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  1. I'm not elite or platinum (new to Princess) and am considering the $9.99 "special" pre-pay option (tho I am confused because they say it's $59.99 but my cruise is 7 days, so that's less than $9.99/day? - Maybe it's just me being bad at maths.) Anyway. If the internet is so sketchy, I am wondering if it's worth the cost. I blog and hope to post images to my FB account as well...but I don't want to spend a lot of time being frustrated by the system. I'm there for relaxation! BUT...if I *can* get to my social/blog accounts w/o frustration that would make me super happy. Thoughts?
  2. Hmm...I'm still getting same error...
  3. What is the benefit (if any) to choosing a guaranteed cabin as opposed to choosing one yourself at time of booking? And once you choose guaranteed, is it possible to switch if you figure out a cabin you want? Background: I'm on Regal Princess beginning of December. Didn't know anything about her when I booked the cruise, so when TA asked me about choosing a cabin (I'm in the Deluxe Balcony/Obstructed category) I had no idea which to choose, and didn't want to make a poor/limited info choice. So I went with guaranteed. Since then I've been doing some research, and I think I could possibly make a sound decision...but I don't know if I should or can. TIA for any wisdom on the topic!
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