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  1. NavyCruiser

    Communications while onboard...

    Yes, I remembered using it on the Harmony last year. $5 for the entire cruise. Didn't use it much then, but may need to use it this time on the Liberty since more family in more cabins traveling this time...
  2. We have T-Mobile, which works great with free voice, data (internet), & texts for ports in Canada & Mexico, although at lower 2G or 3G speeds. Also works great in most other foreign ports with free data & texts, voice calls are 20 cents/minute. While out at sea, using RC ship's wifi for voice, data, or texts costs extra. Question is while onboard out at sea, does RC have a program or app that allows us to text other family members onboard for free ? Thanks,
  3. This system worked great on our last cruise. I saw a really hot looking lady across from our cabin, so I switched my wife's card to their cabin card & put "Mrs" on her card.... Isn't The Love Boat great!!!??? 😁
  4. NavyCruiser

    Swingers and Pineapple Door signs

    Now I get why Third Fleet prohibits all Dole Pineapple decorations aboard all of our cruises out of Pearl Harbor Hawaii...
  5. NavyCruiser

    Swingers and Pineapple Door signs

    Think Pineapples are for Hawaiin swinger cruises. It's Boots & Spurs out of Galveston Texas cruises...
  6. NavyCruiser

    Swingers and Pineapple Door signs

    We're going to paste a flashing lighted upside-down rainbow colored Pineapple on our late 70's parents' cabin door on our next cruise... & attach arlo wireless cam outside hallway to record... ;)
  7. NavyCruiser

    Swingers and Pineapple Door signs

    So how many people you need to have sex with to be fast track to Pinnacle/Pineapple status..?
  8. NavyCruiser

    MIA airport to the port?

    Taxi. 15 minutes, $24 fixed rate.
  9. So does the Stripper also comes with the cabin? How do we request one? Online before cruise or after onboard? Go to the Service desk, or call room service? Strippers are ship employees, or independent contractors? Tip jar in the room? Tip in cash, or add to autograts? Do the Strippers share/pool the tips keep it for themself? Inquiring minds wants to know...
  10. NavyCruiser

    A bit tacky?

    So what's next? Tip jar guy in the public restroom, to hand you a paper towel every time I go to take a whiz...?
  11. Interesting post. We equate RCI & Carnival to Hilton & Hyatt vs "Luxury" cruise lines to Ritz Carlton & Four Seasons. Our families have always been happy & satisfied with RCI & Carnival standards & service, at their pricing, just like Hilton & Hyatt is fine for us. Although we've stayed at the Ritz & Four Seasons, all those stays were company paid, never paid on our own, as we feel although very nice, not really worth double & triple the price. So we haven't splurged yet for the "Luxury" cruise lines yet. However, we have found that we do prefer land-based All-Inclusive resorts for same or lower pricing than cruising. Also, we started River cruising earlier this year with Danube river cruise. Loved it. Just booked for Rhine river cruise for next year. My wife actually now prefers River cruising to going back to Carnival or RCI. Yes, it's a totally different experience. But for a slightly higher up-front price, we found that it's a better "Value", maybe a little cheaper by the time you factor in all All-Inclusives such as no extra tipping (besides to cruise director), alcohol included, tours included in each port, etc. Feels like we're not being nickle & dimed to death with ever increasing fees from RCI & Carnival. So in short: Yes, we'll look into a "Luxury" cruise line one day, when money's no object, but not anytime soon. But I think we're half-way there with River cruising &/or All-Inclusive land resorts...
  12. NavyCruiser

    Adopting River Cruises Practices...

    It's official now: No under 18... http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2018/08/28/viking-river-cruises-bans-children-says-clients-want-kid-free-vacations.html
  13. From the room attendant's point of view: I make $50/day for 8 - 12 hours of hard work. Passenger offers me $10 - 20 extra cash tips to get him coffee in the morning. I'm thinking that's good money for 10 minutes of extra work. I can reply: 1. "Yes, my pleasure, Sir" Ritz Carlton service, keeping customer happy. or 2. "No, Sir, that's not my job. You need to call room service" Motel 6 service, may tick off customer, but hey, I'm too busy to make extra money for my family back at home.
  14. I disagree. This is still a Service industry. So if you tip him enough, he'll go out of his way, above & beyond his duties to earn that extra tip to make you happy. You may have to tip him more than usual to him, but I'm sure he'll glad to do it for the extra earned tips...
  15. NavyCruiser

    Help For European Cruising

    We've done 2 cruises out of Barcelona, 7 days each & loved them both. Stay for a few days in Paris, Amsterdam, or Frankfort (flight stopover), & of course a few days in Barcelona. You'll visit 2 French cities & 3 Italian cities/ports...