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  1. Keep this in mind when you leave the ship. The 3 wheelers are the best on the ship, but they are very unstable off. Some sidewalks may have a slight incline toward the street-be very cautious there as it is easy to tip over; and caution when you get to street corners where there are curbcuts-always take them head on-not at an angle. I learned this the hard way first time out on the street I am now always ready to put my foot out on either side of the scooter just in case it leans. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  2. Best suggestion regarding elevators that I can give you is to take whichever elevator comes your way first. It doesn't matter if it is going up or down-just get on. This is especially important on embarking and disembarking days and at meal times. Otherwise, you will be waiting forever and finally will be crushed in the dash to get into the elevator. I would say 98.5 people are pleasant and very helpful, but there are a few bad apples as always. I also don't let anyone else touch my scooter. Remember those warnings about washing your hands-well some people don't. I also don't let ship personnel drive it as my scooter cost too much for it to be dented and banged or worse. You made a wise decision about using a scooter. As you will see, some of the piers in ports are so long and nowhere to rest. This will make your cruising so much better. Have a great time!
  3. Here on the Royal, the Effy store has nothing less than $550. And yet, just last week I could have purchased a pendant from Effy for less than $250. I asked if I could use the certificate next week on my back to back, figuring that there would be more selection after the Vows cruise but the answer was no. I let them know that it was just another Effy comeon/scam.
  4. We had formal nights on the Empress' 8 night cruises this winter.
  5. In 2016, I used TJ TRAVEL for our day in St. Petersburg. At that time I was using a rollator/walker. TJT had a multi passenger van and was able to put my walker in the back and get it out for me at every stop. Their tour was very accommodating to my needs. Check their website: https://st-petersburg-tours.ru/ for info.
  6. We've been on Seaside for the last 4 cruises and have gotten to the Cay twice. Wind has kept us out both times, as BermudaBound20 has said, it's a very narrow channel in and out so they are not taking any chances.
  7. Don't worry. There are plenty of free loungers around the pool area.
  8. I always, also, have to consider how long the dock will be. Sometimes, the walk to the terminal is too long without a mobility scooter.
  9. The $250 gift for a purchase in Effy is just about worthless considering one would be lucky if they found anything under $500 (closer to $1000).
  10. Anyone with a disability needs to be fully informed in what Federal Regulations require of all airlines serving U.S. cities. Here they are: https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=de08b805cff877df1356a6470419012d&mc=true&node=pt14.4.382&rgn=div5?#se14.4.382_161
  11. Back to the question of no facial tissue on MSC. We were on Meraviglia for the month of November and no face tissues provided at all. In fact I made a note to bring my own for this 4 weeks we are on Seaside and did. Lo and behold, tissues provided in bathroom! I do know firsthand that Royal Caribbean has removed facial tissues from their bathrooms due to toilets clogging due to them; but they do supply them in the main portion of the cabin.
  12. You will definitely sail to St. John as it is a totally different island.
  13. Emerald Bay from Crown Bay Port should be about $4 pp one way.
  14. There are Cruiselines like Royal Caribbean whose ships are only bookable as 7 day cruises; and if you wish to stay back to back, then you have to attend each muster every 7 days as they are separate cruises. Some cruises lines like MSC and Princess have cruises that are bookable as 14 day cruises but, also, offer the same sailings as 2 different cruises. Booked as a 14 day cruise you only attend the first muster drill; if you have booked the 2 separate ones you still do not need to attend the second week. Crazy, huh!
  15. Just off the Breakaway with a scooter and found that the corridors were wide enough except when the cleaning carts are out. Usually, if the carts were parked opposite where two cabins were side by side (most), I could dodge into their little entry way and around the carts. Otherwise, I would have to call out the cabin attendant to move the cart. Worst thing on the Breakaway in a regular cabin was that our cabin had a pole right in front of the door which made it impossible to drive into the room though the doors are wide enough. Had to take the scooter apart to get it in to the cabin๐Ÿ˜’
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