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  1. I agree with everything said also info. from TWB on youtube was told European ports will open soon but only to European citizens cruising and Not Americans have you heard the same?
  2. After the Mardi Gras was cancelled i got the FCC because i also booked the Radiance which was also cancelled so i decided to wait until all the ports around the cruise world are open for cruise ships thats when i plan to book my next cruise to Europe.
  3. When you start seeing ports open then you will know cruises will not start up if they cannot dock at any port.
  4. The way i travel remains the same it is where i prefer to travel now. Europe is now our go to destination love the history we took our first cruise 2018 and can't stop thinking about returning 2020, 2021, 2022 plus we do longer cruises so far 30 days.
  5. I decided to cancel everything i knew there would be confusion so i told my PVP to refund what i paid and sent to Carnival me cancel nonrefundable airfare and hotel waiting for those refunds to decide my next cruise.
  6. I used the reimbursement form but sent my hotel and air booking but Carnival sent me a email saying they needed the bookings to be cancelled and that is what i sent back to them now just waiting for my refund.
  7. I did the same with Norwegian screen shot my cancel booking and sent my address for my refund which is what Carnival asked it has been 2 weeks so hope i get news soon.
  8. I would like to do a Transpacific cruise will put on my to go list. Been to Hawaii and Alaska 2 of my best cruises making plans to cruise there again.
  9. I did not get Carnival letter til much later i talked to SAS they could not refund the full booking just the taxes paid so they sent me a copy of the booking stated it is cancelled and what they refunded me and sent that to Carnival. If Carnival said they will refund nonrefunded airfare and hotel then for me no need to curse them just get what Carnival need and send it to them.
  10. I decided on doing the same not book another cruise until I get all my refund, I had the Radiance booked before the Mardi Gras but did not cancel so will do that cruise been to most ports on the Horizon. I hope on the new build for 2022 they have more cruises before T/A back to the states if not I may pass don't want to go thru this again.
  11. I contacted Norwegian air they said no so I asked to send me a copy of my booking stating it was cancelled without refund and submitted it to Carnival. SAS would only refund taxes so they sent me my cancel booking and sent to Carnival with address to send me my check its been 2 weeks will keep update.
  12. I was told the same thing by my PVP the 25% is available until Dec.2020 but the $100 OBC until the end of Feb.
  13. Got my cruise deposit within 7 days just waiting for airfare and hotel
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