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  1. He follows the Anglican BCP. We have always enjoyed his services very much. On our last voyage with him his sermon was very moving and his choice of hymns quite appropriate. Every one sang really well and there was a very good congregation. Very much a 'British service' including prayers for HM the Queen. Happy memories, Kind regards and a Happy peaceful Easter. Tony
  2. kimono, I've just had a look. I think it means, YES you can have a choice of three restaurants but in one of them you have to pay. Regards
  3. Oh I see what you mean. Well, try phoning them and the best of luck if you get a sensible answer. We are sailing with the Fram to Antarctica later this year and it just says in the bumf we can have our meals in the 'special restaurant' also breakfast in the cabin!! We shall see. Kind regards, Tony
  4. Passengers in cabin suites eat for free and non suite passengers have to pay if you use this particular restaurant. Kind regards
  5. Yes they do. It's a lovely Anglican church. We have been three times although not at Christmas. Kind regards, Tony
  6. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Seabourn passengers. Peace. Tony
  7. Just off QM2 and found Osman was excellent. We requested a table change which he sorted out very quickly. The assistant maitre'd, an Indian gentlemen, forgotten his name, was also excellent. Kind regards, Tony
  8. tv24 They have box lunches and drinks available in some ports with Seabourn and Silversea's, at the passengers request. Kind regards, Tony
  9. They don't provide boxed lunches as far as I know. But we have on many occasions ordered breakfast from room service and made up our own sandwiches and taken a light lunch off the ship. Yes there are regulations in some countries but not all. We have found other passengers that have done this. Kind regards, Tony
  10. I think they wear clothes ! Kind regards, T
  11. Recently off the Sojourn the port talks were not good at all.
  12. They don't have 'hurricanes' in the North Sea. On our last cruise in Norway we encountered a very deep depression with extremely strong winds which kept us in port and then they had to fly us back to Bergen. It was fortunately near the end of our cruise but it did cause many problems for other ships in the fleet as they were confined to port in various places. Kind regards
  13. Dinner is usually served not long after take off followed by a light breakfast before you land. Have a light snack at the airport.
  14. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Kind regards, Tony & Trevor
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