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  1. Thanks for your very detailed review. Think going on Crystal as your very first river cruise will spoil you for life...
  2. Thanks Explorette for your detailed review & update. Great that you were able to cruise safely. So I've just contacted Viking Air Plus dept, & changed our flight into Amsterdam back to orig arriving 2 days earlier than embarkation day on mid Nov. Although Viking kept trying to charge us for $100, $300, $500 for various change/rebooking fees, I kept him going back to his supervisor a few times to have all 3 of us couples to make the flight changes without any penalties, fees, nor charges, since I kept reminding them that Viking auto changed our flights to comply with the Netherland's regulations, & now that reg has been reversed, Viking should waive all change fees to rebook to to orig plans to arrive early, as we're very uncomfortable with arriving same embarkation day in a foreign country. Viking made the changes for all of us with no extra fees. 🙂 Thanks everyone for updates of the constantly changing rules/regulations...
  3. Agreed. This cruise is supposed to be a "Vacation", to get away from the stress at work at home. But to spend all this money, time, & effort to try to keep up with all these constantly changing & contradictory rules & policies, the uncertainty of testing pre-cruise & daily tests during the cruise, plus having to wear masks while in public spaces while onboard, then another negative test in order to fly back to the States. We too are wondering if it's worth it, & maybe rebook for late next year...
  4. Viking automatically canceled our flight into Amsterdam 2 days early, to now arrive same embarkation day, which we are very uncomfortable with, esp flying international. So does that mean it's OK now re-schedule again to fly into Amsterdam a few days earlier...?
  5. On the bright side, now that Viking air dept has cancelled our flights to arrive early into Amsterdam, & replaced with same day arrival, so from AMS airport directly to ship, then from ship directly to BUD airport, then there's no need to bring (or forget to bring) EU electrical adaptors...
  6. We don't see the "value" of domestic river cruising. We've done lots of international land tours at a lower cost. Thinking we can do a group driving tour along the river banks & staying at 4 - 5 stars hotels/resorts, & have freedom to explore same port cities...
  7. No, we didn't sign up with Viking's precruise package. Just had flights coming to Amsterdam 2 days early, staying at Amsterdam hotel on our own. But I guess Viking proactively canceled the United flight coming in early & replaced with KLM flight arriving same embarkation day.
  8. Just checked MyVikingJourney site, & our United flight arriving into Amsterdam 2 days early was automatically replaced with KLM flight arriving into Amsterdam the same departure day.
  9. Not required from airlines nor the Netherlands, but just for my/our peace of mind to know that we're tested 3 days before flight from US to Amsterdam, have time for test results to come back, hopefully within 1 - 2 days for PCR, or a few hours for quick test, so that if we're positive, we stay in the comfort of home, instead of waiting to take test once landed in Amsterdam, then take test, & in the small chance it comes up positive, Viking won't let us onboard & we have to stay in Amsterdam hotel for 2 weeks...
  10. Agreed. Just finished chat with Viking rep & he confirm that for our Nov 14 cruise, & Nov 11 flight from US to Amsterdam, we can/should do PCR test on Nov 8, which is 72 hours before Nov 11 flight. Here's the Viking link: https://docs.vikingcruises.com/pdf/210816_PreCruiseRequirement_Grand Euro_US.pdf
  11. Wouldn't the 3 day turnaround defeats the purpose...?
  12. Just received email from Viking for our upcoming Grand European river cruise. It said: "Viking is now strongly recommending that all our guests get a COVID-19 PCR test 72 hours prior to departure, even if it is not required by the country for entry. This reduces your likelihood of being delayed, denied entry due to changing regulations, or positive (asymptomatic) test results on arrival. Testing sites are available here. Should you have a positive test result, you will not be able to travel as scheduled; please contact your Travel Advisor or Viking, so we can reschedule you." Great. We have a group of friends who've just returned from an ocean cruise in Greece. The group of 10 couples didn't take the test until arrival in Greece, 2 couples tested positive. While the 8 couples who tested negative went on the cruise, the 2 positive couples stayed in quarantine hotel ashore for almost 2 weeks. Not fun. Lessons learned is that everyone should take the test before leaving home, so that if you're positive, you can stay in the comfort of home, before wasting entire day traveling overseas to be quarantine in hotel for a week or two. Thus our group of 6 will plan on taking the PCR test. Since we're spending 2 days before cruise in Amsterdam, should we plan on taking the PCR test 72 hours before flying into Amsterdam? or 72 hours before boarding the ship date (ie: One day before flying)?
  13. Cruises pricing can never be apples to apples, since there's many many diff factors that goes into pricing. There's marked diff prices in just different ships, age, size, dates, cabin category & location, etc... & even your status level on each line. So there's millions of different combinations that'll affect pricing....
  14. Yes, 15 out of possible 190 max passengers is pretty low. I hope Viking treats it as a soft re-opening shake out cruise, to test out their safety protocols...
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