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  1. We requested cash refund but today got FCC's for both dh and I and the amounts are way wrong. Definitely not 125!% Oh Boy, with 6 cruises to be refunded on different credit cards, this is going to be a long term accounting nightmare!
  2. Not looking for a chargeback for Credit not Processed; Services not Rendered after my ship was supposed to have sailed and didn't. Can only try and see what happens since refunds are not forthcoming.
  3. Then they better bulk up their Merchant credit card division in anticipation of the chargebacks they will have to handle.
  4. Certainly hope it is not the part of Royal responsible for sending out our refunds!🤥
  5. The merchant's banks take a deep look at companies that are having an over average amount of chargebacks. Usually looking at the reliability of the company as far as fraud. In this case, I think the merchant banks and the customer banks are well aware of the situation.
  6. Well, that would eliminate almost 40% of the American population from cruising.
  7. Nothing to keep anyone from signing it themselves except if Royal determines that they should be banned. And no it is not fraud. (Even when Royal has banned people in the past, they have ultimately taken their money and let them sail again.)
  8. Be careful when reading about the card dispute time frames. Canada's and Europe's may be different than the U.S. VISA and MasterCard (and possibly Discover Card) rules. If you are filing a dispute based on the cancellation by the cruise lines, your timeframe in which to dispute would begin on the date you were to sail (although you can file as soon as they announced they were cancelling the cruise.) If you have anything from Princess saying you will get a refund to your card, then your timeframe for disputing will also be different. Call your credit card company.
  9. JMO Two thoughts:' 1. After 262 cruises of various lengths over the last 19 years, my guess is that the 3 and 4 night cruises are mainly the young working who want a brief vacation to party. 2. When calculating the value vs cruise fare, I take in to account that I will not have to buy groceries and other household items and that we do not have auto costs for the time we are gone. I am currently having to cancel 3 straight months of cruising and am having to restock my pantry with food and other items-at no small cost. So yes, I want a refund and not some far off in the future promise of FCC.
  10. If you are flying in to Ft. Lauderdale, you might consider renting a car, perhaps Hertz, from there to downtown Miami. Hertz has an office (229 Southeast 2nd Street Miami-less than 3 miles to port) and they will shuttle you to the port. In the meantime, you would have the car for transportation between and around the two cities.
  11. MSC is extending from the end of April. I believe doing it month by month.
  12. MSC has just extended their operations suspension until May 29; hoping that Royal will follow suit and cancel our Adventure on May 21.
  13. Fingers still crossed for cancellation--MSC has just extended their cancellations through May 29 sailings. Maybe the others will follow suit.
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