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  1. Last night I was working on the HAL site to complete the check-in documents. When I first was on the passport page it appeared that my passport information was stored. At some point in the process, this disappeared and then it had to be entered three times before it was accepted. BaltimoreCruise
  2. I clicked on the link Seasick Sailor posted and I'm all set for our February cruise. We have used this service in the past, but during our cruise with HAL in January, 2019 we did not receive the forms in our stateroom and by the time I realized that we had not received the forms, it was past the deadline to sign up. Thank you for posting. BaltimoreCruise
  3. Thank you to Wesport for the alert on the AMEX promotion and to NMTraveller for posting the link. My AMEX offers did not include this offer but I was able to add from the posted link. I purchased OBC on the HAL website and two days later the $100 credit appeared on my AMEX account. BaltimoreCruise
  4. I would like to thank everyone that took the time to respond with the details. I appreciate your time. I think my plan will be to purchase/schedule the dining when we board for all four of us and not worry with purchasing the dining package for our friends prior to boarding. BaltimoreCruise
  5. The Mariner benefits chart indicates a $25% discount for specialty dining. I have read on CC in the past that we can bring people with us and pay for the table and receive the discount for all. We are cruising with friends in Feb and thought specialty dining would make a good holiday gift. If the discount for the table is not correct, can you let me know? Secondly, there is a Distinctive Dining Package online that includes the three restaurants we intend to give as a gift. It is my understanding that in order to receive our Mariner discount for dining, that we have to be on the ship to purchase and not pre-purchase prior to the cruise. Is this correct? Does anyone know if the Distinctive Dining Package is available for purchase on the ship and would the Mariner discount apply if we purchase when we board? Thank you for your insight. BaltimoreCruise
  6. Does anyone know if one can play words with friends with the Surf Plan, or does it require an upgrade to the Premium Plan? On our last two cruises we purchased the Premium Plan so that my husband could continue to play not knowing if it was necessary. Thank you. BaltimoreCruise
  7. Many months ago I booked the 14 night Alaskan Explorer cruise for September, 2020. Months after I booked, a promotion came out that included the SBP. I was able to have it added to my booking without an increase in price! Most likely I saw it discussed here on CC first! BaltimoreCruise
  8. Thank you. I will send the documentation in tomorrow. BaltimoreCruise
  9. Thank you to all that provided information. BaltimoreCruise
  10. How early is too early to send in evidence of CCL stock ownership? My next cruise is in February 2020. Thank you. BaltimoreCruise
  11. If I book flights for my Alaskan cruise (September, 2020) using the Flight Ease Program, can I cancel without penalty before final payment on my cruise is due? Thank you. BaltimoreCruise
  12. My husband and I have spent time in Key West going back years now. While I would agree that there are not great beaches in Key West, we have enjoyed our time at Higgs Beach. The beach has a decent restaurant, Salute and during our trips we were able to rent chairs. We have seen people enjoy the water but the water is nothing like the water in the Caribbean. BaltimoreCruise
  13. Alphen, Thank you for letting me know the status of the Zodiac this season. BaltimoreCruise
  14. Hello All, I'm back again for advice for those of you that know the Nieuw Statendam. I am currently booked in a Spa OV on a February trip to the Caribbean. I just noticed that the Save on Sunshine package for the month of October adds the SBP (although a non-refundable fare). The Spa OV cabins are sold out. Can you recommend OV cabins that you like? I would be most interested in not having a cabin above or below busy public spaces. Thank you, BaltimoreCruise
  15. Towhee and RuthC, Thank you for the information. It is very much appreciated. BaltimoreCruise
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