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  1. Are they male or female? Regardless, better to have it and not need it than the other way around.
  2. We sailed on Symphony in December. It was very quiet up there, never an issue for a chair or lounger, never a wait for a drink. Just the luck of the draw with the mix of guests that week - not many chose to patronize that location that often. On Harmony in Dec 2 years ago there were more people, but still not an issue. You could go up there 24x7. The gate to this area on the ships I have been on (Symphony, Allure, Harmony) is held by a magnetic latch that releases when you scan your Suite card or Wow Band. But give it an authoritative yank and it will open without a card. On Allure the gates were not aligned properly and did not close automatically after you passed, so anyone could swing them open with no effort unless you remembered to stop and pull them shut after yourself. The bar was open whenever I needed a drink, but it was not staffed 24x7. I don't remember the exact hours, but certainly prior to noon and at least till 7 PM. Hot tub was hot, small compared to most other hot tubs on the ship but big enough for 3 or 4 people comfortably. 5 or 6 maybe if love is in the air. Hot tub at night? Not sure if / when they threw a net over it. Prior to sunset it was available for sure. (Unrelated, prompted by reviewing my pics of the trip - make sure you see both Ice Shows, I think they were the best of the Ice Shows I've seen.)
  3. When they start asking for a 10, cut them off and say "Not to worry my friend, you are number one in my book!" Hold up an index finger. Stare. We were on Allure in March. Got the speech once in Johnny Rocket's. The dude was slick about it. Never technically asked for a 10. But sure hammered home the fact that giving a 10 is the highest rating, 10s are the best.
  4. Charlie was on Allure last week. We had Daniel. A+
  5. Prepare to sell most of your worldly possessions. By the way, a lot of peoples' jobs are to design, build, program, maintain and repair robots and computers. They need support too.
  6. True, I do love to play poker with my dog. He never wins though. That tail of his, don't you know. As soon as he sees a good hand, there it goes 100 MPH. And he never understand why we all fold every time he has a big hand.
  7. I noticed the same thing the 2nd week of December, before the shutdown. So maybe not related. But I told myself just because I don't see them doesn't mean they don't see me!
  8. We got out with 2 minutes to spare! I think younger kids would be bored out of their mind after about 10 minutes. If its only your group what would it matter? Someone could say your "ineligible" kids are taking up spots someone else could grab, but to that I say who cares if its no one but your group. Their money is just as green as anyone else's.
  9. Boarding was very efficient on Symphony. To the point of maybe too efficient? My gawd, I've sailed on several Royal ships including Harmony and never have I felt as crowded on that first day. The people were just pouring onto the ship and into the Promenade. So crowded and as you looked toward the gangway Look Out! even more people. But by sail away everyone finally spread out and it felt normal. Getting off in Nassau was a complete cluster. It took us 30 minutes, our friends nearly 50 minutes. The lines snaked up the stairwells us everyone slowly plodded forward 1 step at a time. Debarkation last day was super fast and smooth. What's up with that new Customs process?! You walk up to a kiosk, the computer scans your face and done. All of 10 seconds, never talk to an actual agent.
  10. I checked on Royal's site while doing a mock booking and A1 and A2 are both Star. A1 is bigger. A2 is one deck higher. I was wondering / worried why the bigger one is cheaper. What don't I know? Why is the A2 "better"? Or more desirable, assuming market forces are efficient and the prices are relevant to each other between the A1 and A2. But a few hundred bucks is a few hundred bucks, and lots of people rave how awesome that huge balcony is, so I did it. I grabbed the A1. First time in Star Class! We've done Sky a couple of times, so I'm generally aware of the perks, but I want to "extract maximum value" from this Star cruise so time to start reviewing results when searching for "Star".
  11. Reviewing prices for a March 2019 cruise and I see that an A1 2 Bedroom Aqua Theater Suite is several hundred dollars cheaper than an A2 on the same sailing. Is there any obvious reason why? The balcony on the A1 is so much larger than the A2, why would the A1 be cheaper?
  12. In a starboard cabin, a bed on the left would have its headboard on the forward wall.
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