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  1. Brillohead, it would appear that you did not read my full statement: "You may never know what another's needs are just by looking." So who is to judge whether someone should be denied the use of an accessible cabin; the one who reserves the cabin is in a better position to judge (and must affirm) their needs.
  2. You make it sound like using a scooter is simply a delightful way to trip around the ship. Just keep in mind that if someone is "just" using a scooter to get around the ship, they may also require the other adapted facilities in the HDC cabin: Not being able to step over bathroom thresholds, not being able to sit on a regular height toilet; needing additional security and support of the multi grab bars. You may never know what another's needs are just by looking.
  3. Doing away with the free Open Bar just brought the Sun down to what it should really be priced at considering its age and size. If you look further on the schedule in the Fall into December the pricing is still much much less. I do agree that NCL has shot themselves in the foot by removing the Open Bar freeby and may have to take a second look at their benefits later in the season. Wondering, also, whether Norwegian is just trying to keep the ship afloat (pun intended) until it can resume cruising to Cuba.
  4. I keep all info on my pc in a specific folder for each cruise. Any paper items are scanned in. Then I organize all my folders by cruise dates. I like keeping all my planning info in one folder, and I add information and reviews during and after the cruise--like in a diary. I also have a WORD doc with the list of cruises, dates, cabins, prices. Makes it so easy to go back and review a cruise itinerary and ship if we choose to repeat.
  5. Hate to see any ship leave Tampa. Cruise lines keep building bigger and, eventually, we'll have little if any choices in Tampa.
  6. That is exactly how I learned to tell the different sides. Years ago we had our own power boat; I didn't have the courage to even steer it; my dh was the star of the boat captaining it on all our adventures!
  7. Best bet for last minute itineraries would most likely be to the Bahamas or Western Caribbean. Though you say you are not a beach person, you may still enjoy Bermuda. We have been there several times, never to just go to a beach. There are many interesting sights there;it is just a lovely island to travel around. I would also encourage you to go to San Juan. The ships dock in the historic old section so it is easy to get around and see. Don't give a second thought to their local political issues, they do not interfere with tourism.
  8. Not really, as Tampa is over an hour + away from Orlando and there is not direct transportation othen a car.
  9. Something to know: Royal does not require handicapped persons to go to their specific muster station if it is outside. They can sign in at any station or at the designated HDC station. If you want to join your mother at her station, just go to your assigned station, let them scan your card then go to your mother's station. I most strongly recommend early arrival at the muster stations to ensure a seat. Take something to occupy the time before and after and stay out of the the onslaught of rushing (sometimes rude)people.
  10. Thank you so much for the review, Snoopy. We'll be getting on Adventure for 40 days in September and this information comes at just the right time to complete our planning.
  11. We have so much enjoyed the convenience of the "Open Bar" and really hate to see it go. We are on the last cruise of the OB, Sept 2, and the first without it, Sept.7, but fortunately booked it before the cutoff. Maybe after 2021, the sailings to Cuba can begin again and NCL could reinstate the OB☺️
  12. Have our own house, but I know that there are many apartments that would permit door decor. We love sailing on NCL;in future will not decorate the door if that is their rule. Yes, we spend half the year on cruises. We do not have mailed forwarded as we have no need. Bills and everything are done online. Great retirement!
  13. Hmmm. I guess you never decorate the outside of your house for a holiday? Nary a Christmas or Hannukah door decoration? Nothing for Halloween? Nothing for Easter or Passover? Jeesh-how boring. Anyway, for you probably a cruise cabin is a hotel room for your brief vacation. For others, it may be their home away from home. Spending 6 to 8 weeks or more on a ship, our cabin becomes our home, and we treat it like that. So I decorate.
  14. When we were on in April, Breakaway required men to wear long pants for dinner. And they enforced this. Men could wear shorts in the Taste and Savor for dinner.
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