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  1. 95% of the times that we've booked the past 30+ cruises we have pick our own cabin #/location. Only twice that we've gambled on booking lower priced Guaranteed cabins & found that we've been given pretty decent cabins in the Same category, both mid-ship higher decks. Just curious, for future Guaranteed cabins during the off season (April - May, Sept - Nov, in Caribbean), what's our chances of getting upgraded to higher categories, ie: going from Inside to Oceanview or maybe Balcony. Less than 10%? Any better chances now that we're Diamond? or doesn't matter? Thanks,
  2. I thought that the $225 Balcony discount (for 7 nights cruise) was on top off the best avail rate.... Guess I'm wrong!
  3. Can't they give you the exact same deal as the Newbe price, then subtract the $225 Diamond balcony discount off the $2518 price & you still keep the $300 OBC...?
  4. I'm so tired of the everyday Filet Mignon, Lobsters, & Caviar while at home. So really lookin' forward to the best burger at sea: Carnival's Guy's Burgers...!!!
  5. Because the "mystique of the golden age of sailing..." doesn't exist anymore in today's "low upfront cost, then nickle & dime the new generations of cruisers" cruise business model. The square footage of these lounges doesn't produce enough income/revenue for the cruise lines. It's also more politically correct, as there's more anti-smoking Nazis onboard (& online here). I'll sure miss this great "time to getaway..." cigar lounge, & the great people who go to relax with a good cigar....
  6. Just got off the Enchantment last week. I'm not a cigarette smoker, but do enjoy cigars when on vacations. Cigar smoking is allowed only in outdoor spaces, deck 9 starboard, & deck 5 port, so not in the indoor casino. Out of Galveston, I've booked 3 cruises on the Liberty since they have an indoor cigar smoking lounge on 4th deck, with nice comfy chairs, bar, & ESPN on TV. Hurry before they get rid of that space next refurb...
  7. Fish: Free Ship: $1 Billion, minus your Diamond discount.....
  8. Sorry, didn't want to sound so negative, but just sharing an observation. 99% of the people were very nice, but only takes One know-it-all to ruin it for everyone else... Here's some suggestions to make it a more enjoyable: - Ship can spare at least One staff member to keep this organized. We've shown up to ping-pong play where there's 2 or 3 people & staff member is avail, so if 20+ people show up for PB play, ship can afford to have One staff member there, who can organize different skill levels, ie: beginners, moderates, & wanna-be pros, so that 5.0 players won't be slamming the newbies off the court, & organize who's playing next ... etc. - Enclose the open area with tennis-court wind screens - Permanent court lines with painted-in kitchen area - Have open play times while in port also, when there's less or no wind, rather than just sea days
  9. How much's the cost? Price in % of total cruise cost, without pre-paid grats & any other cost?
  10. From Galveston, Liberty has PB while Enchantment doesn't. Played one day on the Liberty last cruise last Nov. Ship provided cheap nets, paddles & balls. 2 courts. Court lines are drawn out on the basketball courts. Nets were cheap & light, kept moving from the high winds. We had to weigh side posts with more weights. Courts were next the the Flowrider & Waterslide on high decks, so was pretty windy. We play at our home club with 8 courts avail, so never a wait. Used to playing nice friendly PB, but when we showed up at 9am start time, there were already 25+ players playing, 2 courts = 8 players max, so there were plenty of players waiting. Many hard-core players brought their own paddles. There were no staff members to organize PB play. We didn't know how get in line & got scolded by a PB Nazi because we didn't know that we were supposed to dig through the ship's equip bag & "stack" your paddle to get in the wait line. There were many skill levels from absolute beginners to hard-core Pros wannabes, so with the high wind it was pretty chaotic play. So not so fun for us. We didn't return play any other days, rather wait to play when we get back home. So not to be critical here, but just wanted to gives u a heads up when u show up for your first PB play onboard... Have fun!
  11. Data shows that Asians are the biggest gamblers in the world, & they usually outlive us all. So I deduce that gambling & handling filthy cash & chips are good for ya...
  12. Just to the left of Terminal 2. They should also build a Parking structure just like at the airports, at the current railroad tracks, with connected walkway to terminal. Automate it with scanner for those who Pre-paid.
  13. Bah Humbug!!! No family, no In-Laws coming to da house No need to buy presents No last minute shopping No freakin' snow I'd rather be cruisin' than being at home for Chrismas...
  14. They're both basically the same ship. I'll take the Allure for $200 off, Alex...
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