know that the cruise business is capital intensive – but when you are giving these countries five or six dollars per head this cannot cover the capital costs for the infrastructure” The President of the Antigua and Barbuda Cruise Tourism Association said: “I am afraid that we may see more cancellations and it is indeed cause for concern as these cancellations will impact everyone business from store owners to tour operators and bars and restaurants, etc.” I also saw the following which could be more telling: "Even though an official reason has been provided by Carnival there could be more behind it. The island is making a multi-million dollar agreement with London-based Global Ports Holding. The agreement is set to expand the cruise port at Antigua. This is also the same company who recently announced a huge development investment for an expanded cruise port at Nassau, Bahamas." and "The Antigua and Barbuda government recently selected Global Ports Holdings for the development of the island's cruise port, rejecting a rival bid backed by the cruise industry."
  9. I definitely feel your pain for what happened. I know some have suggested that they should have arrived the day before, but that is not always feasible. If Princess let them book the flight thru EZ air, I am sure the flight was scheduled to arrive much earlier than it did. As long as Princess offered them no cost air from FLL to St. Thomas, they did fulfill their obligation. Yes, we have been on multiple cruises where the ship departed late to accommodate late arriving passengers. I have no idea when they do this and when they don't. Unfortunately you cannot expect them to do it. If you read the Air Transportation: Late Arrival Protection information, Princess is only obligated to provide flights to the next appropriate port. It does pay to read the fine print when purchasing any type of insurance (yes - I consider this EZ Air purchase to have an insurance component). The headlines say "Ensures you'll get to your cruise if flights are delayed or cancelled, and we'll get you home if for any reason the cruise or Princess transfer cause you to miss your return flight." But, if you read the details (below), they never say they will pay any of the associated costs except airfare. If your daughter had purchased travel insurance, it would have covered at least some of the additional costs. I would be curious to see if Princess offers them anything as a goodwill gesture. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Air Transportation: Late Arrival Protection Passengers who book air travel through Princess Cruises will be automatically enrolled in the Princess late arrival protection program. If guests miss or will miss their original port of embarkation due to airline delay or an airline service disruption, such as flight cancelation or flight re-routes, Princess will work with the airlines to find a reasonable alternative to provide flights to the next appropriate* port at no additional air cost to the guest. Factors taken into account in determining the appropriateness of a port of call include, but are not limited to: visas and other legal documentation that may be required application of the Passenger Services Act to the new itinerary airport/port infrastructure comparability of cost, flight connections, and travel time required (note, any refund due on the unused air ticket must be used to offset the cost of the new air ticket) where in the original itinerary this port is located
  10. Not for the original poster, but in case someone else sees this thread. The Royal and Regal (and probably its sister ships) have a spare European style type F outlet under the bed. At least they are in the Balconies and Deluxe Balconies on those ships. If you are from the US and bring a simple adapter, it works great for a CPAP from either side of the bed without an extension cord. Here is a sample adapter similar to what we use. https://www.amazon.com/European-Adapter-Schuko-Germany-France/dp/B004SY5O5K
  11. I assume you purchased the canned soda at 6 for $11.50. If so, you should be able to get any of the Coke products they have on board including Diet Coke. They will most likely leave you a voucher in the room. Other options: Unlimited Soda & More Package for $8.05/day including tax. This includes Fountain soda only. It also includes mocktails. Bring as many cases of canned sodas on board with you as you like at no charge. Definitely the most economical choice, but some prefer the convenience of purchasing from Princess..
  12. I believe that what this is. RT Vancouver with stops in Hawaii.
  13. Help me understand what is wrong with this itinerary. They are boarding in Seattle and debarking in Vancouver with port visits in Hawaii. Even though it is a B2B, they begin in the US and end in Canada.
  14. Others have correctly told you that the $100 would be your full deposit. In addition, unless you book a cruise fare that requires a non refundable deposit, you will get your FCD deposited back into your account if you cancel before final payment date. So you really have nothing to lose.
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