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  1. Just saw the video below, & we totally agree that Carnival's Guy's burgers tastes much better than RCCL's Johnny Rocket's burgers. Also, we haven't gone back to Johnny Rocket's since they do charge $6 - $9, not a huge amount, but still not willing to be gouged again once onboard...
  2. I assume you can ask/request Nitrox at the excursion desk once onboard, or request at the dive shop. I'm sure they're willing to accommodate you. May I ask why is Nitrox needed? Our family of 4 have done hundreds of dives in Cozumel, Belize, Honduras, & Grand Cayman, Seems like for group dive where they'll limit your max depth & dive times for 2 boats dives per day, 3 days' diving per week-long cruise, reg air was good enough for us.
  3. We paid the $210 Euros in cash for the 7 nights Viking river cruise portion only. Did not use OBC, since we didn't have any. Waited 30 seconds for them to print out Zero balance receipt.
  4. Thanks for all your inputs. Just called our TA to transfer booking over from Viking, he gave us an extra $500 off our booking (not OBC), on top of Viking's summer sale discount, past passenger discount, & free international air. Well worth it to check...
  5. Can you pls further explain what "extra perks" the Viking agent can give us...? Thanks,
  6. Any advantages Pros/Cons of using TA? We've always used TA for our 30+ ocean cruises, but not sure about advantages, since there were no further discounts nor perks provided by our TA. Should I look for another TA for Viking river ? Thanks,
  7. Just came off from a 7 night Viking France river cruise this past wkend. Total gratuities were $105 Euros per person, or $210 Euros for our cabin.
  8. Thanks for all the above replies. So it is possible to order 2 main entrees on Viking? Assuming there'll be no real food (we can't eat cakes nor cookies) between 9pm - 6 am? Sorry to ask since we're in the process of booking our next Europe river cruise for later in the year for a group of very active health conscious athletic types in their mid 40's to late 50's cruisers. Some are Very fussy eaters who won't eat bread & desserts, nor cakes & cookies. They love the high-end ocean cruises, but wanted to try out the river cruising experience. Some like Viking from their ads, but were concerned about no fitness center onboard, no bikes, & no late night food. So maybe Viking is not the right river cruising line for them?
  9. Quick question on quantity of food during & after dinner on Viking. Unlike our 30+ ocean cruises where we never go hungry during dinner where we can order more than one main entrees, & numerous late night open food venues & 24 hour pizzas. On our 2 previous river cruises on another line, they only allow one entree at dinner, & limited snacks (sandwiches & finger foods) 10 - 11pm. So what's Viking's policy...? Thanks,
  10. On our 30+ ocean cruises, we've always booked our airfare separately. Since most ocean cruise ports are in major cities, airfare at usually cheaper booking on our own, & taxi fares are reasonably cheap. On our 4 river cruises, we've always use their cruises' free or included air sale special, Since it's much cheaper than booking on our own. Most river cruise ports are much smaller (except Amsterdam & Budapest) towns that we've never heard of before, & included transfers are nice.
  11. We'll be on the Monarch Duchess next April for Tulip Time in the Nederlands & Belgium. We loved the 2 previous Gate 1 Travel river cruises on the Danube & Rhine. We just downloaded & printed out travel documents from their websites. Pretty easy.
  12. Be careful of the military discount. I signed up with that discount on the Big Battle Grey line, & they sent me on a free cruise to the persian gulf... twice Worst B2B ever...
  13. Dang. Discount just decreased from 25% off to 20% off, so price increased 5%...
  14. Still don't understand why people still want to lug & bring bottled water onboard a cruise ship. I would wager that most if not all potable water onboard cruise ships are just as clean or cleaner than bottled water. Trust me, after thousands of days at sea onboard US Navy ships & 30+ cruise ships, never had an issue with onboard water. Now bringing (or smuggling) in soda or alcohol onboard I totally understand...
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